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  1. What the hell was that?? Kick the damn field goal
  2. If you mean “we” as in this board, yes. If you mean “we” as in the team, that would be not until they sign a letter of intent on national signing day.
  3. Or a university with hundreds of thousands of alumni could rely on its alumni to provide donations and buy season tickets. Oh that’s just silly isn’t it?? I paid about $1200-1500 a semester for a full schedule of 15-18 hours a semester in the mid-90s plus the dorm of a a few thousand a year including the meal plan. I seem to recall 4-5k a year. So that is around 8k a year total. Maybe. Now: Undergraduate Students The average annual cost of attendance for a Texas resident living on campus and enrolled in 15 hours per semester is$27,937.
  4. That’s correct. And a fee increase failed in 2002.
  5. We lost to FIU, ffs. We are 3-4. You can’t not give them credit for actual wins while giving Morris credit for “could have been” wins (aka. losses). And I am pretty sure that coaching had a lot to do with our losses.
  6. It’s like two fans basically. And one of them is correct: just run the damn ball against us. I still can’t figure out why anyone throws a pass.
  7. Only NT fans would see a loss as a turning point for the better. Can we just go ahead and put the word “moral” in front of “victory” in our fight song and get it over with?
  8. I keep hearing this but the helmets looked amazing on my tv last night. You can’t really see any logo of any team in wide shots but in the closer shots the helmets looked great and the green really popped. Not trying to be smug, but how old is your TV? Could be part of it?
  9. Are you an idiot? That’s coaching. Again this staff was unprepared. I am giving them credit for adjusting and rallying the team but the first half was completely on the coaching staff.
  10. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that this was an embarrassing 21-0 halftime deficit. The team and/or coaches weren’t prepared. I am so proud the team didn’t quit but where was all this energy and success the first half?
  11. Passing was too aggressive in that last series of downs. Had plenty of time to throw short of the sticks on first and second instead of slinging it 15+ down field. Too bad our defense didn’t do a little more to help out.
  12. Why exactly did Horton have permission to take it out of the end zone??
  13. Loving the heart the team is showing but damn how many times have we lost containment on a mobile qb with this exact result. Now it’s our defense that is tired. Offense must answer.
  14. But how do you feel about their purses and other accessories?
  15. So against a good team we can’t really do anything offensively and our defense can’t stop them. I know this sounds crazy but I am getting a strange sense of deja vu. It’s just my imagination right?
  16. I think we will be very lucky to even beat the spread. Don’t be fooled by the Temple game.
  17. So seven different strains of herpes?
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