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  1. Wren has been OK. His best accomplishment was hiring our MBB coach but other than that, most of the pieces were already set in place. Where he has failed is to bring excitement back into our athletic programs through proven marketing schemes and improving the gameday experience. So, I am actually kind of glad he is leaving as long as we can bring someone in who can truly understand marketing and also knows who to hire as our next football coach.
  2. What does that have to do with my point? Stanford's endowment is larger yet they've made way more investments in athletics than Rice, even though they'd be doing more than fine if they didn't pay much attention to athletics. Again, if certain alums at Rice decide to push for better athletics, they'll easily do it and climb up the ladder.
  3. Too many underestimate the value of Rice University being in the same conference. If Rice decides to get really serious about athletics, it has the resources necessary to do so and become a top-tier program. Not to mention the superb academics it brings to the table.
  4. That is the one I am referring to! Thanks. I does look like it could be a parking garage, which I am not sure would be the nicest structure for a place near our entrance. But hope if it is, it could be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  5. I was curious after the game about a new building being built on the 35 service road near the main entrance of the university. It's next to that new apartment building and since it's part of the entrance look from 35, I was wondering what it will be and if it'll be a nice looking structure (hopefully).
  6. I am wondering if anyone perhaps has tickets for the game tomorrow to spare or can't attend anymore? Planning on bringing people new to UNT football to the game and could use some help.
  7. I do care what the scoreboard says at the end. I have expectations for a competitive program and SL ain't the leader we need.
  8. Hopefully now people will finally stop talking about keeping Seth!
  9. I tend to agree that Gary Patterson would be a great hire, assuming he shares the same vision and has the energy to turn this program around. We'd also have to step up in terms of compensation if that were the case. However, there are other options as well with the level of resources we have in place. If SL isn't let go after this season, then it'll show that leadership is not on board with truly becoming nationally relevant.
  10. Sad, indeed. There were far more students tailgating that wouldn't care to step a foot inside the stadium. The apathy culture needs to change. The numbers are there, we just don't have the proper product to increase demand.
  11. What happened to the "sleeping giant" talk that I remember was promoted plenty during the McCarney days? If we still believe in that, how can some of us possibly be supporting to keep Seth Littrell?? I was a fan the first couple of years and appreciate what he did back then but Seth is clearly not the answer if we have serious intentions of becoming relevant in CFB. We desperately need to be competing in (and winning) conference championships and getting OCC statement wins to "awaken the sleeping giant". By now, Seth has more than proven he is not the answer, regardless of what happens the rest of this season.
  12. Tonight I saw an analyst on ESPN pick UNT as the worst loss of the day.
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