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  1. I've bolded the teams I think have little chance to win again. I still refuse to put Nebraska on that list until their attendance starts to drop significantly.
  2. No, NOT AT ALL. And the NCAA still had nothing to do with furthering these actions.
  3. You completely missed the point. If a guy is FCS and can ball we need him and the fact he is FCS is not a detractor. The last guy we got from ACU worked out pretty damn well.
  4. Prospect with a can't-miss combination of football character, skill and physical traits who is more likely to contend for immediate playing time for the Mean Green. His strength and flexion allow him to drop a deep anchor. He can be too mechanical, engaging in cursory contact rather than using his hands to whip the man in front of him quickly. He is an instinctive rusher, assailing the pocket with a non-stop barrage of activity. His hands are skilled and efficient to grease the edge while fluid counter steps open inside paths to the pocket. He needs to add a few more items to his rush menu in order to maintain his rush production against Division 1 tackles. He is scheme versatile and should be a very good starter with a very high floor, but his ceiling might not be as elevated as some of the talent he's been compared to.
  5. The FCS transfers don't bother me a bit. There are plenty of guys playing FCS that can excel at this level. There were 18 FCS players that were just drafted.
  6. Lol I don't think you know how this works. The Supreme Court ruled that the NCAA was violating anti-trust laws by restricting athlete compensation. The NCAA, like you, thinks this is a slippery slope and harmful to amateurism.
  7. "NCAA is successfully destroying themselves/amateur athletics." How is this the fault of the NCAA?
  8. I just gave this fellow another content idea including the great Darrell Dickey - The infamous "Black Uniform" game. Let's see if he runs with it.
  9. We played at the Denton ISD facility the spring Fouts was torn down and Apogee was still under construction.
  10. The DB offer was from Texas…Tech. Riley was offered at UT as an athlete.
  11. That's precisely the reason we'll never get into the American.
  12. I just got 5 for family and friends.
  13. I’ll give them credit for showing up but it helps that almost all of them live here.
  14. It happens too often. Many? Maybe that was a poor choice of words on my part but I've seen it here in basketball. In reading the tea leaves, two players (of the total of 13) were not renewed one year. The P5 thing is worded to be abused. Think Lane Kiffin or Todd Graham. Those two would find ways not to renew. Players can be pushed out by unscrupulous coaches (there are many and many is not a poor choice of words here).
  15. Schollies are year to year and are not honored in many cases. So yes, players do get "fired".
  16. At least fake Seth Littrell was recruiting him.
  17. Fouts - Denton, Texas (70+) Apogee - Denton, Texas (The only game I've missed was the WKU Thursday night game. So about 60). C.H. Collins Complex - Denton, Texas (1) Bonus points here. We played a spring game there when they were tearing down Fouts and Apogee wasn't finished. Memorial Stadium - Austin, Texas (2) Memorial Stadium - Norman, Oklahoma (2) Memorial Stadium - Berkley, California (1) Floyd Casey - Waco, Texas (1) Superdome - New Orleans, Louisiana All 5 bowls we've played there. Michie Stadium - West Point, New York (1) It's pronounced Mike-eee. Toyota Stadium - Frisco, Texas (1) Both the Frisco Bowl (La. Tech v SMU) and the Frisco Football Classic. Texas Stadium - Irving, Texas (1) Cotton Bowl - Dallas, Texas (2) Amon Carter - Fort Worth, Texas (1) The Hiram Gonzales game. Ford Stadium - University Park, Texas (4) Bowers Stadium - Huntsville, Texas (1) Bobcat Stadium - San Marcos, Texas (1) Centennial Bank Stadium - Jonesboro, Arkansas (1) I got to fly on the team charter out of Love Field and stayed in Memphis that Friday night. We were at a BBQ joint/bar watching the Texas Rangers lose the World Series. Click to watch if you want to cry. Razorback Stadium - Fayetteville, Arkansas (1) The win in 2018 should have been my second visit. The game in 2001 was cancelled due to September 11th. Arkansas replaced us with Weber State and we picked up Troy State. Honorable Mention #1McLane Stadium - Waco, Texas. (1) Not for North Texas. Honorable Mention #2 - Jones Stadium - Lubbock, Texas 1 million people claimed they were there but I really was. Special appearance by the great Graham Harrell. Honorable Mention #3 Kyle Field - College Station, Texas My first college football game. I saw David Walker, George Woodard, Curtis Dickey, and Tony Franklin.
  18. I'm curious of how many people will walk up to a game like this? How many people walk up to games at Apogee? How many people are just used to walking up and buying their tickets? Does anybody have any idea?
  19. I went to the game with a La Tech buddy. Yes, at least 50% of the crowd were LT peeps.
  20. OL Ryan O'Hair Team America World Police Matt Damon
  21. DL Nasir Washington The Greatest of All Time Muhammad Ali
  22. Doug Shearer Generic Proud Boy Capitol Riot Suspect
  23. I'd wager against that. This game will be a sellout. It doesn't matter. The stadium will be 98% green.
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