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  1. So Cal is 100% cancelling this game is what I took from this. Per Vito's article the buyout would be $1 mil, they get $1.9 mil to play Notre Dame instead, so they cancel the game against UNT and still come out $900,000 on top. Plus they aren't required to pay until the end of Feb in 2023, looks like a no brainer to me. The dates no longer work out for us to try and find another date so this to me absolutely signals the game is gone and we will get $1 million for it in 3 years. Only other possibility is that Cal decides to work with us in moving the game but I just don't see it happening when there is zero benefit for them to move things around on their end. They took a better deal and ran with it, sad reality of being a G5 team trying to schedule P5 teams is that they will always have the power.
  2. Pretty interesting and unusual for Belichick to make an appearance like this at a "small" school for a player who wasn't invited to the combine. Thought it was worth mentioning as they are a conference opponent and since Hamilton had a better 2019 than him, but I know that doesn't always mean better NFL success. I don't always follow our pro days or work outs closely but have we ever had someone who is a big name like this come watch a UNT player in Denton?
  3. We did offer, along with about 25+ P5 programs. I'm guessing grades eventually became an issue because UNLV came along towards the end of January as his last offer and was able to get him.
  4. Agreed, however if this rule was in place Guyton would have used his one time transfer already to come straight from Notre Dame to UNT and would not have been eligible to utilize this again. So we could have had an extra year of Guyton if this rule was in place, sounds like a positive to me!
  5. I think you guys are greatly over-estimating the talent level on a normal UNT team. People say someone like Mason could have left, but that's the best QB in school history. Just looking over our current roster and I truly don't think we have a single player who a P5 team would look down to and say "yes, we really need this guy and he could come in and help immediately." Nothing wrong with that at all and that doesn't mean we are a bad team. There are also 2 sides to everything; if a P5 school brings in a couple G5 guys to plug holes they have to be ready for guys to leave who feel disrespected that they were recruited there and the coach doesn't feel they are good enough. In today's day and age certain guys would leave in a hurry because of this, are schools willing to burn guys they have invested time in already just to possibly get better at a certain position? I think this will have some impact on schools like UNT, but nothing drastic. Any negative impact will be offset by how much easier it will be for us to have access to lots of talented players at P5 schools who normally would have no avenue to leave.
  6. The NCAA still mandates this decision across all sports, not individual conferences. I was simply saying that since 2 of the 5 major conferences are already on board the others will shortly follow and NCAA won't go against something their money makers are all for. The reality of a typical UNT team is that we don't have a huge amount of guys who could go to a Power 5 team and be a guaranteed significant contributor. I don't think saying that we might have 1 per season, if that, is something too crazy when it comes to football. There is a still the risk that a player might not even see the field trying to move up and I don't think the number of guys trying to make that leap will significantly grow for us. I think our biggest concern would be depth guys or guys who just lost out on a job choosing to go to a school at our level or below for a chance to see the field. However, that could also end up being a positive for us too with players coming to UNT for the same reason.
  7. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/28724972/acc-student-athletes-allowed-one-transfer-exemption Just read this short article about how the ACC has unanimously decided to join the Big Ten in wanting to allow all student athletes to transfer once without having to sit out a year. With 2 of the Power 5 conferences on board it seems like this will likely be a change that's made within the next few years. I can see this being both good and bad for a school like UNT, thoughts?
  8. He is not listed on the spring football roster on the website, and was still in California as recent as the weekend so it's looking like a summer arrival for him.
  9. Luke is doing a great job, but I think adding another face that is young and passionate would be amazing for our recruiting, if it can happen to be a former player too then even better. Two examples that stick out to me just based on what I see on social media are Bryan Carrington at Texas and Ra'Shaad Samples at SMU. Both seem to be doing great things with recruits and are very involved on the social media side of things too.
  10. It's not always some big name guy who got fired those are just the ones we hear the most about, mostly at places like Bama. I have seen some who are younger and trying to come up in the ranks, some who are older and have been through a lot of stops, there really isn't a set demographic and from everything I could find there is no limit to the amount a school can have. In 2018 LSU had 10 people listed as analyst and Bama had 13. I think their roles are dependent on their experience as well. For some they are really just an assistant to an assistant coach, staying in their ear being an extra set of eyes, think of John David Baker who is now an analyst at USC after following Graham Harrell out there. Some are there to learn before moving on to another high profile job, some are hoping it can turn into a more concrete job. The only real rule is that a team can only have 10 on-field assistants, but 20 headsets are allowed on the sideline so they can be an unofficial coach in some instances. Bigger schools with deep pockets and a good brand name will always be able to keep a steady flow of these guys, while we might be lucky to have a quality control guy on each side of the ball. It's really a whole different level at the top of the Power 5 conferences.
  11. She is from South Lake Tahoe, so this is much closer to home for her. Sounds like a promotion too so can't blame her.
  12. https://247sports.com/Player/Jason-Shelley-37668/high-school-61811/ Dual Threat QB Jason Shelley from Frisco Lone Star, we offered in HS. He has 2 years to play but unsure if he has graduated and immediately eligible. Would really really love to kick the tires on him, he's an unbelievable athlete.
  13. He would be our highest rated recruit, with a very impressive offer list even if most have dried up..this to me seems like a no brainer to get this guy if he's available with our OL troubles. @TheReal_jayD is there more to the story here? Is our offer still current?
  14. This story is the top headline to the side on the ESPN NCAAF section, I guess any publicity is better than nothing! https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28647975/hs-recruit-detraveon-brown-north-texas-signing-day-gaffe
  15. I believe we pulled in the 2nd/3rd best class in the conference behind FAU/maybe LA Tech, who both will continue to be a problem in the conference for the foreseeable future. I know the schedule is tough next year, and not so great overall recruiting in Littrell's first few years is hurting our upperclassmen depth, but a lot of the gems we've had have been lower rated guys than the majority of our signees the last couple years (Fine/Darden/Ejiya/Hamilton/Bussey/Kemon Hall). If we can continue to have guys like that step up along with classes that should be much deeper than before I feel really good about the future.
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