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  1. 13k? Have our expectations really dropped that low? This place is more sad than a funeral home.
  2. And just like that I'm coming out of my shame hibernation.
  3. Naw the actual ClearChannel digital billboards on 35.
  4. Yeah 90 is a giant troll like my dad except unlike my dad he's not funny.
  5. Well that sucks. I thought that was part of the whole deal. Maybe the AD put them on the rest for this game?
  6. All of the young alumni section were supposed to have seatbacks
  7. You can juggle your 1 and 3 year old? That's pretty impressive.
  8. Well yeah nobody is calling for the AD's head or anything. It's just a boneheaded move by the marketing department. Especially in an age where information can spread like wildfire.
  9. Yeah you think they could make it so those two don't coincide.
  10. Holy shit. What? Celebrate cotton with a blackout? How did nobody think this through?
  11. 1. It's all about girth, baby! 2. Yeah it didn't take long for them to clear out. If you see empty seats down there, come and join us! We're getting rowdy as all get out. 3. We were mean as hell to SMU and I'm already planning on being too drunk for a Thursday night and heckling LaTech as well.
  12. I'd honestly be very surprised if there was any adolescent girl on the face of the planet that gave two shits about a football helmet.
  13. As of this morning , the chance of rain has all but disappeared for this evening. Should be great football playing AND watching weather.
  14. I mean I saw it up on those digital billboards on 35 like 10 different times this week...
  15. Look at this sneaky little guy: FillApogee‏@FillApogee Just saw our new helmets but my lips are sealed.
  16. I've been there too, unfortunately. Now that I think of it, there are only two good cities in Louisiana in my opinion and I bet you can guess which two those are.
  17. weather.com sucks a lot. Weather Underground is where it's at. They don't have the chance above 50% the entire afternoon.
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