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  1. Looking like another solid pick for the team. Massive offer list out of HS and he has 4 years of eligibility left. https://247sports.com/Player/Latrell-Neville-46054704/high-school-216147/
  2. He just went through graduation at Memphis. Will be working on his masters at UNT.
  3. She was named director of recruiting at Ole Miss, which I would imagine is a promotion in every sense so I don't feel like the two are connected.
  4. I really hope you're right. Important to remember that Gunnell just had all spring to beat out the guy in front of him and clearly didn't, so let's not act like we are getting some big star. From October 6, 2019 until today Arizona has won one football game so again I'm just taking this experience with some realistic expectations.
  5. Some experience is better than none, however the argument could be made that Arizona has been among the worst teams in the country the last 2 years. With limited time I see this being a big uphill battle to get even the #2 spot but I will always welcome more solid competition in the QB room. Hope Gunnell can be what we are waiting for!
  6. Level of competition is obviously questionable, but he had 21 sacks combined the last 2 season so very good production at his level.
  7. Just for the sake of discussion who are some players over the last 10 years that you guys think should have been drafted?
  8. I haven't looked at the numbers in depth like you apparently have, but I think it's extremely safe to assume that out of the 228 SEC transfers there are starters in there as well as players who are well above bench warmer status, or at least players they don't want to lose. The most recent example I actually know of is Agiye Hall leaving Bama for Texas, he had 2 receptions for 50 yards in the national championship game and was the #45 player in the country in the '21 class..I'm sure they would have loved to have kept him around.. Every situation is unique, and it's just unrealistic to say any player leaving UNT= seeing the writing on the wall 20 players leave Bama= oh those are just angry bench warmers
  9. Could also just say they see nothing but youth in front of them, in today's times guys don't want to sit and wait 2/3 years for another chance to be a starter or sit around thinking maybe someone will get hurt and I'll get my chance. No need arguing about toughness and grinding it out, that's just how most players operate now that they can transfer for free. We signed 6 DT's in the 2021 class, I would have been more shocked if all 6 stayed in addition to what we already had on the roster once they learned their spot on the depth chart. We now have Jackson/Brown/LeBlanc then Johnson/Vailea/Rausaw?...I agree we are now in desperate need of some depth but I'm not going to lose sleep that we lost our 7th, 8th and 9th DT.
  10. I know it's easy to put the blame on Littrell and the state of the program but every single school is losing players currently. That is the current state of college sports regardless of the direction of the program. We are pretty much right on par with schools like Bama, Georgia, LSU..do you think the players there see the writing on the wall too? Granted, it's hurts us 10x more than these programs because they can replace those guys with anyone and we can't. But blaming players leaving on the state of the program is just refusing to look at the big picture.
  11. Success is a very bold word to use, he threw just 3 touchdown passes during our 6 game win streak. If anything you could say that our team success came once we took the ball out of his hands more often. I think a lot of that can be attributed to our WR/TE talent as well as others have mentioned. I think that group should be our most improved position next season.
  12. Picked up a UNT offer as well as Old Dominion, Eastern Michigan and Toledo
  13. https://angelosports.com/sports/football/roster/willis-patrick/6965 As far as I can see we should have been on this dude ASAP, very impressive resume and he is from Mansfield HS. Entered the portal yesterday and already has offers from: Northwestern St, Tarleton St, TX A&M Commerce, Kent State, Jackson St, Buffalo, Tennessee St, Incarnate Word, Charlotte, Sam Houston St, and LA Tech
  14. Looks like we will be needing a new recruiting operations coordinator.
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