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  1. my parking pass arrived tonight.
  2. Looking forward to this one for a while. Traveling from Houston Friday night with the wife and kids. Driving to McAlester Friday night and in to Fayetteville Saturday morning. Staying in Ft Smith Saturday night. I purchased Parking on StubHub this afternoon and they are being sent overnight arriving tomorrow.
  3. Manvel Kason Martin's inspirational speech after tough state title game loss
  4. texmusic


    Same SMU billboard spotted this morning on 290 in Houston.
  5. We were there tonight as well. I thought the turn out wasn't bad. All the coaches seemed extreamly happy to be there. What a breath of fresh air!!
  6. Trump just mentioned the 2018 football schedule for Liberty and Fox showed us on the schedule. Nice!
  7. texmusic

    Coaches Caravan sites announced

    Karbach in Houston...I'm there!
  8. texmusic

    Renewed my football tickets

    The issue was resolved. Tricia called back yesterday morning and apologized. She said they were not sure what happens and asked if I had forwarded my tickets to anyone online last season. I had not, but I did call the ticket office to add seat backs. She had to do something to get my tickets added back to my account and she sent an email later in the day when this was done.
  9. texmusic

    Renewed my football tickets

    This is the second time this has happened to me and the scenario worked out just as you mentioned. Today, I was told that they did not know what happened since usually when you renew you get first priority over your seats...at that point I knew they were about to do a search so I just told him they needed to figure it out like they did last time. I was then told I would receive a call back today...nope.
  10. texmusic

    Renewed my football tickets

    Not a great experience here....Called to renew my seats I've had since the stadium opened and they gave my seats away to someone else. I told them they needed to figure it out and I was promised a call back by EOD. Looks like the ticket office closes at 5pm and I never received a call back!
  11. texmusic

    Scheduling Tweet from Wren Baker: Syracuse?

    Michigan State is open too.
  12. texmusic

    Rice Game

    I just bought my tickets for Saturday and was told section 112 pick up at gate 4 and they were $30 not $45.
  13. texmusic

    New 2016 North Texas Polos are here!

    Fanatics is offering 20% off and free shipping. Use kickoff20
  14. texmusic

    New 2016 North Texas Polos are here!

    Bought off fanatics.com last weekend free shipping and 25% off.