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  1. pastorgrant

    UNT NET Ranking Tracker - 2018/2019

    That's a sign of a great coach getting buy-in from the players and elevating his team.
  2. pastorgrant

    Something I really dislike

    Jaylon Smith changed my mind about this. These kids' have an opportunity to set their families up in perpetuity. That's a lot to risk for an exhibition.
  3. We have no heavy cavalry.
  4. Where's the run defense?
  5. The kntu stream on nextradio (app) is working
  6. TD La Tech 21-15, PAT pending
  7. pastorgrant

    UNT in College Football Fans Week 4 Video

    He said he ordered it a while back but it got delayed.
  8. pastorgrant

    Game Week Haiku

    With Apogee packed The Mean Green come confident Loud roars---NORTH......TEXAS
  9. pastorgrant

    Official LATech Game Score Prediction Thread

    Fine sits out again in the 4th quarter, so some cosmetic points make it 46-24.
  10. 6'4" and too big around the belly here (pushing 240). The seats are way too small to be comfortable. Worse than an airplane. Otherwise, the Pit is great
  11. pastorgrant

    Game Week Haiku

    Oh right, here it is, the bill for your butt-whoopin: One million dollars
  12. pastorgrant

    Official Arkansas Game Score Prediction Thread

    Fine with another 400 yard game. NT wins 6 to 4 in overtime.