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  1. But based on your assessments why would we want either one of them?
  2. Seriously amazing to come in as a true freshman at a pressure position and play that much.
  3. Yes I definitely meant more along the lines of completion percentage and TD/Int ratio. And not a bus driver QB just more along the lines of “level” of qb play. Would have air raid-ish yardage plus some rushing yards.
  4. Ok I will be brief. What if Aunne is a quicker Derek Thompson? Would we accept senior year DT as his ceiling with a few more rushing yards?
  5. I cannot, unfortunately! And even if I could, I have already work almost 60 hours this week so it would not make much sense anyway! 🤪
  6. Yes although we are on orders to stay far away from the protest because of safety concerns.
  7. In case anyone is interested in what caused me to put in a 20 hour day yesterday.
  8. I think some of you missed the point of the OP.
  9. I think that is a fair assessment but I am still disappointed with the lack of discipline shown by players.
  10. Dude, not cool to dance on someone’s grave like that. Don’t we support small business owners?
  11. I quit watching his interviews and pressers. No point.
  12. If we don’t think Bean is ready I have trouble seeing Gilmore be the guy based solely upon what I have read. No real info obviously.
  13. I am pretty frustrated by this but with the amount of players out due to Covid-related issues it is difficult to make a judgment. If we were losing like this with a full deck I would be furious. Right now I mostly worry more about the health and safety of the players. I think the lack of fire out there observed by some of you is worrisome although it might be pretty tough to get these guys fired up right now with everything all messed up from the virus. 🤷‍♂️
  14. We would have lost to Rice 50-27 instead in 2008.
  15. So best online option is....?? Normally I would do my own research but I am sleepy and will work probably over 12 hours tomorrow because they are having election here tomorrow and I am stuck reporting on them. So if I wake myself up at 530am, I better have a good streaming option! I live 11 time zones away, so I can log in to many things using my family’s Dish account but some are saying Dish and FoxSports are pals. Right?
  16. Sure I understand. My point was that relatively speaking, it is a pretty good deal. Six Flags for a family isn’t cheap either, right?
  17. It really doesn’t even cost that much. I mean the price of season tickets is brunch for 2-4 in DC. Or once nice bottle of wine at a nice steakhouse.
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