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  1. Definitely DeLoach! One of my favorite Mean Green coaches since I’ve been following the program
  2. If we had our 2017 offense with the defense from the winning New Orleans Bowl team... DE - Darrell Daniels DT - Brandon Kennedy DT - Evan Cardwell DE - Adrian Awasom OLB - Chris Hurd MLB - Cody Spencer OLB - Taylor Casey CB - Don McGee SS - Craig Jones FS - Jonas Buckles CB - Walter Priestly Now I may be a little off on a few names, as I did this all from memory...BUT...my point is that DAMN we could have done something crazy special that could have changed the landscape forever!!!
  3. I know...I was just making a joke about all the fall talk at the beginning of camp
  4. This is all true unless Shanbour comes in next year and beats him out... Sorry...had to after all the fall camp talk
  5. http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2017/12/06/fine-named-offensive-player-year-c-usa
  6. There are so many new people on this board since I started, and that’s awesome!!! But my point is that the New and old fans should be getting together for what may become a 10-2 special season! Back in the day I would have been there with you whipper snappers, but I had to be w/ my daughter’s volleyball team today. Understand what this season is, and soak it in! Support when u can, and jump on board. You nvr know what happens next year...carpe diem! I took the early 2000 bowl yrs for granted...thinking that was the beginning...then dodge came... Soak up what could be a 10-2 season for what it is! Live and die for this team, for it is what memories are made!
  7. Anyone know of any bars NT is taking over for Saturday
  8. Our QB looks good 


  9. Everything I have read and heard is that Ekeler will run the defense. That is the reason he gave Georgia reporters for going to NT...a chance to run a defense again
  10. When he came to my school to speak to our students, he referred to the contracts he couldn't fulfill because he was cut from the Bills and Packers, and then from the CFL
  11. We should probably fire RV... *this message is in no way in support of RV...sometimes people get confused (UNT90)
  12. I didn't say I think RV is doing a good job, my point was that I, like many on the board get tired of you incessant rambling on about it. We get it, you want RV fired. You do not have to tie it into everyone of your posts.
  13. Arm chair coaches/ADs never cease to amaze me... People saying, "but I hope Littrell is communicating w/ him constantly" Are you guys kidding me? Of course these coaches are communicating, and understand that everything that can be done during the dead period can be done through technology. It is ridiculous to think letting Harrell coach his bowl game is a stumble, or mistake by Littrell because things won't be able to get done satisfactory. All the evaluations, recruiting plans, JUCO conversations, etc., can, and will be taken care of, regardless of where Harrell is via technology. Plus, the whole "eye in the sky" reference came from Leach, when he was describing Harrell's role in the staff. That's a plus as to how valuable Leach believes him to be. Lets not start making something out of nothing. ...and btw...I think RV should be fired b/c Apogee looks wet when it rains, and looks too dry when the sun comes out.
  14. I still think he had a chance if he went with DeLoach, or someone like him when he first started
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