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  1. So started out at Washington, transferred to SdSt. He has Montana and TCU offers already. Looking at his stats, not sure he has ever been a full-time starter. Would be the ideal size for a LB in this system as noted above but this guy seems to have a thing for the West Coast. Hopefully we reach out.
  2. So should we assume that we have lost a WR somewhere along the way? WR was definitely not a priority position to fill out this class unless we lost one. Did I miss a decommit?
  3. So we are still recruiting 200 lb linebackers or maybe this ends up as a hybrid safety? If an LB, then Craponi isn’t improving the position.
  4. This! Again for those in the cheap seats: THE SCHOOL CANNOT COMMENT ON SPECIFIC RECRUITS UNTIL THEY SIGN AN LOI. In the age of social media, that rule has been stretched (to the breaking point) with the school apparently providing graphics to the recruits to use in the posts - which is often how we can tell if a player is being recruited officially. But in principle, NT can’t say if a kid has given a verbal or not. They can only announce a signing.
  5. I can’t argue with that, to be honest. I think I have said the same about some of the guys that left, like Tylor in basketball. He isn’t likely going to the NBA so might as well start out with a couple hundred grand in the bank while struggling to start a career. Same for most football players, but the data does show those elite level G5 players have a better chance staying home in their last year. In general, if you think you won’t have an NFL a shot, sure that payday makes sense.
  6. All-conference G5 players who transfer to P5 for their final season are significantly less likely to get drafted or even get a camp invite: Obviously this is a snapshot of only one time of player but a good “grass isn’t always greener” data point.
  7. If by “fine line” you mean “defense that was so bad couldn’t make one stop when it needed to, even with only :40 seconds left in the game” then I completely agree.
  8. My thoughts are that if we give up 5-6 points less this year, we beat Memphis and Navy are are 7-5 heading to a bowl.
  9. We seem to lose a star receiver almost every year due to portal or graduation. Perhaps losing starting O-linemen are more concerning.
  10. Well this didn’t age well
  11. Starters starting to hit the portal now, eh?
  12. We lost to Navy and FIU ffs. How much easier does an opponent need to be?
  13. The coaching failures were the reason for that 40 point deficit. Think about that…
  14. Unsatisfying win but probably as good as it gets here.
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