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  1. The win against Rice yesterday was metaphor of perseverance for Littrell and the Mean Green this season. After starting the year 2-3, the team has bounced back winning four of its last six to crawl back into the conference championship game. I know Coach McCarney would have been proud of Seth battling back and facing his adversity head on. Why not North Texas? Why not North Texas?
  2. On Sept. 15,2014, then-University of North Texas football coach Dan McCarney addressed the media about a disease few knew about, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, in an effort to draw attention to it with a passion and commitment that was soon to become the norm for thousands of college football coaches and their staff. McCarney began, “For those of you [who] don't know what Duchenne muscular dystrophy is, it is an incurable disease right now, and we got to try [to] find a cure for it. And I've got a young man over in Argyle, Texas, which is pretty cool, right in our backyard; his name's Corbin Fanning. ... He's 10 years old, and he'll be at our practice tomorrow.” As is the custom with all the colleges that participate in the Coach To Cure MD, North Texas made Fanning its honorary captain for a week ahead of the annual final Saturday of September game that has more than 10,000 coaches and their staff wearing Coach To Cure patches on their arms on game day — which this year is Sept. 24. Corbin Fanning, then-North Texas coach Dan McCarney, and Michael Hope. The two boys, stricken with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, were adopted by the Mean Green as team members eight years ago. Courtesy photo It was clear Corbin Fanning and the entire Fanning family had already had a profound impact on McCarney before the then-10-year-old had even joined their team for the week. “He's got more courage than probably all of our football team coaches and players alike, blended together, put together,” said McCarney, his voice faltering. “What he's battling, life expectancy for anyone that has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the average is about 25 years old. And we hope that by the time he gets before that age, we can find a cure.” McCarney added. read more: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/as-college-football-has-blossomed-so-has-coach-to-cure-md
  3. Coach McCarney was offered and ultimately accepted another rebuilding job in November 2010. “Like always, assistant coaches get opportunities,” McCarney said. “That’s what happened to me at Iowa, that’s what happened to me at Wisconsin, that’s what happened to me at South Florida, that’s what happened to me at Florida. And then I got a chance to be a head coach at North Texas where Hayden Fry had been many, many years before.” This time, it was the University of North Texas in Denton. The Mean Green were nowhere near as mean as the moniker intended when Coach Mac took over the job, as North Texas had no more than three wins every season since 2005. “They were in the bottom 10,” McCarney said. “We took them to a bowl championship in 2013. Nine wins. We were voted the best team in school history last year. Then I rode off into the sunset and said ‘You know what? I could have never dreamed of the opportunities, the success and the wonderful memories I had in my time as a football coach.” read more: https://www.widerightnattylite.com/platform/amp/2022/1/31/22890407/legends-series-dan-mccarney-reflects-on-his-life-and-iowa-state-football
  4. The 2018 football season marks the beginning of the last year with players from former-head coach Dan McCarney’s recruiting. Though he does not search these players out, current North Texas head football coach Seth Littrell places a lot of value in his senior group this year. “The success of any team is going to come down to how well that leadership does throughout the year of overcoming adversity and sticking together,” Littrell said. “When coaches don’t have to step in, that’s when teams really start taking off and holding each other accountable, and I think you’re going to have much more success when players are buying into our core values and start to lead themselves into being successful.” The Mean Green have a lot of talent heading into this season, but with a roster comprised mostly of underclassmen, experience is needed as well. Eleven players on this team carry experience dating back to the 2015 season, and while a lot of fans would like to forget that 1-11 season, these players are continuing to use it as fuel. After losing to Portland State 66-7 during the Mean Green’s homecoming weekend in 2015, head coach Dan McCarney was immediately fired. This caused a lot of players to question which direction this team was headed. View Full Article
