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  1. No camo, no red white and blue. Please. Either would look atrocious and be incredibly cheesy. This will be a flying worm design IMO.
  2. Same. This is a real possibility.
  3. ESPN's business model has been trash for a decade. Stop acting like it was social issues that brought them down.
  4. I meant it sort of facetiously, but yeah sure. Hipster is very much a part of the current lexicon and I know that originally came about pre-WW2. But idk I'm now 5 years removed from being a college student.
  5. holy shit...that was excellent. Love that they featured a Run The Jewels song too. Very hip
  6. What happened? Was it just blacked out? I can recommend some decent VPN options if it's kosher on this board.
  7. Wow this is so good. Saving this for next year.
  8. It's on an affidavit that's now a matter of court record. So take that for what you will.
  9. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2016/12/21/baylor-fined-ncaa-ruled-committed-recruiting-violations https://www.dallasnews.com/news/baylor/2017/01/27/new-baylor-lawsuit-describes-show-em-good-time-culture-cites-52-rapes-football-players-4-years K Briles: " do you like white women? Because we have a lot of them at Baylor and they love football players." Fucking gross. If I were you, I'd disown my school for letting this trash work there.
  10. At least we don't have rape apologists in the front office. I will take a completely empty stadium as long as we don't have that.
  11. Little Briles is just as guilty as his dad of actively covering for rapists and criminals on his team. He's toxic, and it says a lot about FAU that he got a job there.
  12. Honest mistake. A tell-tale sign is consistent and congruent eye movement without apparent focus, typically up and to one side or the other.
  13. I believe he is blind/visually impaired. Kinda makes you seem like an ass.
  14. They have beaten nobody. None of those wins are of any quality. UTSA and USM are both better than the teams they have played. I have a feeling we will run away with this one.
  15. They have people on their board unironically predicting a 20+ point win for them.
  16. Okay, so I'm definitely thinking we do some throwback action on Saturday now.
  17. I think this is a rouse. There will be a last minute change.
  18. Maybe a purposeful gesture regarding our recent national news coverage, considering it says MEAN GREEN really big on the front.
  19. I think it's that their path to win the East is far less statistically daunting than our path to win the West.
  20. Fans should never scream racist shit at players. That's not cool. But I will add to the pile here and say that I have personally encountered UTSA fans that have been absolutely nasty for no reason. My sister just signed a LOI to play soccer there, so I'll be interested to see it from another angle.
  21. I'm kind of embarrassed that it's so difficult for some of you to grasp this concept. It's an imperialism map. You gain territories for beating teams. If you beat them, you gain the territories they previously held from beating other teams. It's really not that complicated.
  22. I saw the same sentiment from their fans, that we "hadn't faced a defense as good as theirs". Uhh, Iowa? Numbers you put up against terrible offensive teams don't count, y'all.
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