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  1. Avery ended up ranked 9th in the state and commited to Ok State.
  2. Big news that UNT maintains its Carnegie R1 status. They tightened up standards and the remaining Texas schools with this classification are UT, UTD, Rice, Tech, A&M, UH and UNT. http://www.kcbd.com/2018/12/18/texas-tech-receives-second-carnegie-tier-one-classification/
  3. To clarify this does not relate to UNT, the Dallas location is a totally seperate entity. The title of the post doesn't make that clear.
  4. This is the same paper that got their funding cut by student government because they no showed for their presentation - then proceeded to blame the school for being out to get them 🙄
  5. Agreed on item 1. It's almost as if two years ago SL's agent hired a former KSU associate AD...🤔 http://sportsagentblog.com/2016/05/24/caa-sports-hires-kansas-state-associate-athletic-director-clint-dowdle/
  6. xyresic

    Basketball Scandal?

    It is just as likely that the story was driven by a lawyer, as it came out with little substance over a year later. This actually happens more often than you'd think, and it gives the appearance that the school is hiding something because they are not actually allowed to talk about the student. This is an unfortunate situation all around, but with out hearing the other side of things you are just speculating here.
  7. xyresic

    Basketball Scandal?

    The report was meant to investigate the program's culture as a whole, rather than the incident. The actual report begins by saying as much and the University put out statements repeating this.
  8. This seems like gotcha journalism to me - the writer takes a harmless quote and the other parts of the story are just his interpretation. Make them click to get your paycheck...
  9. xyresic

    Contract Updates?

    All of their contracts have been updated. General terms get settled on and then things have to go through official channels to get updated. NS put things in motion for SL and WB's new contracts in early 2018 once the regents passed the proposal. Vito had an article about it.
  10. Brett does a solid job. Fans of every school complain that the team board's scoop the local paper. This is because the writers actually have to check sources & facts before just posting rumors. They often know things in advance but are told to hold them so as to not burn bridges with their sources.
  11. xyresic

    lean green

    The number I heard was 9 million and it came close to doubling the previous record. There was either an email or DRC article that had the exact numbers. I believe those were just 2017 numbers, we are only four months into 2018, so I would be surprised if something has been relased for this year.
  12. xyresic

    lean green

    Athletic's record breaking fund-raising year sent out enough heat to start the process.
  13. xyresic

    Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k

    To answer Fly's question... They do know about it, my understanding is that it was donated to the school but it ended up costing a good amount for repairs etc. so they were looking into options to sell or retire it with out offending the donor's family. That family has given generously to the university and endowed a chair etc.