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  1. Great pass by everyone's hero Gunnell! (sarcasm)
  2. Alright, I was more than willing to give Aune his fair shot to keep his job with a refreshed WR room and another year under his belt..but the time has come. We have to see what else we have.
  3. That's how every single football game goes though..if UNT had got a block on this play or that play or Aune didn't throw an incomplete pass on whatever drive then we also would have scored more touchdowns. You can't play the what about game and only focus on the things we did wrong. Wasn't a perfect game at all, but we won by 18 and overcame a lot of mistakes on our end along the way.
  4. Was this the best game of Aune's career? Seems crazy to ask, but his resume isn't exactly that impressive. And I don't really count the 2020 game against UTEP because that was more Darden than Aune.
  5. Var'Keyes Gumms was a recruit I was really excited about..hate to see that he's been reduced to a fullback essentially, but understand that the TE room is pretty crowded and he's still young.
  6. Not only was it helmet to helmet the DB stopped and did a "good night" celebration right over our injured player. Unbelievable no call on 2 different penalties
  7. He would have needed to apply for a waiver since he entered the portal too late so it was pretty risky on his part to try and leave and potentially have the waiver declined. Hope announcers don't continue to make him out to be some kind of hero because he would have been gone if he really had a choice I'm sure.
  8. Some of yall are absolutely ridiculous. We are on our 2nd offensive drive of the year, just had a goal line stand, and yet we are writing the season off as a failure already lol.
  9. I'm willing to give Aune one more shot with a healthy WR room, but it's hard to shake the feeling that we've already seen him at his best. Decent game manager, but we will never win a game because of something Austin Aune does..on the flip side I feel that we have seen this team lose games because of something he did. Gunnell winning the job in 3 weeks going against a guy in year 5 with the program and 2 years as a "starter" was always going to be a tough task and I'd hate to throw him in unprepared. Sucks that our first game is an important one, but my guess is that we turn to someone else after SMU. Always hoping for the best though, would love to see Aune go out with a bang his last year here.
  10. Somewhat unrelated fun fact but she is also Mason Fine's ex girlfriend. Looks like she had been working under Mackenzie Morris and got the promotion so hopefully a pretty smooth transition for us.
  11. The lackluster response from me is because he is now on his 3rd school and the only school where he got meaningful playing time could have easily been called one of, if not the worst, teams in the country. The potential is absolutely there but high school stats and accolades means nothing to me when we are looking at a player who has consistently dropped to lower and lower levels of competition since going to college. To be very clear I hope he is everything he has potential to be and I am 100% on board with trying anyone but Aune since I think we've seen all we need to see there, it's just going to be a tough climb all the way up the depth chart in only a few weeks. Completely agree on the potential of the offense this year though, if everyone stays healthy then I think this is one of the most solid groups we've had in the Littrell era outside of the QB position.
  12. Trying not to buy into too much having to do with photos but Aune is featured in many of the promo photos and then there's this video. (which by the way is making fun of a viral video Russell Wilson made for the Broncos so that's why it's so corny) But I would still be really surprised if Gunnell can win the job in just a few weeks of practice.
  13. Looks like a white jersey that says Mean Green on the front, will be curious about the helmets.
  14. These are the 2020 numbers..is it safe to say Mainord is close to 300k now? Seth is obviously over paid but I think Mainord really flies under the radar as being totally over paid for the worth we are getting back in my opinion.
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