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  1. Absolutely! Much kudos to Seth Littrell and the whole administration! #GMG
  2. Bleacher Report has the Mean Green’s WR Corps ranked # 10 in the nation!! Nice write up! #GMG https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2839654-ranking-the-best-receiving-corps-for-2019-college-football-season#slide0
  3. I’ll disagree with some of these statements about bad recruiting. Seth also came in fairly late during his first year of recruiting at NT. In addition, trying to recruit after just going 1-11, with mostly unfavorable relationships with most local HS Head Coaches. As if these aren’t tough to overcome, Seth’s inherited team were players that are running a Dan Mac 30 year old offensive scheme.... talk about a ton to overcome!!! No QB on campus that was worthy of a D1 program!!! Considering all the above, Seth and Graham have done a tremendous job let’s not kid ourselves. It would have been extremely difficult to recruit, especially that first year and they got some studs in no time. Give these guys 3-4 more years with the best AD Wren Baker at the wheel, we have exciting times ahead!! Extremely thankful for our President, AD, Littrell and everyone of our coaches. Special times are closer then we all believe! Go Mean Green! Love the heart and soul of Mason Fine as well. We are blessed to have a tremendous leader. Keep up with the investments in latest swag and facilities to recruit as well. Love what you are doing!! Go Mean Green, Sky is the Limit!! GMG
  4. Couldn’t agree more, wish we would go with this exact helmet more often! Great look
  5. SMU doesn’t play Houston, they play Tulsa this week.
  6. Haha... I like that he can make a joke. I know it’s probably not going to be a popular call but I like true confidence it shows to your players to go for it. Didn’t like the play call necessarily but didn’t mind him going for it there. They were probably concerned that our defense wasn’t going to be able to hold FAU’s high octane offense all game.
  7. Agree, this loss is on the coaches! Team, including the coaches, haven’t come out in the second half ready to play! Team just fizzles out. 3 points in the second half to one of the worse defenses in the league, unacceptable!
  8. Like the grey uniforms a lot but wish they would break it up Grey top and bottoms too much.. maybe break it up with green, black, or even white pants with the grey tops. Wish we would also use the larger eagle logo more for our helmets.
  9. Ha, nice. More like Huntsville, AL.
  10. Thank you, looking forward to it as well. I've never been to Birmingham before but i've been to Huntsville numerous times! People there are always super friendly.
  11. Will be making the trip, looking forward to a MeanGreen win at their house! #GMG
  12. I truly believe it’s going to be more packed and louder than even this video! Will be rockin’!
  13. I haven’t seen #21 Nic Smith last couple games. Is he hurt or did Easley and Torrey beat him out of the starting lineup/rotation?
  14. Great look just not a fan of the smaller eagle on the helmets. Like the larger eagle like we wore last week during the Arkansas game and during our bowl game.
  15. Couldn’t agree more! We were doing the same thing, trying to rehydrate and get out of the sun for halftime. The Arkansas concession stand workers opened the doors of the machines that kept the bags of ice frozen, just so people could come and put their heads inside for couple minutes. There was literally a line for these things. Needless to say, so worth it and so glad we went. Love how they compete as one with such team chemistry. Definitely a team win! The MeanGreen nation should also be proud. Fans came and were LOUD!! Priceless time! Go Mean Green
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