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  1. if any continue this chant I bet it was talons. they always did good spirit.
  2. A qb who leads us to conference title game and a good bowl showing gets so much trash thrown on him. His story and path so unique. Wishing he goes somewhere to proves you guys wrong.
  3. I did was hoping that morris hire could cause him to think upon and revert. QB stability is the name of the game in CF.
  4. Just recording here that the saying no right now will be complaining if new QB comes in using growing pains next year.
  5. I think to keep continuity during this transition it might make sense to talk Aune into sticking around.
  6. I'll always remember seeing him at pour house his first year here and some dude walking to his table saying something like "is one of you guys coach litrell???" His response was classic. "Yes sir."
  7. so, if you put your name in the portal can you come back?
  8. Also, I assure you this idea isn't due to any inside knowledge I have from either side.
  9. He turned around a Liberty program quickly. Just throwing it out there.
  10. Serious question, does Jason Witten do anything for you?
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