  5. As the 2018 North Texas football season inches closer, there is no disputing the level of excitement and anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. Optimism abounds and it’s not just from the die-hard fans who frequent the GoMeanGreen.com fan website. The Mean Green were picked to place first in the Conference USA Western division in the league’s 2018 preseason poll and junior quarterback Mason Fine was selected as the league’s most valuable offensive player. UNT returns 17 starters, and pretty much it’s entire coaching staff including head coach Seth Littrell who led the program to bowl games in both of his first two seasons. They also can boast the #1 ranked 2019 recruiting class in Conference USA according to 247 Sports. North Texas had struggled for most of the past decade prior to Littrell’s hiring in 2015, notching only one winning season in 2013 under then coach Dan McCarney. In 2016, Littrell took a 1-11 team he inherited from McCarney to a bowl game in his first season as head coach. Later, in the summer of 2016 UNT hired athletic director Wren Baker and after solid 2017 performances in all three major revenue sports the future could not look brighter. Yet, despite good signs, as a long down trodden North Texas fan, there is always that chip on your shoulder, and concern that even the best of expectations can be derailed. It's just not that easy being green. If that admission means I fall into the #OLDDENTON category so be it. I could not help but think back to a similar place we – as North Texas fans – found ourselves just four short years ago back in 2014, after an amazing Heart of Dallas bowl win on New Years day against UNLV. Dan McCarney was hired as head football coach by North Texas in November 2010. This hire was the culmination of a prior disastrous hire of high school coach Todd Dodge made by then athletic director Rick Villarreal. McCarney seemed to be everything Dodge wasn’t. He had experience, having been a player at Iowa under former North Texas legend Hayden Fry and the head coach at Iowa State in some of their glory years. Oh, and by the way, he also won a national championship ring as a defensive coordinator at Florida. McCarney immediately played the “major rebuild” card that newly installed coaches like to play, and quite honestly, he was probably right as Dodge had run this thing into the ground. His first season at UNT (2011) in the Sun Belt conference earned him a 5-7 record; in 2012 he regressed to 4-8. Alumni and boosters were antsy. How long and could he ever get things on track? 2013 was the season that it all came together and in hindsight unfortunately extended McCarney’s stay an additional 2-years. North Texas went 9-4, and despite not winning their division were able to secure a rare bowl win in front of a good crowd. Suddenly, the whispers of who would replace McCarney became a chorus of demands to renew his contract as quickly as possible although very few will admit this sin today. There are certainly some similarities between how North Texas fans felt heading into the 2014 season and how they feel now. Int 2014, North Texas was picked to win the West division of Conference USA and Marshall was expected to win the East. UNT returned seasoned offensive coordinator Mike “Chico” Canales and talked defensive wizard John Skladany out of retiring. They returned 5 offensive starters and 4 defensive starters from their 9-4 squad and recruiting had been solid. The season started off roughly on the road at the University of Texas as hopes for a major step forward against a P5 program were dashed. UNT would lose the game 38-7 despite a good defensive showing in the 1st half. In week two, UNT bounced back in a big way, defeating arch rival SMU in Denton by a score of 43-6 and the bandwagon started back up. Fans were bleeding green again. Then reality sunk in after a disastrous home loss against Louisiana Tech by a score of 42-21. After a cupcake win against out-manned Nicholls State, the Mean Green would go on to lose four straight conference games. McCarney would only manage two more conference wins that season against the bottom tier Florida C-USA schools and finished the season at 4-8. Much of the issues UNT faced in 2014 revolved around the quarterback position. They tried several options during the season, including Iowan Andrew McNulty, juco-transfer Josh Greer, and Dajon Williams. None of them seemed to work, with junior, and McCarney favorite McNulty earning the most game reps. UNT hoped this setback season was just a blip on the radar screen but the worst was yet to come. In 2015, McCarney would start out 0-5 and was summarily fired after a disastrous 66-7 loss to FCS program Portland State at home. One could argue that the North Texas program is under solid footing with Coach Littrell and his staff heading into the 2018 season. The biggest difference appears to be the return of junior quarterback Mason Fine. One cannot question the importance of the quarterback position and UNT appears miles ahead of where they were in 2014 both in terms of talent and depth. Mason Fine will go down as one of the most prolific