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  1. There is no comparison. This defense is young and talented but needs game experience. No real problem with the scheme. The Mendoza defense under Dodge was hopeless due to the DC not having a clue.
  2. This is my question. I am sleeping in if not. Tired of getting up at 4-5 am to watch us lose but certainly don’t want to get up to watch nothing.
  3. How about his personal life is none of our business
  4. I think it might even be volunteering
  5. I mean, isn’t that appropriate? ATM is all about conformity and NT is more individualistic. Makes perfect sense to me.
  6. You misread that. Not for shits and giggle bc the kids want to, BUT JUST TO GET GAMES PLAYED. You know that pesky virus thing that caused us to cancel a game already? Moving kids around so there is a depth chart. That is why we have obscure walk ons at second string.
  7. Works both ways. Four year player would also take almost a full season of hits. Lots of wear and tear on bodies for a profession that doesn’t have a long shelf life, especially RBs.
  8. If I had to choose, I prefer he finishes the game when the defense is a little looser and tired.
  9. Another walk-on in on the defense. Didn’t we recruit about a dozen LBs the last three or four years? We have a walk-on fullback and now this guy at LB. (yes I know Kyleb played LB) https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/silakivai-carmichael/4790
  10. The receiver on the opposite side of the field was wide open as I recall. So even if the throw was good, it was the wrong throw.
  11. Glad you are getting better. This is what I have been talking about about in the other forum - this isn’t all about deaths. This nasty little bug is all over the place, causing immune or autoimmune problems, heart issues, and kidney problems (in addition to the lungs of course). I hope you keep improving!
  12. Plus, we don’t want our boys getting the coronavirus. Thought someone should mention that.
  13. I don’t think we should assume the Davis boys will be back next week. Depends on the timing and their lung capacity if they were infected. I also hope we are checking hearts as well for those who are infected.
  14. Get well soon, @UNT86 Hopefully your story will help someone else take extra precautions hearing it from a real person directly.
  15. Yes I noticed him when I was looking at the defensive two deep and saw what looked like four walk ons playing. Any idea if he is on scholarship?
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