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  1. I found this paragraph especially interesting: “That’s all B.S.,” McCarney said. “[Joseph] knows what our program is about, sat in our defensive meetings, helped us win nine games, knows how I teach, motivate and inspire. He knows about [strength coach] Frank Wintrich, John Skladany and [offensive coordinator] Mike Canales. It’s a hell of an advantage.” Is Mac already making an excuse as to why we might lose? Or does he really think Joseph gives them that much of an upper hand?
  2. Firstly, as a former college athlete, I absolutely have been the "ribbee" in that situation. I understand that sports on a large stage beget pressure and expectation. It's not for everybody. If they wanted to have their egos patted and to be handled with kid gloves they should have played intramural. Secondly, put the "maybe it was my upbringing" card away. I have enough good sense to not be vitriolic and hateful towards players, as should anybody else. I will, however, be critical of their play as a fan. This isn't the little league world series. These are young adults.
  3. Are we forgetting that LaTech didn't score until well into the 2nd quarter? Even with our horrid 3-and-outs and our defense's short field we managed to put enough pressure on Sokol to keep him out of rhythm for an entire quarter and some change.
  4. Don't mistake my surprise at the recognition for complacency towards losing. I hate losing and don't ever expect to lose, but I think that considering our recent efforts, predicting us to keep it within a touchdown is respectable. Of course I predict us to win by two scores but I don't write columns on the internet.
  5. One guy has us losing by a touchdown and another by 10 points. That's respectable.
  6. I believe you're mistaken as to the nature of the ribbing. It's not like we're calling them terrible people or anything. They play football on a national stage. Criticism is part of the game and they should know that.
  7. Article is here : http://www.underdogdynasty.com/2014/10/1/6876319/north-texas-keys-to-victory
  8. They would most likely be too confused to understand what that means.
  9. Dammit we should have won this game. This is the Tulane game of this year. I just hope it doesn't come back to bite us.
  10. At the very least we should beat the spread, right?
  11. Quite possibly the most hyperbole used in any article, ever.
  12. 2 touchdown dogs and it would be a monumental upset? That's some crazy hyperbole there.
  13. And Tennessee! It isn't until November and they always find cool ways to lose to lesser programs.
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