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  1. No, that was him. The kid has leg and has obviously taken the necessary steps to making himself a next-level kicker. Lots of camps and individual coaching, etc.
  2. Seriously? Ruston is a terrible city. I had the unfortunate displeasure of spending 6 months of my life there and I pray I never go back.
  3. I watched the LaTech/ULL game and honestly I don't share the sentiment that this game will be evenly matched. I really do think we're going to run away with this one. Greer will be relaxed and making better throws, but our defense will once again shine beyond the rest. They're the real deal.
  4. Mark my words, this kid will win more than a few games for us in his 4 years here.
  5. We have plenty of room on the bandwagon if you want to watch a good football team play this season.
  6. Also they are supremely strong athletes that enjoy contact at a high speed.
  7. Check em out: http://imgur.com/a/3Rutp
  8. Apparently the weather is supposed to be nice by kickoff. God knows that can change but I don't get the whole fuss about it being wet. http://imgur.com/7sihpuw
  9. Tired of reading about SMU. Let them smolder in the ashes of their irrelevance. We have more football to play.
  10. It won't even be close. We have it sealed after one half. Gang of Green- 38 Rednecks from Ruston- 10
  11. That is absolutely disgusting. Maryland is trying to beat out Oregon in the "ugliest uniforms of all time" superbowl.
  12. Not that I've ever seen but there certainly should be. For a school with such a great RTVF program we certainly do have some sub-par video production. Some of it is solid (see the Union's video series) but some of it is terrible (see revealing of the depth chart video).
  13. In a giant fight video like this, there will inevitably be some shrieking ladies in the background. This video is no exception. Also lol @ all of this.
  14. I severely doubt SMU is the worst D1 program. In fact, I will beyond a shadow of a doubt that isn't true.
  15. I suppose I understand the wariness, but I have full confidence that this team will take care of business. There isn't a doubt in my mind at this point.
  16. Man the theme of this year so far is "who would like their career ruined?" First Ash and now June. Who's next?!
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