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  1. I sure didn't see this loss on the schedule however I watched this team play Southern and was concerned they were ready for the holidays. I think it is hard for a good team to get up for a conference game right before the holidays. May have been some bad scheduling on JJ's part. From what I have seen so far this season I don't think this is going to happen very often and UNT should be the team to beat when it comes to tournemant play. Good luck the rest of the way.
  2. Good luck to the Mean Green on their trip to Oklahoma. While I think winning the game might be a stretch I hope the Mean Green can make a good showing in Dodge's first game and come back healthy. I will be keeping tabs on the game from frogland where I am hoping for an upset as well.
  3. From what I read about him earlier in the year he is a stud linebacker, however he may have trouble qualifying due to grades. If he can get in and stay in he will probably be one of the best to play at UNT. Rumor is he and Kinne were big pals and when Kinne decided to go ride the pine at Texas and they wouldn't offer to him he wanted to go somewhere else. Great pickup for Dodge if he pans out. I was at the basketball game tonight. WHAT A FINISH!!!!!
  4. I watched the game last week and was impressed with Wilson's touchdown drive. If DD will play him tommorow I think UNT can in. I'm not sure who wins this game but the prediction by the DMN is way off. This game is decided by 7 points or less and whoever wins the turnover battle wins the game. I hope UNT beats the pi$$ out of SMwho. Good luck MEAN GREEN!!!
  5. Just FYI Baylor has worn white pants at times fo a very long time. I can remember some games in Waco when UNT was NTSU and the uniforms were very close. My understanding is the pants will be gold this year so I don't think this should be an issue after Sunday. Good luck tomorow in Austin and for everyone that is driving down for the gme have a safe trip.
  6. VideoEagle, If you could or would read (speaking of literate) the other posts in this topic you would see who mentioned "homecoming" first. I feel the same way you do about SMU but I'm afraid they may kick UNT's a$$ in Denton this year. Like I have said before I actually like UNT and will be at the games they play in Denton this year when Baylor is on the road. I think this post is starting to get old so I think we should move on to something else to talk about. As for Firefightnricks last post I think I should remind him the UNT win over Baylor in Denton is the only time UNT has beaten Baylor in school history. I have heard that playing with your fire hose too much can cause memory problems. The only thing I know for sure is college football is less than two weeks away and I am ready. Good luck on the season.
  7. VideoEagle For one whose team finished in the cellar of the worst conference in football you sure like to run your mouth. Talk about wanting to schedule a team for homecoming. If you check most pre season polls including Sports Illustrated and Texas Football Baylor is predicted to be in a bowl game at the end of the year while UNT is picked between 4-6 in the Sunbelt. I have no idea what to expect out of Baylor this year but I would be willing to put up a little cash they will win more games overall than UNT. The way I see it UNT goes 0-4 again this year in out of conference games (I wonder if any of those are homecoming for the other team) and might win three conference games (possible laughing stock). UNT's domination of the Sunbelt is over and they have proven you can go from the penthouse to the outhouse a lot quicker than the reverse. All smack talking aside I actually hope UNT has a good year and am looking forward to making the games in Denton when Baylor is playing on the road.
  8. VideoEagle Even if a comet did hit Baylor Stadium on September 3rd both Bylor and TCU would be better off than being stuck in the Sun Belt. : :
  9. I was at the game FirefightnRick shows the picture of and there was no more than 25,000 in the stands for that game and not nearly that many on the field afterwards. I have attended many UNT games and their fan support is poor at best for the numbers enrolled and alumni. Even during the seasons where they won the Sun Belt the stands were never completely full and the stadium only holds 30,000. I enjoy watching and listening to UNT football but there is no way they should be compared to Baylor or any other Big 12 school as far as fan base. I think some posters should probably check the numbers in attendance when Baylor was playing in the SWC before talking about the number of fans that would attend a home Baylor game if they were not in the Big 12.
  10. I am afraid SMU is going to pound North Texas. Their team improved a great deal throughout the season while NT went from the penthouse to the outhouse. I think the only way UNT has a chance is if someone decides to step up and play quarterback and DD can find an offensive line to block for Thomas. Last year proved to ba a disaster and much of the blame was on the offensive line and the fact that the QB could not throw a pass. I do believe the UNT secondary is better than SMU's receivers and if they decide to throw the ball a bunch (which they usually do) it could help UNT out. What sucks the most is it is not even April and football is 5+ months away. Be glad UNT is playing SMU instead of TCU because it would be much worse.
  11. My guess is the Sunbelt champ would still go. I think the first year UNT went they only had 5 wins but were Sunbelt Champs.
  12. Space(your)monkey: Once again you are so wrapped up in being a UNT homer that you are running off at the mouth like you say Baylor's coach is doing. While I will agree with you his comment wasn't the best thing he could have said you are acting like he insulted your mother. I would rather have a coach talk to the media and express his feelings than not talk or not let his players talk as DD did after last years Baylor game. As for DD's four conference titles and bowl games like I said earlier he deserves recognition. Let's remember the Sunbelt is a long way from the Big 12 or any other major conference. I have a feeling Kevin Steele and his Baylor teams could have won the Sunbelt. Before you start beating your gums about only two conference wins lets see if UNT can just win an OOC game. Does 100+ to 9 ring a bell. I guess the last time they did that was against Baylor at Fouts, if I didn't miss one since then. I stand by my statement that if DD was such an outstanding coach your own fans would not be talking $hit about him and some other major team would have made him an offer he would not have refused. I do believe he is about the best UNT will ever have unless they get out of the Sunbelt. As far as the offensive routes receivers run I don't think you want to compare offenses at the present time. I think it may be best for us to agree to dissagree on this one. I still hope UNT wins the Belt and plan on making at least two more of the home games. P.S. I hope I didn't offend you with the $hit comment. I promase it wasn't a personal attack on you like the shower comment was.
  13. Spacemonkey: I guess that class DD has gets you to 1-3 and an offense that can bearly break 200 yards with what is supposed to be the two best backs in the nation. Lets face it, DD is not a Big 12 or any other major conference coach or he would not still be where he is. He deserves credit for winning four straight Sunbelt titles but that where it should stop. Morriss is showing that what he did at Kentucky in two years was not a fluke. I think you should listen to your UNT counterparts that actually seem to know soething about football and coaching. As for the Troy game, I thought UNT showed some signs of improvement but has to hang on to the ball. Take the UNT turnovers away nd the game is not even close and UNT wins. I don't think the season is a loss at this point. If UNT can continue to improve and win out everyone knows Troy will lay an egg at least a couple of times in conference play. It won't be eay but winning the conference is not out of the question at this point.
  14. Thanks for the good comments about the Bears. It was a tough loss but I think the program is going in the right direction. I will have to wait and see if this loss sinks the ship or will just make them play harder. As for the Mean Green, good luck Tuesday night and I will be there to watch in person. I didn't get to go to A&M today so I have to get my football fix in somewhere. My prediction: UNT 23 Troy 20 It won't be pretty but Dickey will find a way to win this one.
  15. Eagle 96 Actually the Baylor battle cry at this point is "We beat Army, Samford, and SMU, while unt lost to Tulsa by 52. After all of the smack talking I have seen on this board I was just having some fun. Although you may not believe me, I will be pulling for unt in sunbelt play and am actually going to make the Troy game. Everyone be carefull this weekend. It looks like Rita is the real deal.
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