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  1. This is definitely one of the strangest cat fights I have seen on GMG. They usually only happen after a loss.
  2. Routing running and the ability to find an open spot in the zone maybe?
  3. And he was there as a guest of Charlotte and we did not offer until after said ass whipping.
  4. If he can make it to the NFL he should go as soon as he can
  5. And where have they been all year? I think this was @BillySee58point
  6. Well I can guarantee that we will not lose this week... 😉
  7. Did I read too much into Sanders post-game interview when he had to go out of his way to acknowledge Austin as well?
  8. You and me both brother! The swimming pool during summer term was a lot of fun. I remember that summer I took French and made an A because the TA for the class also lived in College Inn and did most of my assignments for me. She was fairly gorgeous too.
  9. Half of that was game footage. You really want to rewatch is getting our teeth kicked in?
  10. How far would we have to travel to play lacrosse? Seems it would defeat the purpose of a low cost sport.
  11. Well that is what happens when you play a QB on ST! 🤣 But still pretty cool he is willing to contribute however he can.
  12. If you are jealous of the WKy fans because of their “pet” goat.
  13. Maybe Gaddie is on the same ST squad and so Kason needs a diff number for those plays? Proud of him for playing ST to contribute if that is the case.
  14. O’Hara isn’t super impressive to me as a passer. I am afraid, however, that he will run for 150 and 3 TDs.
  15. For me it is just none of our business to discuss the personal lives of teenagers. I am sure I am guilty of it on here as well at some point but trying to avoid it. Plus the comments always get “old man yelling at cloud” judgmental.
  16. Btw his Twitter indicated he was at the Charlotte game - to see Charlotte.
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