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  1. If he lost all through high school you'd be in here like "Well it doesn't look like he's used to a winning culture, I'm not too confident about his ability to win here." Biggest ass whip in history. You seem miserable and it almost makes me sad.
  2. "Indian" is widely considered a reclaimed term by Natives and is now acceptable in most situations. Here's a quick source and some thoughts on that : http://www.umass.edu/legal/derrico/name.html
  3. Yeah that's not what you said though. Go make other people miserable elsewhere. You are the single worst thing about this board.
  4. Looks like somebody is upset that they can't grow facial hair...
  5. This was brilliant and you guys are all dumb if you didn't get it. A+ stuff
  6. Are we forgetting about Means? Did he die or something?
  7. I think he's due two or three lights-out performances before the year is out. I'm talking games where he's on fire and carries the team on his back. I know he's still young but the kid has some swagger.
  8. We're going to kill the remainder of our conference play. Mark my words. CUSA west is a joke this year and we showed some really promising stuff yesterday. I should know better than to expect anything but "the sky is falling!" when I come on this board
  9. Jesus you people are miserable. The verdict is in after 5 games? If that were the case after 5 games last year the verdict would have been that we sucked hard. Lots of football left to be played. Sometimes I feel as if some of you have never played organized sports in your entire lives.
  10. Remind me who is not aware that breast cancer is a thing? To whom are we bringing awareness?
  11. -D. Williams @D_2Legitt · 12h12 hours ago Dedicating this game to my brother™. . Reply0 replies
  12. I was ready to lower my expectations greatly following the LaTech beatdown. But the last few weeks, the change in energy, our quarterback switch, and maybe just a bit of crazy make me think we really can pull this one off. Talk about coming back on the scene with a bang.
  13. It's too late. The Kool Aid is already in my belly. 9 wins!
  14. If you didn't get a chance to see this game last week and would like an opportunity to see what kind of team our guys will be facing tomorrow, the full game can be found here: http://noonkick.se/2014-maryland-at-indiana/
  15. Seriously. I don't buy the whole "I stumbled upon the show randomly" thing. If you are involved with the show in some way just come out and say it.
  16. Semantic. This point is that if given the opportunity to control the pace via our offense, our defense has shown that it can get the job done.
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