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  1. Or playing Rausaw or someone else of similar size in Mazin’s spot. We seem to have lost all the former inside guys we had so I think it’s just Brown and Moore who are solid enough to play the nose tackle spot. LeBlanc, TaShon, and Enoch all gone.
  2. Interesting prospect. Looks like he played as a running QB. Looks to have good size and speed. Was a Rice commit but decommitted in August. Looking at his Twitter feed, perhaps didn’t play the full season because of hamstring problems or some other injuries?
  3. I would say a big difference is the number of big DTs you need with only three down lineman. You still need some size at DE (as we can see having a 240lb DE in this system doesn’t work at all) but you don’t need six DTs around 300 to have sufficient depth like in a four-man front. We should, however, have guys over 260 playing DE, imo. Mazin should be at OLB, as that would allow him to be a pass rusher and it would also be a more appropriate size LB to support this system. Our LB size might be as big of a shortcoming as our DE size. Maybe more? The truth is that we probably had enough DL depth to run a hybrid system with more four DL but I think they made a conscious choice to reduce DL depth in favor of DB depth. Then when the three man front wasn’t working, we didn’t have enough depth with size to run four consistently.
  4. We lost to FIU and Navy and squeaked by LaTech early on. Why exactly do you think we would have magically been better against these teams?
  5. Update. This amazing Morris offense scores .4 LESS than last year’s team.
  6. Looking on the bright side, at least this week I don’t have to hear about all the progress the team is making and how great Morris’ offense is!
  7. Reading comments about our amazing offense: We score ONE point more than last year’s team. One.
  8. JD your defense of Craponi based on Bennett’s results make no sense because it was not based on facts. The year before Bennett took over we gave up a staggering 43 points per game. Phil came in 2021 and immediately got us to a very respectable 27.5 per game. And that was during a transition to a new season. You claimed that he really didn’t settle in until his second season (as a justification for keeping Craponi) but his defense was worse in the second year at 31.5. I don’t understand your logic.
  9. Not true. We can’t be ranked any lower but we can certainly have worse stats by giving up even more points per game (the only stat that really matters).
  10. Rod is our best lineman, but especially in this system.
  11. And we have only played three good teams yet we are giving up almost 37, so what is your point? The only team we truly contained was the aforementioned Temple. SMUt blanked them, btw, and hung 55 on them. They only gave up 28 to OU in Norman, which is on par with what we gave up against Navy. It’s apples and oranges. And they have six wins and we have three. They beat the teams on the schedule. We lost to FIU and Navy, ffs. And can’t we stop talking about yards?? Yards without points are meaningless. We only managed 21, 24, 28, and 29 against four of our opponents that don’t have elite defenses with our “elite” offense. 🙄 douchebaging yards… SMUt averages 5 points a game more than our powerful offense at 40 a game, in case your research didn’t catch that.
  12. It’s the portal era. Few excuses for not being able to bring in what fits your needs.
  13. We are 108th in APR. There are no 5-7 situations for us.
  14. Same for Morris. Offense is generally pretty terrible in the first half and doesn’t help out our stinky defense.
  15. Well then the answer is that it isn’t the defensive scheme but the coaching?
  16. Did you do any research before posting this? SMUt is an elite defense. 9 games in and SMUt only gives up 26 points a game. For comparison, UTSA gives up 10 more a game at 26, which is about what we scored against them, only thanks to a late TD. The book is out on us. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Rogers struggles with but - just not as much as our OL or coaching staff does. I only tuned in for a few plays last week but was horrified to see an empty backfield in a situation when it seemed obvious the defense was coming after the qb. Morris is too cute for his own good I guess.
  17. Neither of them are NFL prospects so they would be foolish to not take the cash if offered.
  18. We aren’t getting to six wins and our APR score is complete garbage so we are not going bowling with 5 wins either
  19. Morris has not faced better competition. He had a cupcake OOC schedule and barely made 2-2. There are only four tough teams on the conference slate and while they haven’t been blowouts, the team has looked unprepared with super slow starts and defensive collapses. This offense is far from complete. Complete offenses don’t get shut out for two or three quarters like this one has.
  20. At least we shouldn’t have to worry about anyone stealing our defensive players in the portal! Silver lining!
  21. Marine Ball is the event of the year in the embassy community!
  22. Thankfully I have better things to do today or I would be also torturing myself.
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