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  1. I'm going straight to the top with this!!!1!!!!1! BANOWSKY WILL HERE OF THIS I PROMISE YOU!!!!!1!1!!!!1
  2. The cutaways with the players are freakin awesome.
  3. This is the kinda pub the conference needs to be getting.
  4. Black unis via Carlos Harris' twitter
  5. I love 'Murica as much as anybody but please don't make it something flag/camo related. That whole thing is tired and tacky.
  6. inb4 CW tells us this is against flag code. However, LaTech will be wearing these:
  7. It was beyond hype in there. I was on the 4th row. Everybody was giving the SMU players hell. Chanting, jeering, the whole nine. Lots of noise and nobody sat down. Everything I dreamed of.
  8. I wish something like this was the worst thing I did in my teenage years.
  9. The young alumni section was live the whole game. Nobody sat down, high fives abound, shit talking the other team. It was everything I hoped it would be.
  10. In deals like this, owners often take out a pretty good insurance policy so they can recoup a certain percentage of their projected losses. It's not nearly as bad of a gutting as it seems I'm sure.
  11. I'm leaving work a few hours early. I'll be there.
  12. I think a good number of student tickets are handed out at the door. There's always a pretty long line on game days. I would be interested to hear what the record is for tickets handed out before game day.
  13. Did you call John? He said earlier today that he had 6 packages left.
  14. Capper tweeted that 6k student tickets had been picked up as of noon today. Not too shabby.
  15. Are you sure that was MTSU? UNT students have been making that _UNT _ART joke every year. I saw it written up there 2 different times in my undergrad.
  16. Eh, I think they'll lose sufficient steam for it to be significant. Kids will be flipping offers left and right when they see the school that recruited them go 1-11.
  17. This, guys. Next year they will be abysmally bad. They lose nearly every one of their starters and a lot of their depth. They will most likely be the punching bag of the West next year.
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