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Duffy's Injury?


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I just asked this in another thread as well - Does anyone know?  It is tough watching them play without him - not that it is a one-man show whatsoever - It just seems like something is missing.  The past month we have seemed off, hardly making FG shots, not driving the lane, and need to shake things up a little/need help overall.  Hoping he is back soon! 


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1 hour ago, drex said:

Tap the brakes...this is a 20+ winning team, cut them some slack.  Only two years ago we were wondering if we would even qualify for the C-USA tournament.  

You're right.  I am cutting them some slack - I totally agree this program looks completely different than it did 2 years ago. 

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19 hours ago, Jason Howeth said:

This is a big reason we aren't playing as well as we expect. Also goes to show that our depth is pretty bad overall. I hope the winning continues and brings in better recruits soon. 

We appear like something is missing, and something has definitely changed.....I think it is the combo of Smart not playing well plus Duffy being out might be closer to the answer.... We really need Smart to return to form and start lighting it up again, especially his 3-ball. I also think our offensive scheme is lacking creativity/adaptability, which admittedly is hindered by a lack of size on the inside. Teams have figured out our game plan, and are now stifle us around the 3-point line while we play catch/ball movement around the perimeter for 20 to 30 seconds and then jack up a shot. Earlier in the season, we were more willing to drive to basketball or set up plays specific for Simmons (center) when guards were crowded on the outside or as way to make them respect shots closer to the basket.  The drives/inside plays are critical because teams will be less willing to crowd us while we play catch around the 3-point line; this will definitely free up our 3-point shooters. Nonetheless, I am extremely thankful for McCasland and our clearly rejuvenated basketball program.

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Duffy had one hip injured...then injured the other trying to compensate for the first injury.  It appears he is recovering...is pretty much day to day now and could...could possibly see playing time by Saturday's game against WKY.

Fingers crossed...of course.

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