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  1. I am not sure I believe all these starters leaving is just ‘better offers’ out there.
  2. Yes $500k as a college student is a total nightmare situation!
  3. Have you seen their defensive stats? They held the top scoring offense in the country (LSU at 46 ppg) to 24. They held those last two opponents to 6 and 15. In fact, no one has scored more than 24 in their last 10 games and 29 was the most given up all year. For the season, 16 ppg average. That’s elite. I know we don’t understand this here anymore but there is more than one way to win that big offensive numbers. (Btw they averaged around 37 ppg on offense.)
  4. Yet they somehow managed to win those games. Their last two games were an in-state rivalry (bad team but still) and #14 in a conference championship game.
  5. I don’t really have any problem with him or anyone else offering paid NT content here. You are correct - the rules likely need a re-write to exclude journalistic content like this. As they stand, they are pretty clear that paid links and advertising your product are forbidden. Mods often point to to the rules when handing out discipline. But whatever. I only point it out to encourage consistency. 🤷🏻‍♂️Whateves.
  6. They were only eligible bc there were not enough bowl teams. Want to blame someone, blame the AAC for not filling all its now slots (including our failure to win six despite six easily winnable games). SBC has 12 teams in bowls, ffs.
  7. Neither he or Nixon are NFL bound. They both cashed in on some pretty good seed money to start their professional lives. Easily a down payment on a house or better. Plus despite it not being a better school at all, Auburn still has better name recognition nationally (and especially in the South) than UNT - in addition to their alumni network helping you out. We have none of that. I hate it, but it is the gospel truth. We simply cannot offer that kind of money and we do not matter to most of the country.
  8. And against the rules to advertise for products and services. Says so three times in the rules.
  9. This is fake news. We have all been assured that it takes two years to improve a defense (even when the evidence cited shows the exact opposite outcome).
  10. “Frees up” another spot for a class that isn’t filled. Maybe they will offer another TE or WR!! At some point we should stop believe this spin about pulled offers and starters encouraged to look elsewhere. 🙄
  11. Top WR, two starting OL, starting RB, backup RB (maybe two?), starting Safety. These are concerning.
  12. Addaway and Johnson both went through Senior Day and Ragsdale was injured so no idea on his status next year. It’s getting thin.
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