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  1. Recruiting went online and made it much easier for players to get themselves out there. Now someone who may have decided to take the PWO opportunity here because it was their only/best option can just as easily get that same chance at a "better" school.
  2. Brian Stewart- current Baylor cornerbacks coach. Has more ties to Texas as former DC at Houston, also was DC and interim HC at Rice. Lots of experience coaching DB's both in college and in the NFL. Rocky Long- current DC at New Mexico. Checks all the boxes, but would only have minimal TXHSFB ties. His daughter is currently a professor at UNT. David Gibbs- current DB coach at Missouri. Most recently had DC and interim HC experience at Tech and Houston. Joseph Gillespie- current DC at Tulsa. Spent 20 years at Stephenville as HC and also worked under Art Briles and Chad Morri
  3. https://247sports.com/Player/Robert-Barnes-81947/high-school-142244/ Just entered the portal.
  4. Hm, given that he checks all of those boxes it is likely someone older rather than a young up and comer. Also since we are trying to outbid his current employers he is likely a position coach at a P5 school because I seriously doubt we would be taking someone who is already a DC at a "better" school.
  5. Would love this addition. Watched him play in HS and he was a stud on possibly the worst HS team I've ever seen.
  6. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30622282/oklahoma-state-mike-gundy-says-tylan-wallace-limited-cheez-bowl-action-pre-planned-protect-injury Argue about the issue all you want, but the coaches made this decision for this specific player before the game even started. They say watching the injury to the Miami QB influenced the timing of the decision. Nobody quit at halftime.
  7. The fact that he didn't make Biletnikoff finalists is downright insulting. DeVonta Smith from Bama is the runaway winner as he should be, but no excuse for him to not be in the top 3. DeVonta Smith- 11 games, 98 rec, 1,511 yds, 17 TD Elijah Moore- 9 games, 86 rec, 1,193 yds, 8 TD Kyle Pitts- 11 games, 43 rec, 770 yds, 12 TD Jaelon Darden- 9 games, 74 rec, 1,190 yds, 19 TD As for his draft prospects he is going to need an impressive 40 time to overcome his size issues in my opinion. Definitely no guarantees he is drafted, but if he is it would be round 6 or 7.
  8. Nothing but love for our former players, but they sure have a lot of talking to do for guys who didn't accomplish much.
  9. Headed to the draft. With 4 star Preston Stone coming in and the rumor mill buzzing that another former Texas QB Ja'Quinden Jackson is strongly considering SMU it's not going to get much easier for us.
  10. https://interactives.dallasnews.com/2020/sportsdays-top-recruits-for-2021/ Caleb Johnson checks in at #29 in the DMN top 100, second highest rated commit to a G5 school We also got #71 Harold West and #92 Zhighlil McMillan Of those that are committed or signed SMU leads the way with 10 commits, sadly it's safe to say their marketing strategy of representing Dallas seems to be paying off.
  11. 2017- Tre Siggers, Jaelon Darden, Greg White, Cam Johnson, Tyreke Davis, Dion Novil, Makyle Sanders, Jacob Brammer, Manase Mose 2018- Cole Brown, Daizion Carroll, Austin Ogunmakin, Jason Bean, Austin Aune, Deandre Torrey, KD Davis, Larry Nixon, Jyaire Shorter 2019- Deonte Simpson, Oscar Adaway, Grayson/Gabriel Murray, Kevin Wood, Quinn Whitlock, DeShawn Gaddie 2020- Anterrious Gray, but could also count Upton Stout, Devontae McCrae, and Jordan Rucker Might have forgotten a couple but the majority of our snaps come from guys who were part of bad overall classes. We managed
  12. Fixed that for you. The current team has recruiting classes ranked as 8th, 11th, and 8th in conference as our upperclassmen, we finished about 9th last year and 7th this year within conference so pretty much right where you'd expect. Finishing above 8th would be over achieving based on the recruits we have on this team, don't let years of Mason Fine/Graham Harrell mess up expectations of how good we should have been. The good news is that our next 3 classes are ranked 4th, 2nd, and 3rd (currently) so reasonable expectations would be a top 4/5 finish within conference nex
  13. Do you think it's possible this ends up being mostly our full class unless some great opportunities open up later on? With the uncertainty of how close we will be to scholarship limits after next season it might be smart for this class to be a few short of full no?
  14. Was wondering the same thing..has me thinking maybe those bigger schools were trying to ask him to play CB and he wanted to stay at WR and that's what we took him as.
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