quarterbacks North Texas has ever had on the field. But he is a not a big guy, and with a porous offensive line, he has had some injury issues in his first two seasons. If you lose Fine, it could put you in a similar situation that McCarney faced in 2014 where he had no significant experience at the most important position on the team. A look back at North Texas’ 2017 season reveals that Littrell won a fair amount of close games, especially in conference. UNT beat UAB by only 3 points at home and just bested UTSA by 3 at home with seconds left on the clock. They beat Old Dominion by only a touchdown, and La. Tech by only 1-point. Turn those around and throw in an Army non-conference 3-point win and the season could have looked a whole lot different in terms of the record. UNT also benefitted from some lucky breaks, for instance Southern Miss losing their starting quarterback. And you have to factor in that they lose all-time great field UNT goal kicker Trevor “Ice” Moore. The loss of Moore makes the parity in the conference more concerning heading into this important season. The other factor is the strength of the league. In 2013, many feel McCarney caught Conference USA in a down cycle. In 2013 opponent Tulsa went 3-9, UTEP 2-10, Southern Miss was 1-11 and La. Tech went 4-8. SMU is always a nice win, but that was one of the worst seasons they had in a long time. In 2018 you know the Western division won’t be easy. La. Tech will likely be back strong after beating SMU in the 2017 Frisco bowl. Southern Miss returns a bowl team, UTSA is always tough, and UAB may have some of the best returning talent in the west. The non-conference slate includes a powerful Florida Atlantic squad, a rising Old Dominion program and Arkansas from the SEC. Recruiting is another factor to consider, as 2014 unveiled the stark reminder that in his fourth season Dan McCarney’s recruiting abilities – with a few exceptions - had been abysmal. In 2018, Littrell will have more of his players that fit his system in place. He has proven that he and his staff can identify and develop good offensive players such as Fine, and receivers Jalen Guyton, Michael Lawrence and Rico Bussey. As to whether this skill translates to the defensive side of the ball remains to be seen. If anything, the 2014 season reminds us that expectations can be misleading. There is a real momentum that is being felt around 1301 Bonnie Brae right now. Can Littrell take this program to another level? Or will he fall victim to the curse that North Texas coaches before him have fallen? A solid season could catapult an already amazing recruiting haul into one for the record books and cement Littrell’s legacy as a head coach at the G5 level.
  6. http://www.thegazette.com/subject/sports/college/football/cyclone-scoop-podcast-dan-mccarnery-on-new-isu-football-staff-coaching-memories-20160613
  7. I just got a robocall from North Texas Head Football coach Dan McCarney... but when he started talking, it sounded an awful lot like Seth Littrell. He even introduced himself as Seth Littrell. I don't know who to trust anymore.
  8. Bouncing around the standings for the majority of his tenure since being granted the head coaching job at North Texas, Dan McCarney desperately sought an uprising as 2015 unfolded. What the Mean Green collided with to kick off the season was a 0-5 record, alongside constant trouncing and minimal competitiveness. North Texas would drop all five matchups by double digits, and a 61-point drubbing to the hands of Portland State would trigger a sense of renovating as McCarney was immediately handed a pink slip to depart. The Mean Green would ultimately trudge forward to a 1-11 record but appeared slightly stabilized under interim head coach Mike Canales. Compiling a dismal 1-6 clip under the substitute, North Texas rarely matured, yet it did hit the 17-point mark three times. Only once did it reach that mark with McCarney handling duties. Canales was set to cut ties from all North Texas facets by athletic director Rick Villarreal once the season concluded. Whether Canales was serving as a plug to halt the bleeding of the team or a potential candidate to pioneer the program in the future, it’s rather difficult to spark a 0-5 club that just watched its head coach saunter through the doors. Plus, Canales succeeded in one area that McCarney did not: win a football game. Grades: McCarney F / Canales C- read more: http://www.todaysu.com/c-usa/conference-usa-football-coaching-grades-part-ii/
