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  1. Rushed for over 1,000 yards as a senior for Ryan, so he definitely could.
  2. It's the "Aune will also play" part that gets to me. I don't want to see anything like what we did last year again. I feel confident saying that any QB on our roster would look pretty good against NW St. On the flip side we have a challenging 6 game run right after this that I believe will cause some bad moments for whoever we have out there, if this turns into Littrell pulling the QB every time they make a mistake again it's going to be another long year. Stick with a guy and let him learn from his mistakes without the fear of sitting the rest of the game.
  3. Maybe we should put less meaning behind the term P5 QB, or P5 anything. Countless players get evaluated incorrectly every year, unless a player has actually played meaningful minutes at a P5 school then all they are up to this point is a player that for whatever reason has not been able to find the field at the FBS level. Sure maybe they had a few P5 offers coming out of HS however many years ago, but most of the time if they are coming "down" to UNT it's because they couldn't earn playing time.
  4. In what way is South Alabama transferring down? They are in a better conference and beat Southern Miss last year, a team we lost to. I would say we are just about equal at this point in time if anything. Outside of that he announced his transfer in May and it's their 4th preseason practice. He wasn't exactly a star for us, so expecting him to beat out a player in his 3rd year with the program by the first week of practice is pretty ambitious.
  5. We honestly have the worst locker rooms for a D1 program in the state of Texas, even SFA has a better locker room than us. I know these types of things shouldn't matter to recruits, but to some they do and when we are noticeably worse than everybody else it can't do anything but hurt us. Hopefully we have something planned in the near future..
  6. His 24/7 page needs updating but according to his Twitter his other FBS offers received in the last 3ish months were: Texas State, Utah State, UTSA, UNLV, Charlotte, LA Tech, UAB, Indiana, Marshall, and Buffalo. Any time we beat out 10 other programs for an OL recruit (including 5 from our own conference) I'll consider that a big win.
  7. Clickbait thread title. It says he would be the favorite if you solely looked at stats produced in college football to this point. KU has two QBs who have started games at KU, I know they have a new coaching staff and it's not like those two produced great results but to me he is looking like the favorite for 3rd string with potential to fight his way up the depth chart.
  8. Don't think we are quite there this year, but if some guys step up (defense and consistent QB play) and we stay healthy we could surprise some teams. Once these underclassmen get another year or two under their belt we are going to be a problem for almost anyone we play.
  9. He is a walk-on so I would have been pretty surprised if the coaches put him ahead of a scholarship player. Everybody wants to be mad at this kid but as far as I'm concerned we avoided having a dude who isn't an FBS quarterback on our team and wasting a scholarship.
  10. Basically zero. He may throw some stuff to them during warmups or drills, but as far as actual reps during a team activity, scrimmage, or 7 on 7 a walk-on would never really be the one throwing to the starting wideouts.
  11. Do we have any alumni or boosters or even a plan in place to help facilitate our guys to make the most of this?
  12. I don't think so, but since entering the portal is the only way they can be officially be contacted and recruited by other D1 FBS programs pretty much every player who leaves will enter the portal just so they can see what their options are.
  13. Worth noting we didn't make his top 10. Barring something unexpected I don't think we have a shot with this one.
  14. I can see where you're coming from, but let's say he does earn and hold onto the job at some point. Then let's say he just performs above average, which is probably a lot more likely than completely blowing the doors off and locking himself in as a draft pick who can leave with 1-2 years of eligibility left. You're saying that after a couple years he's just going to quit as the starting QB with 2 years left? I get that he is set with his degrees and also just got engaged so he probably won't "need" to play, but most athletes don't quit with more time to play at their disposal, especially not someone who's a starter.
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