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  1. Everyone saw the game today, Bean looked great. However, we also found ourselves in this situation at the beginning of the season. Can Bean succeed when the other teams defense forces him to pass and not have wide open running lanes? On the flip side, can Aune actually be better in those situations? To me, it looks like we have 2 average QB's. Bean does have the speed, but when teams actually have the game plan to shut that down it hasn't looked so great. We executed well today, but expecting to continue to put up record breaking offensive numbers probably isn't realistic either.
  2. Worth noting that the one time transfer without having to sit out a season is expected to become official next season. I personally don't believe that's the case here because if he wanted to transfer to a better school than UNT you would think starting and doing well for us this season would be the smart move especially since sitting out doesn't preserve any eligibility.
  3. Only 5 carries on the day so far as the backup RB but making the most of his chances as usual
  4. I think he tried, but as far as I know I don't think he did. I think he had some injuries here if I remember right and obviously Mason came in and did his thing so it was tough for him to find a role.
  5. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/devin-o-hara/606 Not sure if he ever played a snap, but he showed up when Mason was a freshman.
  6. Am I the only one who didn't know MTSU was led by QB Asher O'Hara, brother of former UNT QB Devin O'Hara?
  7. Is there any member of our staff as valuable as Walerius? And yes, I'm including Littrell in that. Our recruiting is truly night and day since he's joined the staff, let's hope we can keep him around as long as possible.
  8. The announcers were definitely mostly focused on the 1st round pick at QB, but the Chargers have made a few posts about it being Guyton's first TD too so he's getting the credit he deserves.
  9. After a drop in the first quarter Jalen just scored his first NFL touchdown!!
  10. We recruited like crap Littrell's first 3 years here and it's finally caught up to us, he got lucky by finding a diamond in the rough in Mason Fine, but recruiting and results are tied together time and time again. We've put together back to back impressive classes, but we can't expect true freshman and sophomores to lead a team. We've known all along this season would be a tough transition year, so let's see how conference play goes when we are playing teams the same caliber as we are, bring in another good class and go from there. Most on here predicted at least 5-7 losses this season
  11. Bowen mostly ran a 4 man front at Kansas, so this is more of a personnel issue than what he would prefer to do. Judging by our 3 DT commits for 2021 it looks like we are trying to add a lot of depth to that area of our team. Defensive lineman, especially DT rotate more than any other position on the team and looking at the roster we basically have 3 guys that can play DT and one of those is a true freshman, so there's just no way we have the depth to run a 4-3 at this point in time. We need to add a juco DT to our class this year, hope Novil is willing to come back next year and then maybe
  12. Did you see this game last year? Their team is mostly the same with aspirations of going undefeated, we got worse and less experienced.
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