  9. Why McCarney: Perhaps the best thing about McCarney’s resume is that he brings 15 years of head coaching experience with him and had success at some traditionally basement dwelling programs. Although not the same situation as BC in regards to academics and location, he did win more with less at Iowa State in his ten year tenure. McCarney had five winning seasons in Ames and took the team to as many bowls. To put that run in perspective, ISU has been to three bowl games in the nine years since McCarney was let go. The coach was not as successful at North Texas, but did inherit a 3-9 program that he took to a bowl game within three years of his hire. In that 2013 season the Mean Green allowed only 17.8 points per game, which was the 8th nationally. The defense was 15th in rushing defense and caused the 4th highest amount of turnovers nationally. McCarney would fill the role of what some BC fans are clamoring for which is to get a proven head coach on the coaching staff to help with clock management issues and such. Also, after being fired from North Texas two months ago McCarney isn’t in a position to take another head coaching job at a lower level program so he would be more attainable than a coach like Al Golden or Randy Edsall. read more: http://www.bcinterruption.com/2015/12/22/10649742/get-to-know-dc-candidates
  10. A few days after beating North Texas, Portland State has made interim coach Bruce Barnum the team's official head coach. The FCS-level Vikings beat North Texas 66-7 for the team's second win over an FBS team in 2015. Portland State opened the season with a win over Washington State. North Texas also fired coach Dan McCarney in the hours after the game. The loss dropped the Mean Green to 0-5. "It is my privilege to announce that Portland State has signed Bruce Barnum to a multi-year contract," athletic director Mark Rountree said in a statement. "Coach Barnum has proven he can lead our team to compete at the highest levels, and is committed to developing student-athletes to be successful for the rest of their lives. read more: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/portland-state-makes-interim-coach-permanent-after-north-texas-win-202001925.html
  11. Dan McCarney, University of North Texas. The University of North Texas hired McCarney as its head football coach in December of 2010. As provided in a contract extension, he was scheduled to stay there through March of 2019. However, in October of 2015 it was reported that McCarney has been let go after posting a losing record during his tenure and five straight losses this season. McCarney is now entitled to receive his base salary of $600,000 for the remainder of the term, which comes to a little over $2 million. As with many other contracts, however, there is an offset for wages that McCarney earns from new employment.
  12. I know after someone leaves a job, that person usually gets blamed for a lot of problems after they leave. So I try not to do that in most cases. After watching this MUTS game, I can't help but feel a real sting of disappointment with Coach Mac. All the promises, all of the commitments, good assistant compensation, great facilities and yet under his reign we have fallen so far. We are getting beat in our own conference by middle of the pack teams as if we were playing body bag games. Honestly, I think Dickey and Dodge left us with more to work with and had MUCH less resources and compensation. And now we have to convince a good coach to come in and clean up this mess. Knowing that we will pay Mac 2.1 million in the buyout just makes it worse. Sorry to vent but I feel he has been able to sort of disappear stage left without much taking much responsibility for this fiasco.
  13. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/14120644/kirk-ferentz-bob-stoops-iowa-legendary-1983-staff-make-impact-2015-playoff-race Coach Fry had a helluva staff back in '83. Here is the part about Mac. Dan McCarneyIowa defensive line coach: 1983 Iowa State head coach: 1995-2006 North Texas head coach: 2011-2015 Career record: 79-116 It was such an amazing group of people. Coach probably saw things in all of us that we didn't even see in ourselves. He had such an ability to empower you. He had what he expected, what needed to get done, but he let you do it in your own personality. I don't remember one time in 11 years him ever chewing one of us out individually. He's say things like, "A couple of you guys better get your butts in gear and do a better job of recruiting." And of course you are you thinking, "Well, who the hell are those couple of guys?" So he obviously kept everybody on edge. None of us, I think, would have ever become a head coach if not for Hayden Fry and the opportunity he gave us. You don't want to sit around and pat yourself on the back, but I think he just saw there was loyalty, there definitely had to be some talent there and there were guys who really responded to challenges and obstacles. I never ever wanted him to let him down, to regret hiring me. Coach Fry would tell us, "I don't want guys on this staff who don't want to be head coaches." I don't think any of us doubted we all had that down deep, but we didn't sit around talking about it. We were too consumed with our day-to-day responsibilities. There are only 128 Division I [FBS] head coaches in America. And to look at all of us that got opportunities to become had coaches, it's really amazing, it really is.
