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  1. pastorgrant

    Never too early for 2018 rankings

  2. pastorgrant

    Tillman Johnson:

    I wonder which prof it was that he liked so much. My BA is in English, and there are some great professors in that department.
  3. "Close wins aren't good enough" makes no sense at all. This ain't madden.
  4. pastorgrant

    Top 25 Consideration - 4 teams UNT faced

    Is someone trying to argue? I was just supporting what Ben Gooding said.
  5. pastorgrant

    Top 25 Consideration - 4 teams UNT faced

    I just saw a Facebook "memory" from today in 2013, and it said we got top 25 votes. Don't have a link to the story.
  6. pastorgrant


    Yeah, but I hate it when people use big words just to sound perspicacious.
  7. pastorgrant

    APOGEE used in a sermon

    I sneak it in when I can. I used it in a chapter for a book that was recently published.
  8. pastorgrant

    Mason Fine Career Stat Watch

    And he did it without an OL. Always loved Vizza.
  9. pastorgrant

    Official New Orleans Bowl Score Prediction Thread

    UNT wins 7-4 in overtime.
  10. pastorgrant

    Greetings from the 118th Army Navy Game

    Wow, heck of a game!
  11. pastorgrant


    Mine neither.
  12. pastorgrant


    Guys, this tweet isn't real. Good satire, though.