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  1. Does he live in the Forrestridge area of Denton?
  2. My wife and I attended The High Porch Picnic. I'm guessing there were around 1000 people in attendance. The Presentation of the Flag was by the Marine Honor Guard. The two family members that spoke were Hayden's daughter Robin and son Kelly. Speaking on behalf of SMU was Chuck Hixson (SMU QB 1968-70) and Jerry Levias (WR 1966-68). For North Texas the speaker was Mike Henry (OL/GA 1975-77). For the Hawkeyes Head Coach Kirk Ferentz spoke about Hayden's time at Iowa. Among his former assistants present were Bill Snyder, Bobby Stoops and Dan McCarney. Robin Fry thanked the Jones Family fo
  3. My wife and I watched a replay of the final shot at least 10 times from the three different angles and it was still inconclusive if Hamlet got the shot off. Let’s sweep the Texas teams this week!
  4. I was a student at the University of Iowa when Hayden was hired in 1978. We had endured 17 straight losing seasons. He immediately turned the program around and earned a Rose Bowl berth in the third season. He made so many changes from having the visitor's locker room painted pink to put them in a more relaxed mood to creating a new Tiger Hawk Logo to the team entering the field before the game in as he called it "The Swarm" to changing the uniform to look like the Pittsburgh Steelers who had won 5 Super Bowls that decade to all the quirky sayings he had. My favorite was "Scratch Where it
  5. Will be recording UC Davis at Cal Berkeley on Pac 12 Network Saturday 530 PM CT.
  6. Weinberger's closed last year. Gyro 360 Mediterranean is now at that location at Hickory & Oakland.
  7. Fouts Apogee Gaylord Family (OU) Ford Razorback Bill Snyder Rice Malone (ULM) Scheumann (Ball State) Bryant Denny (Bama) Cajun Field ASU (Arkansas St) Memorial (Clemson) Michie (Army) Lockhart (FAU) Houchen Industries (WKU) Floyd (MUTS) FIU Robertson (Houston) Super Dome (Tulane) Cotton Bowl Darrell K. Royal Alamodome Kinnick (Iowa)
  8. Horrible officiating! The flagrant foul, the charge and the travel on the game winner. Three blind mice.
  9. I'm extremely fortunate. My wife of 35 years and I graduated from the Univ. of Iowa in the early 80's. Over the years we have watched from afar most all Hawkeye football and basketball games on TV. I lost interest in watching the Hawkeye BB team when they had their Tony Benford type era. It was her that pushed me back into watching the games again. In 2007 our son was an invited walk-on to play for the Mean Green football team so we had another school to follow. Over the last eleven years she has only missed maybe five home games. While he was playing we went to most all road games and s
  10. The replay of the blocking foul clearly showed Lockett used his left forearm to push off so it should have been a charge.
  11. I had Michaels frame my son's home and road UNT jerseys. Although it was expensive at around $250 each, they did a very good job.
  12. I sat in those bad seats two years ago. This time I bought much better seats from Stub Hub.
  13. My wife and I will attend. Hoping the Mean Green will be much more competitive than the trip to Kinnick Stadium in 2015. Can't decide if I root for Iowa which is our alma mater or the Mean Green where our son played. A win for the Mean Green might be the biggest win of all time for the program while it would be devastating for the Hawkeyes.
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