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  1. Last year was my first year to purchase season tickets and I did so after the premium gift date. This will be my first year to renew. What has the "premium" gift typically in the past?
  2. I am not sure if other programs do this, but either way, it is awesome that Wren and the program are doing their best to enhance game-day, are seeking out feedback from the fans and it seems actually listening/trying to do something with the feedback. It seems a lot of places that take feedback do so just for the face value aspect to make the customer/fan feel heard, but do nothing with it. Really hope they listen to the in-game crowd interaction suggestions (don't try to pump up crowd when we are on offense, when to do certain cheers, etc...). GMG!!!
  3. It is very unlikely a blueblood like USC or Auburn would ever hire a coach straight from a G5. But the way most coaches get to those gigs is by jumping to a lower/middle tier P5 program and have a period of consistent winning. Those are most of the teams on that list. You don't have to carry a middle tier P5 to conference championships/undefeated seasons and pass up those other bluebloods to get a blueblood gig. Consistent winning in the face of a recruiting disadvantage will get you there.
  4. I am of the party that agree's that SL has been a great coach and will be gone next year because of what he has been able to accomplish here...and by accomplish I mean the turn around of the program. I know that championships and bowl wins are the key trump card to measure a program, but having a consistent 8-9 game winner at our level is quite the feather in the hat for SL considering of what UNT has been in the past. But for those who say SL won't go anywhere until he wins a bowl or conference championship seem to ignore all he has accomplished here. To say he hasn't really won anything and that's why he won't move on is laughable. It's equally laughable to leave the FAU championship game loss solely at his feet. I mean, is anyone going to seriously say that UNT had equal or better talent than FAU that year. I would say FAU had considerably better talent considering that we got destroyed twice by them...it wasn't a fluke that can be simply explained by being out-coached. Also, who will sit here and honestly say we had better talent than Utah St who had been ranked high for quite a while last year? Also, losing Mason Fine early on dug us a giant hole. Again, can't place that loss solely on SL's shoulders. To summarize, while I agree championships would complete his resume, to point to a few losses, which could be explained by a lack of talent/game play calls by other coaches, in big games and regular season as the reason he isn't worthy of a decent P5 gig is a joke. It's almost as if some of you guys think we haven't been down right terrible most of our existence and we are some sort of blueblood.
  5. Welcome to to 110. Row 1, bring the noise!
  6. Former Mean Green center and all around bad-ass during the McCarney years has been added to the Mizzou staff. Guy was a beast.
  7. My seats were just $5 more per seat.
  8. So much nostalgia associated with that place. Still remember my go to: #7 toasted. Mouth waters just thinking about it.
  9. Remember, he didn't turn down the K-State job purely because of his love for Denton and UNT. He turned it down when K-State would not allow him to bring his entire staff/pay his staff what he thought they deserved/demanded he keep Snyder Jr. on his staff. I think he has already solidified his position as a hot young coaching name in coaching circles for open P5 gigs. As long as they don't have a losing season, some school will give him the freedoms that K-State wouldn't. Plus, you never want to be the guy replacing the legend. Wanna be the guy replacing the guy who replaced the legend.
  10. It should make them a bit more competitive and avoid another thumping from us. But he alone does not give them enough to beat us and make the ponies an AAC title contender.
  11. This is the way to build a program that is competitive year in, year out. Look at programs that go JUCO heavy most of the time...they have ups and downs. Programs that focus on recruiting well from high school and then use JUCO for spot fixes/depth usually field a consistently competitive team.
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