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  1. I think I will make the trip from DC to Memphis.
  2. Thanks! I can’t imagine that Faulkner would be an option at Devil (or any DB type). Honestly I hope Faulkner isn’t an option anywhere. He was overmatched at Eagle and at safety. Good kid and worked hard but just a step too slow for this level.
  3. I forget which position between Eagle and Devil was the more of a rush position one of the twins had but I don’t see Faulkner or Whitlock in that role. If anything they would be competing for Davis’ former role. The configuration you laid out looks to be almost like a 3-2-6 formation. I think that position is more likely to be a mobile DE or big LB. The other more of a safety.
  4. I don’t even remember who that is. So… Who cares?
  5. The lack of money is from the boosters and business community. Plus we are in a conference with little if any national exposure currently. If we win in the AAC then we might get some DFW businesses to approach our players for ads and such. But please stop equating NT’s financial resources with the lack of NIL. Our alumni, including many cheap ones right here, don’t even fund the athletes’ scholarships. Unrealistic to think they will pay for NIL funds. Need to win consistently and get more TV time so that businesses will invest in our players.
  6. Nike gives said player a deal but plays for an addidas team. Opposing team is a Nike team. Player drops pass, Nike team advances…
  7. If we give credit for Rod do we assign blame for the ones he couldn’t retain? It’s too early to assess him.
  8. I’ll take “things Canadians watch” for $400, Alex.
  9. Good for him. Was my adopted player a couple years.
  10. Thanks for asking this. I would have a hard time rooting for us to lose. If I understand the position of many here (and I might be in this camp as well), it is a fear that Seth wins 6-7 against an easier schedule and gets an extension based on that. Then it is easy to imagine then tanking the next couple of seasons against the AAC and stuck with his contract or being forced to buy it out right after the extension. Does this capture your thinking? @untjim1995 @MeanGreenTexan
  11. I might get in board when he recruits and develops talent. The most successful guys last year were experienced proven starters. So this year will be a better barometer of his abilities with no Novil or Murphys.
  12. Count me in the anti-Passwaters camp but in this case, I think after spring camp these players were not in the top3 rotation at the position. If that’s the case then they likely talked to the coaches and entered the portal. Lot of guys competing for 2 spots.
  13. Every year D2 and FCS players are drafted and North Texas players are passed over. We complain. We bring in D2 and FCS players. We complain. I am not sure that bringing in guys from the lower levels is the best or my preferred strategy but we bring in JUCO guys every year and I don’t see complaints. Given our historical failure rate with guys from P5 schools, I am not so sure I am opposed to this strategy, as long as they are proven starters at their level. Seems to me at the least they could be quality depth and we need that at several positions especially on the lines.
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