  14. Please can start speaking truthfully about the hiring of Dan McCarney? Look I like him as much as the next Mean Green fan but let get a few things straight about him. He arrived at UNT with losing 56-85 overall and 27-68 conference record as head coach. That is losing anyway you slice it. Yes, Iowa State has the deck stacked against them in the Big 12. But you can say they same thing about all the other old Big 12 North Division programs outside of Nebraska and Missouri. Mac arrived with great fan fare and energy here and all Mean Green Fans appreciated that. But there was little substantive in his resume as a head coach that should have made us so optimistic. Mac has deep roots in the Big 10 Conference region and that is part of the reason he had some the success he did at Iowa State. Therefore, I think it is a huge mistake to dismiss the value of experience in Texas in favor of just a young hot up and comer with Texas ties. I for one want BOTH an experienced leader with hot shots under him. Instead of Kendall Briles we need to be looking for our 'Art Briles'. And if our Art Briles leaves us we may end up promoting our 'Gary Patterson' from the staff he leaves behind. (If you are not following me look up Patterson's history at TCU). TCU had long journey getting back into the mix with the other big programs in the state and our journey will be even more difficult. I held my peace before and after McCarney was hired, I won't do that this time. Bring a coach under the age of 35 in this toxic situation is just a recipe for failure. So if we hire a 30-ish or younger bright star don't be surprised if it is another Dodge like situation 3 years from now.
  15. Former North Texas coach Dan McCarney is parting with his Denton home after being relieved of his football mentorship duties. McCarney, who also served as Iowa State's head coach for 12 years, per ESPN, is selling his Texas home for nearly $775,000, Realtor.com reported. The listing on Realtor.com described the home of the 62-year-old football coach as "stunning" and an "executive luxury home with its natural exterior design feature Read more: http://www.latinpost.com/articles/90410/20151028/former-north-texas-coach-dan-mccarney-parting-denton-home.htm
  16. So at the tail end of the Marshall broadcast, which was a technical nitemare btw, the broadcaster says "...it's tough to recruit to North Texas." Or something to that effect. I was like - are you kidding me?!! Thanks Dan. Thanks Darrell. I don't think Todd ever said it to his credit. But we know this announcer got that from Dano's more recent quote to be sure. If not, it was probably from reading our beat writer who to his credit is not a paid employee of the athletic department either. Can we put a clause in the new coaches contract that you will be fined if you ever make that type of quote? How can a guy being paid millions of dollars say something like that when places with less resources prove it clearly isn't true?? And for once I wish people would give our fan base more credit. To endure the constant criticism from the program's futility itself (1 winning season in 10), not to mention the highest paid employee in the entire system it's a wonder we have any fans at all. Ugh...sorry just had to vent!
  17. Dan McCarney, North TexasRecord this year: 0-5 Record at North Texas: 22-32 Possible replacements: Sonny Cumbie, Major Applewhite, Manny Diaz, Eric Morris You don't get your ass-kicked 66-7 by a FCS school and live to tell about it. Not even at North Texas. Thus, Dan McCarney was relieved of his head coaching duties late Saturday. A rare miss from the Urban Meyer coaching tree. This is probably never going to be an easy place to win. Texas high school football is still the best in the country, but the Mean Green have to make due with Texas, A&M's, and all too often SMU's and Rice's leftover recruits. That being said, there are far worse jobs out there and someone will jump to take this opportunity. It's more of a question of how high North Texas will attempt to reach in their search. read more: http://www.landgrantholyland.com/2015/10/12/9507027/college-football-coaching-search-maryland-north-texas-ucf Eric Morris Bio
  18. IOWA CITY — The coach who led North Texas’ football team against Iowa three weeks ago got fired Saturday night. The coach who was supposed to lead Maryland’s team against the Hawkeyes two weeks from now got fired Sunday afternoon. This is major-college football today. Coaches of all teams stress to their players to never quit, to see things through. But those same coaches leave their schools for other jobs in mid-contract. Two years ago, the Mean Green won nine games and a bowl. But they couldn’t compete at Iowa three weeks ago in a 62-16 loss, and looked like FBS bottom-feeders. “We had it rolling and couldn’t sustain it,” he told the Denton Record-Chronicle. “That is really hard to swallow.” So North Texas, which hadn’t won more than three games in the six seasons before McCarney’s hiring there, wants to start over again. It has a 5-year-old, $78 million stadium. It has 37,000 students. It wants to be somebody, and schools at so many places feel they need to be good at football to be somebody. read more: http://www.thegazette.com/subject/sports/hlas-mccarney-goes-from-savior-to-unemployed-in-two-years-20151013
  19. Dan McCarney Relieved Of Head Coaching Duties Interim To Be Named; National Search For Replacement To Begin Immediately Oct. 10, 2015 DENTON - University of North Texas Director of Athletics Rick Villarreal has announced that Dan McCarney has been relieved of his duties as head football coach effective immediately. An interim coach for the remainder of the season will be named at a later time. A national search for his replacement will begin immediately. "This is a really a tough decision, but after a complete evaluation of the University of North Texas football program, we have decided to make a change at head coach," Villarreal said. "I will always cherish my relationship with coach McCarney and he's done nothing but great things for us in his time here, but we felt like this was the best thing we needed to do for the program moving forward." "The people here at North Texas are great, we couldn't have been embraced or supported any better during my time here," said McCarney. "Obviously we have been really struggling lately, and Rick (Villarreal) felt it was in his best interests with the University and the athletic department and the football program to go another direction. I will always be grateful to President Rawlins, Rick and President Smatresk for this opportunity." McCarney was 22-32 in his four plus seasons with North Texas and led the Mean Green to the 2014 Heart of Dallas Bowl Championship.
