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  1. If I’m In Knoxville I’m not thrilled with that hire.
  2. They 17, is more like the 4 and they didn't buy out coach Mac. Would love to see that number get up to a real 17!
  3. Nailed it. Andrew consistently overrates TB as a recruiter.
  4. Addaway had a higher composite rating in HS than Bentley.
  5. Most of his income streams are more fixed because we don't sell a ton of tickets so the variable pieces didn't really hit us as hard as they might at like a big 10 school with no football. I think he did a good job, but I don't know that these sort of victory lap articles are the best look right now.
  6. Cougar King will like having a UH guy here. This guy has some deep Texas family coaching ties he is the nephew of Gary Joseph the HC at Katy (5 state championships) and was at one point head of the Texas high school coaches assoc.
  7. over 1500 yds and 16Td's his senior season with HP I had no idea Troy Edward's son was on the team. That is a blast from the past name former LaTech star and 1st round pick.
  8. I like Mosley fine, but curious if this is just your research on him or if you know him. He and Wren are very different.
  9. In addition to Hank who is going to work for the Denton Chamber of Commerce and will continue to do radio, (which I think is a better fit for him and UNT). - the CFO we poached from the AAC went back to the AAC at the beginning of the year. So it sounds like they sort of merged the responsibilities of those two across these employees.
  10. While it is a high profile job the pay is not wildly different (Fulmer's base was 900k) and taking that gig would be a career killer. The football program is in total disarray and sanctions are likely. You could clean things up, turn football around and still finish third in your division each year. He has been offered other options, but there are only a handful he would seriously entertain and he wants the top job not to be an AD in waiting. We are compensating him well for a G5 AD, the location is close to his family and friends and the jobs he would look at don't come open every year.
  11. My understanding is that 100% of them found employment at other universities, and the scandal has not followed. Both Gush and PB have long track records at other schools before this where there were also no issues. That SI piece linked about PB was excellent, I wasn't aware of that story about his wife.
  12. I co-sign this. I would have loved this with the one candidate. Experience as a head coach even if it is in HS helps you learn how to both manage and motivate the players on the roster. A coach like this would provide a boost to recruiting but more importantly they could help guide a first time HC.
  13. You generally have great takes and your coordinator info is exactly spot on, but this isn’t true. Wren and boosters both pushed the extension hard. Look I’m team Wren all the way but Wren has actively lobbied for extensions and more money across all sports (as he should) from soccer to Grant. He wants to expand budgets and this is a way to gradually do that. Football has been his Achilles heel so far - I don’t believe SL has accepted enough guidance from WB. That is on Wren, the department was given a much greater budget and it’s up to him to make certain its used correctly rath
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