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  1. I like UTSA in this game. First game at home, coming off a huge win in Houston, and their D looks ferocious. I hope they do well so our victory in November is all the more meaningful.
  2. Rest in peace wallet, liver, and dignity.
  3. Yeah it seems like he was just trying to shoehorn a shot about him getting arrested in there
  4. That's some bush-league stuff right there.
  5. Dude....yes. My most recent beer obsession
  6. If you have the word "Methodist" in the title of the university, it's a church school.
  7. That picture is just begging to be mercilessly teased.
  8. Well I can't figure out how to embed a tweet but the athletics twitter just posted another picture of a student pickup line.
  9. Most of it will be in my belly
  10. How many people usually camp out? I was considering it since I just got a sweet new tent. Would it be worth it even though I don't really know anybody?
  11. This one is the Ball State-esque springboard into a productive season. Meanest of Greens - 21 Mister Ed - 10
  12. I mean we did get absolutely trounced on national television so I can't really say I'm surprised.
  13. I have SMU grads that work for me and I'm in my 20s. The janitor/barrista shit is pretty tired.
  14. I was gonna say....I'm gonna be full-on recent alumni drunk by kickoff and I'll be damned if I won't make it hostile for them.
  15. My boy D Kidsy had one go off his hands and got laid out for a pick six. Not his best moment but the pass was less than stellar.
  16. Russia State is good this year but I really think Russia Tech takes it all.
  17. I just refuse to believe that our coaching staff is really so inept to knowingly put a walking potato in to start. The kid was nervous and he got visibly shaken. If he's a real athlete, that should eat him alive and make him play out of his mind next chance he gets. If he's not a real athlete, then my faith in coach Mac is severely shaken.
  18. Yeah what was his deal? It's not like he's totally green. Just nerves?
  19. Y'all are sleeping on Greer and probably for a good reason. But it still think the kid has talent and will come to play out of his mind next weekend.
  20. You're truly a fool if you thought anybody on here expected him to come in and be just as good as a 5th year senior during his first FBS game ever against Texas of all teams. The kid has a lot of time left to prove himself. God knows DT needed a ton of time to even get decent. Keep your smug bullshit to yourself.
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