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  1. This drives me crazy. There's no reason to quote that stat and it makes whoever quotes it look like a total SMU homer. No one cares who won games between schools before the forward pass was invented except Vito and the SMU PR department. Vito can do better.
  2. JVJ got put on IR, so they won't be fighting each other for a spot
  3. My mom was a prof at UNT when I started (now, after being at a few other schools, she is a Dean at UNT), so I stayed at home. She took at job at Missouri half-way through my freshman year and rented the house out to me and some friends for a while. I moved in with some other friends in a couple of different apartments, and stayed with GMG's own Travis's family for a while. I never stayed in a Residence Hall until I came back as a Hall Director at Clark Hall from 2008-2010.
  4. Dane Brugler just put out a way too early scouting rankings of senior QBs and had Mason Fine at 14th among senior QBs. This is as an NFL prospect, not a college QB. There weren't any notes on the reasoning, but I assume size is the main concern. Hopefully he won't get overlooked, but he will be a steal for someone if he does.
  5. I don't have much of a list compared to you guys. Hard to travel on weekends when you're a pastor: Fouts Apogee K State Cotton Bowl
  6. Booger Mason Fine Lance Dunbar Brelan Chancellor Zach Orr Patrick Cobbs Marcus Trice Jamario Thomas Johnny Quinn Jonas Buckles
  7. This is my nephew. He's a 6'6" high school sophomore QB at Raypec High School in Missouri. He's got Michigan State and Iowa State after him already. He's an amazing arm talent. Also an elite basketball player. His grandma is a dean at UNT. Someone tell the coaches. http://www.hudl.com/profile/7532592/Conrad-Hawley
  8. Only one I take issue with is FAU. UNT should be at least 4th on that list. Big potential and financial commitment from the current admin could bump it up higher depending on how that's factored in.
  9. I read an article (sorry, not sure where it was) that said combine invitees are already pretty much decided before the NCAA season begins. UNT didn't have the attention it does now a season ago, so I am wondering if we will get more invites next year and beyond.
  10. That's a sign of a great coach getting buy-in from the players and elevating his team.
  11. Jaylon Smith changed my mind about this. These kids' have an opportunity to set their families up in perpetuity. That's a lot to risk for an exhibition.
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