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  1. CarmanSandiego

    Scouting Cal

    Yes, 2022
  2. CarmanSandiego

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    I agree. I especially do not like having the Houston game the week after UTSA. Gunna be a difficult 3 game stretch with Cal ahead of those two games.
  3. CarmanSandiego

    NT vs NDSU Bring Them Down

    Rick, while I agree with the premise that good defense and running the ball is a recipe for success, the landscape of football, especially college football, has changed from 3 yards and a cloud of dust to more of a high scoring affair. While you do need to run the ball and stop the ball, balance is key and that balance should lean more towards the passing side of the game if you want continued success in today's game. Also, a spread attack is what helps keep lower schools competitive with the big schools. Talented, big linemen are harder to come by than WR's. Plus, it is more likely than not that you can get more talented receivers on the field than you have DB's to cover them, creating mismatches. If you are those blue chip programs, ball control can work, it is just a lot harder to implement successfully year in and year out when you don't have all 5-star players.
  4. Dallas Observer with a write up of the Mean Green for #BowlSZN. Have we really never had a double digit win season? Too lazy to do the research online.
  5. CarmanSandiego

    K State hires NDSU coach to be new HC

    That was my thinking all along.
  6. CarmanSandiego

    GMG recruiting podcast. Need questions

    What would be a better accomplishment to help recruiting: a bowl win over a P5 school (unranked like we would have played in the HOD Bowl) or a win over a ranked G5 school (like we are playing in the NM Bowl)?
  7. CarmanSandiego

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    Of all the bowls we could have gone to, I think this is the best opponent we could play. I know it isn't the name brand P5 team we wanted to play. But I think beating a ranked team is better, in my opinion, than beating a 6-6 P5 team. Would be a huge feather in our cap. That would only enhance our recruiting ability. SL could lay out the following when talking to kids on the fence: 1) CFB Play of the Year 2) Beat a SEC team (even though it was lowly Arkansas) 3)Win a bowl against a ranked opponent. Screw best CUSA recruiting class, we could target best of G5.
  8. CarmanSandiego


    Where is the fun in being calm and not acting like the sky is falling?
  9. CarmanSandiego

    New Mexico inside scoop

    The smell outside Tomasita's as they are roasting the green chili is the best thing I have ever smelled.
  10. CarmanSandiego

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    I am sure his contract has language worded to award him for both. "He gets "x" amount of dollars for making a bowl and then "x" amount of dollars for winning a bowl." That is pretty standard for coaching contracts, especially at G5 schools.
  11. It's a drop from The Ticket...and the correct word would be "onus".
  12. There is no way that's a word.
  13. CarmanSandiego

    Other Names Linked to the KSU Job

    I feel like people are sleeping on Chris Klieman from North Dakota State. I just think the connection with the KSU AD and the top notch winning track record he has can't be understated. Plus, look at how well he recruits to Fargo...has to be easier to recruit to Manhattan, KS.
  14. CarmanSandiego

    Wren Baker: Bowl Press Conference

    "All in on Wren"
  15. He may not compete for a national title at K-State, but if he is successful there (consistently ranked and winning bowl games) he could use that as a launching pad to a blue blood program.