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  1. Oh yeah. I mean this conversation would be moot if we had a legit d1 punter. They would come in with a lot of experience with different punts.
  2. I haven't seen him run in open field, but I would guess he isn't slow. But that's more about establishing the pattern until the other team is caught sleeping. Keena's fake was a 15 yard gain IIRC. And the speed of catching the ball and setting it before kicking is a different beast than just straight-up running your ass off to the edge. The former requires speed and precision, the latter just speed.
  3. there's a huge difference in speed at the college level. He has around 2 fewer seconds to get the ball placed and get a good shot off. For whatever reason, he's getting scared and shanking the ball. The bootleg and rugby kick are designed to give him more time and less focus on form. There are thousands of kickers than can punt it 50+ yards in high school, but that's totally different experience. This is another reason the rugby punt is clever. I ran several fakes this way. Just gotta catch them sleeping once, like Keena last year.
  4. oh hell yeah definitely agree. I mean the punter is just bad no matter how you cut it
  5. because I was a punter and I punted both ways. Most punters are converted soccer players. When you do a rugby punt, you don't have to worry about spin on the ball. You just hammer it with the top of your foot like you would a soccer ball. The difficulty with traditional punts (and the reason they get shanked) is the form it takes to position the ball and hit it with the outside of your foot (this causes the spin that gives you distance)
  6. Rugby style kicking is perfect for punters with shitty form. As you saw during one of the only traditional punts (something like 20 yards), our punter completely sucks at traditional punts. Keep with the rugby style, please.
  7. I would guess Dot's was a good bet. Just south of Uni Park. It's owned by Denton's bearded beer daddy John Williams of Oak Street and East Side fame. Great place, and has a huge battle flag hanging in it.
  8. In a stadium that seats 40,000. How many times have we said that getting a P5 opponent to Apogee would suddenly drive attendance? I mean is it that hard to make that connection?
  9. OSU radio guys reporting 15,000 in attendance.
  10. I didn't know I hated Liberty until today. I hope they never get in a conference and I hope the school fails miserably.
  11. Baulkman is no longer wearing a cast. No idea if he's practicing or not.
  12. Really funny and charming segment with Jaylen Guyton trying to find his first class in the tombs of the Colosseum and having trouble. I honestly remember having the same problem trying to find a class down there. Really enjoying BTG so far this year. The production quality is markedly better, and the focus on the different personalities on the team has been really cool. Also Brandon Garner cracked me up: "New Denton. We got more Polynesians on the team now"
  13. Honestly, what was trashy? Sardonically wishing that a rival school gets into recruiting trouble is commonplace in the CFB world. Nobody wished ill on her in any way, so touting her accomplishments is pretty irrelevant.
  14. Oh please, climb on down from that high horse buddy. Nobody is wishing ill on Hickey. It is fishy that she would suddenly step down like this, but nobody was hoping she or her family were hurting.
  15. Oh here y'all were just shitting all over Brett for draggin UNT, and he comes out with this. I'm not sure how to feel
  16. I have a feeling we see the TEs come to play. We hardly saw any plays called for them but it's clear that Harrell and co want to make them a bigger part of the scheme.
  17. For what it's worth, I just saw via Dee Baulkman's private instagram that he is no longer wearing a cast on his hand as of yesterday morning. I would bet he is one of the players Littrell is keeping hush about coming back this week.
  18. If that was loud, don't ever go to a P5 game. Your head might explode.
  19. Rod Young taking the start over TJ. I thought TJ had a hell of a game. He had a few great seals that sprung Jeffery. I'm rewatching the game so I'll look for him getting beaten.
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