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  1. Exactly. The only defense as bad as ours is UAB and our “elite offense” has been struggling against it.
  2. M I so rarely see them take good angles I am not sure I would recognize it if they did! Oh wait, I would because they would actually make the tackle.
  3. This is without a doubt the worst LB corps I have seen at NT since I started following the team closely in 1997. And Kropp is the worst of them.
  4. Those days are long gone. We are not going to get an invitation bc our APR is terrible now.
  5. Let’s hire their DC then since he needs a job now. Don’t even have to change schemes.
  6. I think this defense forces them outside to be picked up by the safety. But it isn’t working. I agree that very often we see the OLB get trapped by the OT/TE and then there is no one else to make the tackle or it’s one on one with a blown tackle or bad angle. Eleven games in and we see the same mistakes.
  7. We gave up more points in year two of PB’s defense. The first year was around 5 points better. Not sure where this false narrative started…🤦🏻‍♂️
  8. I didn’t get a chance to see your post but I would like to clarify that I wasn’t really trying to make fun of Morris, but was genuinely perplexed what was going on with his neck. I probably didn’t word it very elegantly, as I had come home after an all day wine festival so my filter wasn’t fully functioning. I guess the mods were not too happy with it since it looks like it is also deleted. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. This is a fair argument. I don’t see that it was “destined” to be worse. It wasn’t so great last year so it would have been reasonable to assume that the new staff could have hurdled a low bar like improving from a bottom 20 defense. Instead it is dead ass last in the country. If we expect a bottom 20 defense to be worse, then to me that means we are questioning the quality of the hire of the defensive coaching staff. I was definitely questioning bringing in someone at that salary with zero coordinating experience above D3, but still didn’t expect a last place defense. (UAB is equally terrible so hopefully our offense hangs 50 on them and they take the last place slot from us.) Many people have pointed to the players we lost but every team loses players, even late like we did with Nixon, who was the biggest loss for us, as his results at Auburn prove. The coaches didn’t ensure that they had the personnel to run the defense they wanted to install. That’s a massive fail and Morris has all but confirmed they messed up in that area.
  10. Was last year’s offense elite? Because the stats/results are basically the same.
  11. Why was it destined to struggle? Please use facts to support thesis.
  12. In the time it took me to write that post, Tulsa drove the field and now we have given up 28. That was a 99 yard drive for those not paying attention. #fireCraponi
  13. I mean on one hand it is very impressive to only give up 21 to a 3-7 team with a freshman walk-on making his first start. On the other hand, it isn’t at all impressive.
  14. Never been a DC above D3, iirc. Why not a good FCS coordinator?
  15. That play, yes. In general he can hold onto the ball a second or two too long.
  16. If Rogers has a major flaw it is not getting rid of the ball and a tendency to fumble.
  17. Craponi’s high salary was so unnecessary. Easily could have gotten an experienced coordinator for the same or likely less. This is completely on Morris.
  18. 108 in APR. Not happening. On the plus side, our retention and graduation rate is better than our defense.
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