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  1. Maybe some TVs and towels from the hotel on board?
  2. I feel a little more confident but still not sure we can stop their QB.
  3. These are not just «young people» they are a team with mutual responsibility to do the right thing for each other and the school that is paying their way.
  4. The dramatic uptick in positive tests, according to the source, has been attributed to a party bus that members of the team were on after last Saturday's season-opening win against Arkansas State.
  5. I mean, other than STDs obviously
  6. You exclusively masterbate in the mirror, amirite?
  7. I have tried to provide objective information as much as I can. I have admittedly, however, gotten frustrated at times and resorted to sole name calling. It happens.
  8. One of my buddies (NT alum) was there soon after and is suffering terribly from his time there. Lungs are completely destroyed.
  9. I think you don’t understand what they did in China to bring it under control in China. They shut down Wuhan completely. 11 million people. No one in or out and the whole city in lockdown. Not our “restaurants are closed” lockdown but communist dictatorship lockdown. I would argue it was obviously a little late to contain the spread but it did end the virus locally eventually. I do not trust their numbers at all, especially since it was likely a few weeks before they really understood what they were facing and then they concentrated on stopping doctors from reporting it (you know to not cau
  10. To drive up site visits for GMG? Not sure what the motivation is for this.
  11. You realize you kind of contradict yourself by admitting that the best way to not contract the virus is to avoid contact with people but then say that we have to go to work to save the economy? And most people didn’t have the luxury of staying home. Take grocery store and fast food workers as an example. These are low income citizens that get fired if they don’t work and get evicted if they don’t pay rent. And the least insured. Yet plenty of people showed up at their place of work without a mask - sometimes even resorting to violence or coughing on the minimum wage workers. Kind of like
  12. I would guess they bring someone in soon. Plenty of out of work coaches that could step in for a season. I can’t imagine a HS head coach leaving his team mid-season for the QB job here. But plenty of coaches at all levels have seasons starting in the spring and could decide to make a switch.
  13. Pretty sure he came here on the GI Bill after fighting in Desert Storm in ‘91.
  14. We did have one at one point
  15. After 17 years of eligibility, I think Shanbour is old enough. I think he started here in the Bush administration. 😉
  16. You can say it but why would you? Pickett’s charge was a disaster.
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