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  1. I admit this made me laugh. You think during a pandemic UNT will make their highest paid assistant a secondary coach? I will be utterly shocked if this happened or if Bowen would accept it. I think you are viewing Ek through rose colored glasses. He lived in a trailer while here, bounced on us then failed at UNC/Kansas. He hasn't shown the ability to stick anywhere and sometimes there is a reason for that. There are some behind the scenes things that make me question his brain power from this season. He is an ok recruiter/energy guy but I would pass on this. I'd prefer a clean break
  2. This team really needs KD Davis, Shorter and Addaway back, arguably 3 of our top 5 players. Earlier Emmitt said Aune was benefiting from having Addaway while Bean wasn’t. With out Addaway Aune looked good. Billy keeps posting the stats that back this up. Torrey is a dynamic change up back, but seems to be more of a 5-10 touches a game player. They need Oscar to move the chains, create yards after contact and help the offense hold the ball a bit longer. With Shorter & Addaway in we would have seen a different game offensively. The offensive depth needs to play much bett
  3. Bye, I’m sure if we all band together we can figure out a way to replace your $50 mgsf donation.
  4. I’d like to see advancement eat a bit more of their own cooking. A few of the top administrators have donated large amounts to athletics and academics. With out naming names advancement has not. Things like that and Graham donating 25 bucks to the mean green club back in the day tend to ruffle my feathers a bit. I get that everyone’s financial situation is different but I think it makes it harder to get others to commit when they see things like that. When I am donating at a much higher level than people getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the university it gives me paus
  5. It is Ashley Pickle - she is doing great work at DCTF.
  6. I have no direct role, just a fan & supporter of the school. The quoted post was from the schools press release, apologies if that wasn't clear. I know many of the AD/faculty and staff and I think overall they are trying to do things right - was just voicing a bit of frustration at a small set of students trying to leverage current events in a retaliatory way for not getting a multimillion dollar building for "diversity" in the fall.
  7. UNT health science center is separate, not part of UNT Denton.
  8. Interestingly this doesn't seem like "nothing" - these are both from today: I had a productive meeting with #UNT administrators yesterday regarding demands from students about action on our diversity and inclusion plans. I am inviting leaders of our various student groups to meet next Wednesday to review our action plan. I will publicly announce our plans after the meeting with student leaders. I value direct conversation with our students, faculty and staff. Our plans will include the direct involvement of our student leaders. Edit - these are statement
  9. Saw this online today - demanding he be fired, not because he is racist, but because he is not vocally anti-racist enough. On top of this they refused to hear the plan the school worked up for them because they are tired of meeting and it is not their job. Gotta love today's cancel culture. UNT is in my experience the most liberal/progressive school in Texas. I support the leadership of UNT
  10. Never said the police did anything wrong. They were wanting to give him a break and followed the book. I think UNTPD does a great job. I think if you listen to the full statements he was supportive of the Police, while balancing things as best as can be done right now. I was disagreeing that they were thrown under the bus. I have a lot of insight into this and I will just leave it at that.
  11. He said it was a regrettable incident. In this climate do you want them throw a ticker-tape parade for arresting an African American?
  12. Former Chair GBR and the Prez were behind it. I really like the internship/training angle for students - would have have jumped at a chance to participate while I was in school. There is also now some overlap with the sports management program they have been building out. It has made some great inroads over the past few years. I think this program will be among the top in the country shortly.
  13. Love to hear they are on the ball and the school is handling this adversity so well. Awesome that the student grants turned around so quickly I’m sure they were hit hard job wise w things like restaurants closing.
  14. Interesting hire, I was always a bit puzzled that someone could score a 500 on their SAT and ultimately get into and graduate from a school like Wake Forest. He’s been coaching at small Baptist school since retiring from pro ball.
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