  20. Dan McCarney was fired as the University of North Texas’ head football coach Saturday night following a devastating loss to Portland State University in the Mean Green’s homecoming game. The Vikings hammered UNT 66-7, the largest margin of defeat ever for a Football Bowl Subdivision team in a game against a team from the Football Championship Subdivision. The loss dropped UNT to 0-5 for the first time since the 2008 season and continued a rapid downhill slide following the Mean Green’s Heart of Dallas Bowl win following the 2013 season. UNT athletic director Rick Villarreal confirmed the school’s decision to part ways with McCarney in a hastily called press conference that took the place of the Mean Green’s regular postgame interview session. “This football team has continued to struggle more and more each week in the last three or four weeks,” Villarreal said. “It started at the beginning of the season. We are not in position where we are competitive really in any phase of the game.” read more: http://www.dentonrc.com/local-news/local-news-headlines/20151010-unt-fires-mccarney.ece
  21. Is that the players quit on this thing and their coach. Portland St. will tell us a lot in this regard. If UNT loses, I really don't think we win a game the rest of the way. We have a stubborn coach who refuses to give the QB with the best arm exclusive first team practice reps, instead going with a 5th year senior who I'm certain this week will be the worst rated QB in all of FBS football. Hope and pray for good things against Portland St. If we lose, the player's interests will wonder and their confidence will be non-existent. 12 losses will be extremely hard to avoid.
  22. I'm three hours away so I can't but a few of you have talked about the BS Mac spews both post-interview and at the Coaches Show. Is there any time for questions and answers at the show? Would be nice to have a few on the board go up and ask Mac those questions we constantly pose on here, and give him the understanding that we see through his schtick.
  23. Iowa City, IA (KWQC) – For Dan McCarney, Saturday’s trip to Kinnick Stadium will be a homecoming. “My path in life has been so enriched by my time in Iowa City and the University of Iowa,” McCarney said. “If you’ve never worked there or never lived there, you don’t really understand that. But those of us that have do understand that. And it is a pretty incredible place.” McCarney and Kirk Ferentz were both on the same Hawkeyes coaching staff under Hayden Fry. McCarney went on to coach at Wisconsin and eventually become the head coach at Iowa State. When asked if their relationship changed when McCarney coached the Cyclones, Ferentz said “Absolutely. Cats don’t like dogs.” read more: http://kwqc.com/2015/09/23/kirk-ferentz-and-dan-mccarney-reunite/
  24. Some time Saturday afternoon, Dan McCarney will walk through the tunnel into Kinnick Stadium and hear more than 70,000 black and gold-clad Iowa fans roar. He will jog to the sideline and try to prepare his team for a few more minutes before kickoff. And then, almost assuredly, the Hawkeye Marching Band will strike up Iowa's fight song to a fervent crowd. McCarney will know every line. "When they play the Iowa fight song, I still get goose bumps," McCarney said this week. "It's probably not supposed to be that way. But somehow, some way, you never lose that through the years." McCarney's struggling North Texas team (0-2) faces unbeaten Iowa (3-0) at 3:30 p.m. ET. The Hawkeyes are listed as 25-point favorites, and McCarney called his bunch "an unbelievable underdog, and rightfully so." read more: http://espn.go.com/blog/bigten/post/_/id/124118/dan-mccarney-prepares-for-iowa-homecoming-with-underdog-north-texas-team
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