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  1. It is true, Mosley is one of the biggest reasons Gmac is here. It is also the reason Benford wasn't instantly let go because Grant was the target right away. Mosley was also the reason ACU hired Golding. That move took awhile to show returns, impressive that ACU stuck with him to let him build things up.
  2. You know Andrew’s research is spot on when he doesn’t even spell the player’s name correctly.
  3. Hodge was a JuCo head coach prior to being an assistant with Colorado State then has been with Mac since that time.
  4. They are from the same coaching tree, probably yes at this point especially since Mills once almost fought Kevin Bacon- ha. I am all for keeping Grant (and a huge fan - I posted years ago that he was a home run hire and took some heat) and giving him a pay bump to stay. If we do lose him I think we can reload. Cooley alluded to it - Grant's defense is great but his style of play will lead to tough teams rather than ones with blue chips and I think to hit the next level of success we might ultimately need to go that route. OU opened up the vault to swipe Kruger from UNLV while the Pre
  5. I looked it up to get the actual #s @HoustonEagle UNT went from 140th --> 121st for National Public schools in 2020 by US news & world report. For reference in 2015 when the admin changed over we ranked in the 200's. Those rankings aren't perfect but nice recognition of the improvement that we have seen. Starting in 2019 we have also been ranked in their national rankings covering all universities for the first time in our history. Initially at 281st and that number is now 249.
  6. I don’t have it in front of me but they have climbed continually over the past few years. Last years jump was from 140ish to 120 and I believe the biggest one year jump in school history.
  7. Just spotted a cool billboard. Has Hamlet celebrating and says Let’s Dance! Love the quick marketing turnaround. Would have been legendary to have one with Ham’s dad and the iPad 😂
  8. Donations & enrollment at all time highs and a big jump in academic rankings in 2020. Should see some momentum from the tourney as well! Love how the staff has laid the infrastructure to capitalize on success and sustain it.
  9. Always with the concern trolling. Throughout the season you are saying Coach can't develop talent. We get in the tourney and you are saying we will lose bc Coach Mac can't recruit. We win CUSA and you are writing about why our 10th man isn't playing and taking digs at Wise. We make the big dance and you are asking if our guys have Covid. They have been testing guys all the time and the team has its own hotel room floor and is being kept in a "bubble" - why even bring this up?
  10. If I’m In Knoxville I’m not thrilled with that hire.
  11. They 17, is more like the 4 and they didn't buy out coach Mac. Would love to see that number get up to a real 17!
  12. Nailed it. Andrew consistently overrates TB as a recruiter.
  13. Addaway had a higher composite rating in HS than Bentley.
  14. Most of his income streams are more fixed because we don't sell a ton of tickets so the variable pieces didn't really hit us as hard as they might at like a big 10 school with no football. I think he did a good job, but I don't know that these sort of victory lap articles are the best look right now.
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