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  1. I can appreciate the work RV started in bringing up UNT's facilities to above-par, but ultimately results on the court and on the field caught up with him, especially after several botched hires. Moving forward, can anyone start a poll on potential replacements? It seems a fait accompli that RV's replacement is probably lined up already, but it won't hurt to have a bunch of speculation until an announcement is made...
  2. I was at the Rice game last week. Rice could have had half-a-dozen picks and you could tell that there was no zip or drive on McNulty's balls. He threw one good ball all game, the 93-yard TD to Carlos Harris and that's because Rice were anticipating the run and Carlos got behind the defense. McNulty is just not good.
  3. Just like purple. Don't connect it with TCU. But anyway. Takeaways don't count when we can't cash them in. This will be the furthest McNulty will take us into Iowa territory and we won't even get three points from it.
  4. This is going to be a long season when our D can't get off the field on third downs and our offense can not sustain a drive to save their lives.
  5. What a typical, weak, defensive call by Mac. Don't care that Iowa is at the 8 yard line; UNT needs POINTS! I'm done with Mac as coach. He's not aggressive or daring enough to put UNT in a position to win.
  6. I almost forgot about GYROR for this season! I'm thinking that they'll be slight improvements over last season, in particular the WR corps, so I think despite the schedule UNT will pick up a couple of extra wins this year. So 6-6; dropping to 6-7 if selected for a Bowl game. Wins: @SMU @Southern Miss Portland State UTSA @MTSU UTEP Losses: Rice @Iowa WKU @Marshall @La Tech @Tennessee
  7. With Stokes nursing an injury, what was there to gain playing him? Plunkett could have been just fine. Futility personified #bbccricket

  8. #bbccricket Where's the great Courtney Walsh for the best of WI pace bowlers!? He and Ambrose were a formidable opening duo
  9. #bbcfootball Hate to say it, but West Brom deserve the win. United all bark and no bite; Baggies incisive when it mattered most.
  10. #bbccricket Did you know that the current partnership is the 68,617th in Test history? That's a lot of cricket.
  11. Well, that just about sums up the Rangers season so far. 5-0 going into the eighth inning and the As hang a 6-spot on the Rangers. Oh wells.

  12. RT @britishroyals: Another day closes. You're up, May 2! William & Kate's babies certainly know how to make an entrance! #GreatKateWait #Ro

  13. #bbccricket Who's responsible for the atrocious running-between-the-wickets from England? Appalling. Don't need to give freebies like that!
  14. Shows anti-Cowboy bias. Pathetic. Also, it's chicken-and-the-egg: better coverage or better pass rush? I'd take both https://t.co/L3fCywEpq9

  15. I'm living #belowtheline to help raise $$ for the 1.2 billion people in extreme poverty. Will you donate just $5? https://t.co/6D9sGGWVJh

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