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  1. Luke is doing a great job, but I think adding another face that is young and passionate would be amazing for our recruiting, if it can happen to be a former player too then even better. Two examples that stick out to me just based on what I see on social media are Bryan Carrington at Texas and Ra'Shaad Samples at SMU. Both seem to be doing great things with recruits and are very involved on the social media side of things too.
  2. It's not always some big name guy who got fired those are just the ones we hear the most about, mostly at places like Bama. I have seen some who are younger and trying to come up in the ranks, some who are older and have been through a lot of stops, there really isn't a set demographic and from everything I could find there is no limit to the amount a school can have. In 2018 LSU had 10 people listed as analyst and Bama had 13. I think their roles are dependent on their experience as well. For some they are really just an assistant to an assistant coach, staying in their ear being an extra set of eyes, think of John David Baker who is now an analyst at USC after following Graham Harrell out there. Some are there to learn before moving on to another high profile job, some are hoping it can turn into a more concrete job. The only real rule is that a team can only have 10 on-field assistants, but 20 headsets are allowed on the sideline so they can be an unofficial coach in some instances. Bigger schools with deep pockets and a good brand name will always be able to keep a steady flow of these guys, while we might be lucky to have a quality control guy on each side of the ball. It's really a whole different level at the top of the Power 5 conferences.
  3. She is from South Lake Tahoe, so this is much closer to home for her. Sounds like a promotion too so can't blame her.
  4. https://247sports.com/Player/Jason-Shelley-37668/high-school-61811/ Dual Threat QB Jason Shelley from Frisco Lone Star, we offered in HS. He has 2 years to play but unsure if he has graduated and immediately eligible. Would really really love to kick the tires on him, he's an unbelievable athlete.
  5. He would be our highest rated recruit, with a very impressive offer list even if most have dried up..this to me seems like a no brainer to get this guy if he's available with our OL troubles. @TheReal_jayD is there more to the story here? Is our offer still current?
  6. This story is the top headline to the side on the ESPN NCAAF section, I guess any publicity is better than nothing! https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28647975/hs-recruit-detraveon-brown-north-texas-signing-day-gaffe
  7. I believe we pulled in the 2nd/3rd best class in the conference behind FAU/maybe LA Tech, who both will continue to be a problem in the conference for the foreseeable future. I know the schedule is tough next year, and not so great overall recruiting in Littrell's first few years is hurting our upperclassmen depth, but a lot of the gems we've had have been lower rated guys than the majority of our signees the last couple years (Fine/Darden/Ejiya/Hamilton/Bussey/Kemon Hall). If we can continue to have guys like that step up along with classes that should be much deeper than before I feel really good about the future.
  8. I have no personal relationship to Walsh other than what I have been told by friends of mine, but this isn't true. I know for a fact he has helped players who never even went to Guyer or played against Guyer get some type of opportunity, even at jucos. He's the type of coach you love to hate if you're not on his side, but from what I've heard off the field he does what he can for all of his athletes and some that he never even coached, that says a lot to me. As for all the people saying P.Cobbs knows Kaedric so well, why would he? Guyer and Ryan never play and are in completely different classifications. Maybe he knew him by name, but I'm not sure why he would know a lot of details about a player at a different school they have almost zero connection to. We keep trying to come up with all these random reasons, but it really just seems like we wanted to bring in one RB this year and ours committed pretty early on. Maybe we should have been on this earlier but we weren't, time will tell whether that was smart or not. Looking forward to closing out signing day!
  9. Never like to talk down on a player and hope he proves me wrong, but I feel the same. I have watched him play numerous times over the last couple years and never thought he was an FBS caliber player as it stood at that time. They blew every team out except one this year so stats and highlights are there for him but at times their WR sets have 2 Texas commits and a Bama commit, as well as a D1 RB, huge luxury that basically no one else in the country has.
  10. Tin foil hat time- Coach Littrell posted "Go Mean Green" on Twitter Sunday night, this tweet was "liked" by Jonathan Pickett (DE who had some P5 offers fall through and was also visiting this weekend), maybe one or both of these guys committed over the weekend? Coach usually doesn't just randomly say something like that and most of his tweets are tied to recruiting in some way. Wishful thinking? Edit- Here's what Walerius had to say after the weekend..as well as retweeting the mentioned tweet from HC. The hype is real.
  11. PWO offers typically come pretty late in the recruiting process because schools wait to see what kind of attention a player gets, in reality he is too good for a PWO offer from a school like UNT. Maybe a Big 12 school could still offer that and he might take it seriously (especially with that $30,000 scholarship he just got), but when he has several FBS offers he has absolutely no reason to be anything other than insulted by a PWO from us at this point. For all we know we might have initially told him we have a walk on spot for him, when guys have offers already on the table they usually aren't going to post about PWO stuff unless it's a really big school from what I've noticed. Who knows what all really happened behind the scenes on this.
  12. He has gone pretty silent on social media about recruiting, I'm guessing right around the time his qualification status came into question so it's hard to follow, but have we actually offered? He has never posted anything from us, and nothing is shown on recruiting sites. I know that doesn't rule anything out, but you would think if he was seriously considering UNT he would have said at least one thing. Reality here is that a kid who at one point was down to schools like A&M, Clemson, LSU and Bama would likely only come to UNT if we were one of the only ones giving him a chance. It sounds like for a little while that may have been the case, but if he can get a P5 school to take a shot I think he's gone. Let's hope that doesn't happen.
  13. https://247sports.com/Player/Jordan-Mukes-46098358/ We were his first offer, Iowa State followed a couple days later. At 6'4 have to wonder if he will stay at CB.
  14. Just 10 months ago these were his top schools, would have to be one of the more high profile recruits to ever visit no? Also, I always forget but if we sign him and he isn't able to show up because of grades that scholarship is gone forever right? Either way this is one that is absolutely worth the risk in my opinion.
  15. https://247sports.com/Player/CJ-Brown-46098671/ Also has offers from Memphis and Nebraska.
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