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  1. This is what we should do in regards to getting the crowd pumped! 1). When the visiting team is introduced, each team member is greeted by the fans: a). Nice hair b) who’s that? c) What’s that smell? d) who cares? e) I one cares? Been thinking about getting signs made for the students to show...any thoughts? When our team is introduced, we turn on our “flashlight” this looks really cool and gets the fans involved Before the team comes out from the tunnel, we start with the North...Texas ....chant. Any thoughts? GMG ....I’m ready for “Super Pit Sunday!”
  2. They have only lost one home game. GMG
  3. Get ESPN + free for a trial week, and then cancel it!
  4. Undefeated the rest of the way...just take one game at a time! GMG!
  5. If Beam is our QB, we will be second in the West and go 8-4...GMG!
  6. Horrible move....teach and train your employees. Can’t do everything for everyone! Let them make their mistakes and grow!
  7. SO.....how many C USA schools have baseball an we don’t? It’s time to start a non for profit just for baseball! I’m in...are you?
  8. It would be really cool if the alumni association planned a trip and we showed up and showed out for Mason!
  9. How can we find out what time the bonfire and parade is scheduled? Thanks! GMG
  10. Drink and shower with beer. If you’re not 21, call TABC and make an exemption! GMG
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