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  1. Thankfully I have better things to do today or I would be also torturing myself.
  2. Impressed at our recruiting reach but hope the Cobbs isn’t taking too many risks to land a player!
  3. Someone needs to teach Morris to never say the words “pony up” again. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. Yards are meaningless without points, like the first drive when we passed up points for a low percentage pass to the end zone. I don’t expect them to score every drive but we can’t go silent for entire halves of games. We won’t many games with that kind of inconsistency. In fact, we haven’t won many games - even against cupcakes like FIU and Navy. I honestly don’t know how to demonstrate this inconsistency better than I did in my original post. A half with no points or three quarters with 10 doesn’t scream dominance to me.
  5. Looks like he is in the G-league Cleveland Charge training camp. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cy8_6cYOO32/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  6. We scored 7 in the first half this game and 0 in the first half against Tulane. Zero in the first half against Cal. 10 in the first three quarters versus Navy. This is not a very good offense. It is an explosive offense that is wildly inconsistent.
  7. I triple dog dare anyone to defend this coaching staff now.
  8. We aren’t able to coach Rogers to get rid of the ball quickly in blitz situations or adjust our offensive play calling knowing that Rogers will hold the ball too long. Ffs.
  9. The play calling is so bad but at least Morris opted for the points this time
  10. Exactly why he couldn’t start here or at KU.
  11. More bad in game coaching with the TO early in the second half.
  12. Meanwhile, somehow 1-win ECU is only down 7 versus UTSA
  13. Why a TO after a first down?? Weird clock management again.
  14. Honestly, we have had so many terrible defenses since 2007 that I can’t even decide. Cosh, Mendoza, Reffert, and really even Bennett last year were so bad. But this one is probably the worst run defense of all of them and the most frustrating since our offense is pretty good. Not really good since we only seem to play for one half.
  15. Can we also talk about special teams a bit? Good lord why isn’t Horton just talking the fair catch??
  16. Morris is going to have to figure a way to counter the Memphis blitz. If they blitz like this Rogers will get sacked or have to get rid of the ball so quickly we will have only incompletions or short gains.
  17. End of 1st. About to give up another score and our defense can’t stop straightforward, obvious run plays. And they are already exhausted. Great.
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