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  1. Yeah I appreciate the uptick in social media presence, but this is a horrible looking edit. They look like they just got out the coal mines
  2. Yeah FIU looks bad. Is it wrong that this makes me nervous for our own performance? Or is that years of repeated abuse talking?
  3. The context of "core values" implies that they are nouns. Of course it would make sense if they were all adjectives, but "selflessness, toughness, and discipline" would be the way to do it if not.
  4. That's right. I guess maybe out of sensitivity to the situation and the families of the players? Y'all's guesses are as good as mine there.
  5. Yeah, in the Alamodome. I would guess it had more to do with the logistics of practicing and moving the team prior to the game than it did the weather at gametime.
  6. Remember how the HC sounded during that interview from earlier this week/end of last week? He all but said "we suck and are not ready".
  7. Let's just hope somebody can clue them in and add a "D" to the end of it...
  8. Looks good, despite the really annoying grammatical error in "Selfless, Tough, Discipline". Two adjectives and a noun.
  9. So what are the odds this game doesn't happen due to current conditions in Houston?
  10. I know it's Stanford, but Rice looks bad
  11. This was also in the Washington Post. Really good press for us.
  12. I mean anything is ridiculous when you break it down to its most simple parts. Next time your wife can't decide where she wants to eat, just hit her with that: All this consternation about acquiring sustenance is quite amusing.
  13. Y'all are an embarrassment to this school. You grow up, you perpetual child
  14. Y'all know it's possible to shit on the American without being a transphobic piece of human garbage, right? Embarrassing
  15. Everyone has tattoos now. I have several and manage several employees in high level position.
  16. Well that much is apparent. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Denton is a city of 130k. There are all types there. I understand that the nightlife, culture, art, and music blow San Antonio out of the water (and yes, I've been there more than once), but there are just as many cowpoke types, athletic types, and any other types at UNT and in Denton.
  17. Wow I step away for a few minutes and suddenly we're ahead. Guess I should step away some more ?
  18. What a game. Hell of a fight our team showed despite lots of mistakes.
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