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  1. This seems like gotcha journalism to me - the writer takes a harmless quote and the other parts of the story are just his interpretation. Make them click to get your paycheck...
  2. xyresic

    Contract Updates?

    All of their contracts have been updated. General terms get settled on and then things have to go through official channels to get updated. NS put things in motion for SL and WB's new contracts in early 2018 once the regents passed the proposal. Vito had an article about it.
  3. Brett does a solid job. Fans of every school complain that the team board's scoop the local paper. This is because the writers actually have to check sources & facts before just posting rumors. They often know things in advance but are told to hold them so as to not burn bridges with their sources.
  4. xyresic

    lean green

    The number I heard was 9 million and it came close to doubling the previous record. There was either an email or DRC article that had the exact numbers. I believe those were just 2017 numbers, we are only four months into 2018, so I would be surprised if something has been relased for this year.
  5. xyresic

    lean green

    Athletic's record breaking fund-raising year sent out enough heat to start the process.
  6. xyresic

    Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k

    To answer Fly's question... They do know about it, my understanding is that it was donated to the school but it ended up costing a good amount for repairs etc. so they were looking into options to sell or retire it with out offending the donor's family. That family has given generously to the university and endowed a chair etc.
  7. xyresic

    Mason Fine

    Mason finished last season with more passing yardage than any other returning QB in FBS 1-A . He edged out UCF's Milton by 15 yards.
  8. UNT raised both admissions standards and pricing in the past few years while many schools have not. UTA has been subsidizing their growth with more aid and significantly lower in state tuition. I think UNT's strategy will win long term. Since UNT has (in my opinion) a more desirable college town and atmosphere if they ever really want to crank up admissions numbers they can just get closer to UTA's pricing and then grab all of the students they want.
  9. xyresic

    Texas has a new AD

    TCU is now looking for one...
  10. xyresic

    SMU considering Littrell among others

    I do maintain that it is clearly a viable formula to take a winning HS head coach, give him a few years of seasoning as a position coach or Coordinator and then let him coach a FBS team. The numbers show this to be true. This is vintage UNT90 at work, arguing when the guy you are arguing about (Morris) even has an article on football scoop disputing what you are saying. http://footballscoop.com/news/chad-morris-explains-rapid-rise-high-school-head-coaches-fbs-head-jobs/ Apologies to the board, every few months I forget that he will never actually read what I am writing to try to understand it. I'll hang up and listen.
  11. xyresic

    SMU considering Littrell among others

    Facts are facts. The board does not discourage dissenting opinions but it should discourage people from stating opinions and masquerading them as facts. More FBS coaches start out in the HS ranks than any other level besides FBS. That includes FCS, D2 & D3, Juco, NFL, CFL you name it. This year 27 FBS head coaches started their careers coaching in the HS ranks. Guys like Briles, Malzahn and many P5 coaches. I would say that qualifies it as a training ground for future FBS coaches, and that yes in fact it is the same sport. Following your logic Briles HS head coaching experience was not applicable and he was hired as Houston's head coach based on two years of coaching running backs at Tech. I think it stands to reason that Morris gained valuable things from his HS head coaching years: recruiting ties, creative playcalling, experience running a show and experience speaking to fans & media etc. Seth is getting more polished over time, but Morris has a clear advantage over Seth in this area. Some of it is personality and some of it is experience being the head guy. Coaches do not get hired based on the profile of the school they are leaving. They get hired based on what they did to improve the school. PJ Fleck didn't get hired because Western Michigan was a titan. He was hired by a P5 because he took a MAC team that hadn't won their conference since 2000 and went 13-1 in 2016. By the way, Arkansas wanted Malzahn (coached HS from 1991-2005) and ended up with Morris (coached HS 1994-2009). Interesting facts there.
  12. xyresic

    Mason Fine

    Mason's stats this season: Yds: 3749 - 9th in the nation Rat: 147.8 - 29th in the nation TD's: 28 - Tied for 12th in the nation 6 of the 8 QB's ahead of him in passing yards are Seniors, so Mason will have the 3rd most yards of any returning QB. That changes to #2 if Sam Darnold is a top pick in next year's draft as expected. If I am a High School WR recruit my eyes light up thinking of the stats that are going to get put up the next two seasons. It will be fun to track, a UNT QB leading the country in passing yards has a nice ring to it.
  13. xyresic

    SMU considering Littrell among others

    While you are looking through their "profile files" can you tell me how many more years Morris has been coaching than Seth? (hint avg. SEC coaches age at the start of the season was 49 and Chad Morris is drum roll please...49). Since you are the resident Nostradamus here - where in your profile file did you predict Mason Fine as Offensive POY with 28 tds? Or the file where you pegged us at 9 wins? This online persona you put out is a shame since in person you are well spoken and likeable.
  14. xyresic

    Alumni Pavilion Expansion Fund

    Mike, a new group called the Diamond Eagles started raising money with the idea to provide immediate funds to a single project on campus. This is the inaugural year and there are something like 90 donors all contributing 1k or more. The group votes on a few recommended projects brought up by staff or students and this year one of them is building a stage for the bands that play at the pavillion. The idea is to give the bands a larger space, which will also improve seating areas & shade for the alumni. The money is already raised, but if you want to join up I’m sure they’d welcome new members. I believe the voting wraps in December and the project (if it wins the vote) will be completed in 2018.
  15. Cumbie and DM were already Co-OC's before this all happened. Cumbie was the OC for Tech in 13 and then he was hired by TCU as Co-OC and QB Coach in 14. Meachum was WR and Co-OC and did not leave TCU until he became the OC at Kansas in 2017. When UT was tiring kicking and ultimately ended up with Gilbert TCU was rumored to have made Cumbie either the top paid OC in the country (or close to it).