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  1. Nice recognition, UNT was ranked for the first time ever among national public universities and the graduate schools had some nice ratings.
  2. First commit of the new class a 6’4” lefty with offers from La Tech, Tulsa and Utep among others. Nice signing, would like to see this class get locked up a bit earlier than 2019’s.
  3. Pavlov this post was pure gold, I nominate it for the hall of fame. With you as their ace advisor a new battlecry will ring throughout Denton “Leagalize NY Subhub”
  4. Re: the value of the operations if everyone likes the place so much moving nearby shouldn’t affect them greatly & a nicer/bigger location could even improve their sales. I am not anti Subhub and I’m sympathetic to the history of the place. I just felt like it’s fair to consider both sides.
  5. I feel like the narrative online is omitting some key points: - the family that owns this property is wealthy, so it is not like they don’t have the ability to move nearby. The son is interviewed but I believe the father owns the property and the tax info fowards to a million dollar home. - despite this wealth this whole section of four buildings has not had meaningful investment in forever, the buildings and pavement are in poor shape and that is being generous. - they are being offered $700k almost triple the tax value for a small building built in the 60’s. So school bullies young hard working owner is the easy narrative to write but I feel there is a more accurate one that hasn’t been put forth.
  6. The debate team is great and I hope it continues to have success. I just wanted to point out that you brought them up in an eSports thread and I felt your post could be interpreted as though there was some link between the two. You clarified that so I'm on the same page with you. You are obviously a supporter of theirs and I applaud you for that, GMG!
  7. @MCMLXXX These are two really different things. A scholarship has nothing to do with defunding a program. The debate team has something like 20 students in it and they had a nearly 6 figure budget. A group of students cut their budget provided by student service fees by $9,000 and told them that they will eventually want them to be self funding. So a group of their peers is defunding them to put that money to use elsewhere in the school. For for all we know some donor has funded the $20k for esports
  8. This is a great deal for UNT. Kudos to the admin for stepping up with a big ask and getting it filled. To my knowledge this was the first UNT day at the capitol and the first time we have asked for something along these lines. Even better that it is going to research. For anyone that hasn't heard about the 3D printing at UNT NPR had a nice segment on it a few months ago. The tech can print with multiple materials, so for example a part can be "printed" for a surgical plates where some portion of it is flexible and other parts are not so it is more natural in function. https://www.keranews.org/post/unts-new-3d-printing-lab-could-manufacture-lasting-change-industry
  9. The new Ole Miss AD won't be able to build, they have a new $100 million hoops arena. They also have renovated their atheltic center and football stadium for another $75 million. That doesn't include their basketball practice facility, which cost more than our IPF. Despite this investment their basketball team routinely finishes 6-8th in the SEC and the new coach is under contract for another four years. In football they finished went 1-7 in league play finishing 6th of 7 teams in their division. They are on NCAA probation & scholarship limits and Luke is under contract until 2021. Bjork was great on the business side and there's probably not much to improve there. He more than doubled athletics revenue coming into the school. A new AD would not be able to do much of anything for about three years unless they raised a buyout war chest for football. WB could show immediate improvement at UNT because we needed the trifecta: better facilities, coaches/staff, and business operations/fundraising. The current University leadership, AD and staff have all aligned to fuel the this improvement. We can now say we have a resource advantage over our CUSA peers and many G5 teams. A transition like we have seen here is more difficult for Ole Miss because of the SEC arms race and WB knows this. Not a dig at Ole Miss, more of a compliment to the SEC. An AD gets hired for showing clear improvement and raising the stock of a schools programs, it is not a given that someone could show that at Ole Miss. How likely is it that they supplant LSU, Florida, A&M, Auburn, Bama etc. Why take that career risk when your stock is on the rise and the money is comparable?
  10. I bet this is a result of the old guard putting the tab for Apogee in the athletics budget. No other schools do this and it was a mistake. That decision has directly lead to articles like these and the “debt” one in the school paper.
  11. Andrew you are a great fan but some of these posts are head scratchers my friend. Did Benford ever sign a quality guy from Guyer? I’ll hang up and listen. This cycle Grant has literally landed our second highest rated recruit of the past decade, a nationally ranked JuCo point guard and a key player from a NCAA tourney team.
  12. The article mentions McClelland from La Tech who would be a nice hire if he is interested in the job. I had always heard that he was waiting for a SEC opening but a move like this could make sense as it would probably double his salary. I think he does a nice job with the resources he is given.
  13. One thing to remember with AD's....it's a bit different than Football or Basketball where a big name P5 coach can make 10x what a G5 coach makes. On average a Pac12 AD makes 750k and a Big 12 AD makes 958k/year. The average AAC AD makes just about 500k. Wren is making $450k so we should be able to fend off anyone but the top of the P5 schools for his services. I promise you that UNT will not lose Wren over $50k. When the time comes for WB to go it will be to a major P5 school. Yes, Memphis is in the AAC but it has about half the students, a smaller endowment, is in a smaller market and their president has just run this AD out...They are also paying out Tubby Smith something like 9 or 10 million to buyout his deal.
  14. Wren has been offered options better than Memphis and stayed so I expect he will be here until a dream job lands in his lap. Correct me if I'm wrong but WB's base salary is $450k while Bowen was $400k. One other note is that I like our bench behind WB, but I have the feeling that if WB leaves at some point we hire someone of his caliber again rather than internal.
  15. Hadn't seen this mentioned but two nice finishes by Alum this weekend in Dallas. Both have been having solid 2019 campaigns. Sebastián Muñoz shot a 268 to finish tied for 10th. This year he has earned $506k and he is sitting at 130th in the FedEx Cup rankings. Carlos Ortiz was a stroke behind tied for 12th. In 2019 he has earned $745k and he is 97th in the FedEx cup standings.
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