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  2. DRC: Veteran track athletes are making their third appearance in the preliminary rounds and are hoping to break through for spot in finals https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/track-veterans-archuleta-eckels-hoping-to-break-through-in-ncaa/article_7583fbe8-c689-5034-87eb-109ffde851ae.html
  3. Hello. I just logged on from Scotland (after flying DFW to LHR to CPG to SVG to ABZ over the course of a few days, all without being weirdly detained), and I have questions: Why are we "debating" the rise in costs? Why are we yelling at kids and setting up for an argument for no logical reason? Why is this a generational sticking point at all? Like some of the others, I got through with no debt and worked jobs, but also recognize I had family support and a much lower cost not that long ago. More importantly, many questions for Kram: Why are you still using paper passes? Why not use an app and be done with it? Did you use a travel agent? Are travel agents still a thing? If you are using a travel agent, can I book your next trip for a smaller commission? Why are you traveling with 20 somethings from Australia? Did you meet them before the trip? How did you small talk them? Are you staying in hostels? If they took the interest in you, are you staying suspicious and safe for when the heel turn comes? Have they asked you to get what feels like an unusual amount of ice? Do you still have both kidneys? Do you think they are still good with money? I propose these Aussies are not good with money if they are buying you pints... unless the organ harvest theory is just too real and they will earn a huge return on this investment. Do you think they will register for GMG.com? Putting aside a working knowledge of air travel and working most of my adult life in this industry, I will reduce my logistical questions to just one: How did you leave your luggage in Dallas with a Philly gate agent? Will you share your favorites from the festival? Whisky is the fun choice here, but the gins here have been incredible. Monkey Tail 47, Hayman's and Silver Tail have been my favorites so far, and a lot of the Scottish tonics and infusions have been amazing too. You may also want to adopt the regional spelling of whisky to avoid embarrassment, although not sure if avoiding getting dunked on is a huge priority in general. Have fun!
  4. Hamilton at 9? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Brett, you are out of your frickin mind to have him that low.
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  6. 6'3" 190 4.5 - 40 14 offers Prediction is 100% Arkansas ???????Why...we own those guys! https://247sports.com/Player/JaLynn-Polk-46047186/
  7. https://twitter.com/jpolk_22/status/1131265779498831872
  8. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/news/college-football-playoff-2019-prediction-for-every-semifinal-bowl-game/10zb9g0rofc2d1bmrd4axpdsuf
  9. I will be sure and let them know, especially the young lady with the MBA, that they don’t know what they are talking about. We Americans will show them Aussies who knows more about their educational system! 👍👍. Take that you Aussies! Am sure they be duly impressed and insist on buying my next pint as an apology. OK...and, yes, boarding flights in different countries can be very challenging...even your own as we experienced this trip. Handed the gate agent in Philly our boarding passes for our flight to Edinburgh printed out the same morning at DFW with the seats we had reserved nine months prior clearly stated, and the agent goes nope...not good. Step to the side! Really? Made me prove I had paid for the tickets and had those seats assigned after waiting until everyone else boarded. Did showing them my on-line AA generated itinerary work? Nope. This after having left our luggage in Dallas with the same Philly gate agent saying...and I quote “I don’t care where your luggage is or the problems you are having, those boarding passes are not valid!” So, at this point, I am not going to dispute a kid’s “gate agent” story. Especially one from Australia working with an Australian gate agent. I asked him if he meant customs agent upon arriving in the UK. He said no...gate agent. Odd...yes, we agree. But, after my experience...who is to tell the kid he is mistaken as to what happened to him? Anyway, we’ll have a fun discussion tomorrow. Anyway...we/I have gone far astray. And as one posted...probably best for another thread. I have a Whiskey and Gin festival to attend in Plockton starting Saturday. Much more important.
  10. The NCAA went to court over some of their sanctions against Penn State only to lose. It's likely one reason why little was done to Baylor.
  11. USF, however, plays in the Tampa Bay Bucs’ Raymond James Stadium, so agreeing to 2-for-1 series with Florid and Miami is a win-win; Gator and ‘Cane fans can fill an otherwise half-empty stadium, giving USF needed revenue and their schools a de facto neutral site game. There is 0% chance that Canes fans will occupy up a quarter of that stadium, much less "fill" it...
  12. Absolutely. Actually, all 4 (I think it's 4) LBs from this class could be legitimately ready to compete for PT this year.
  13. I was all excited when I saw "The Twins" on the title line really not knowing at all what I might find when I clicked on the link But.....................
  14. I paid $50 tuition and a $25 student activity fee per semester for a full load. I am sitting here with my used Botany book I bought at Voertman’s for $5.80. I graduated from NTSU with a BSE, MED, Nd an EdD and no debt. I taught college in Arkansas for 45 years. I watched as costs rose every year at a rate greater than inflation. A few years ago, a research group looked at the rising costs and found a majority of the rising costs were not due to academic costs. Most of the increase was due to increased spending in the non-academic area. Contributing to our problem was going from state supported to state assisted. When I started teaching the state contributed about 75% of our budget. When I retired, the state was contributing less than 50%. Unfortunately, I think our mindset has become the benefit of college education is to the individual rather than the state as a whole.
  15. I hope you enjoy ESPN+ like the rest of the G5. The quality is pretty good.
  16. Still cant find your games on TV not that anybody really watches UNT.
  17. Knit?? Hell no. We skinned some mules and wore the pelts!
  18. Looks like he might have the size to be a true run stopper too. Really plug up the middle and force opposing RBs outside.
  19. DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/north-texas-roster-rankings---top-defenders-enter-countdown/article_5581f284-f259-51cf-877a-784ef585cfaa.html
  20. He is definitely worth waiting for! A confidential source leaked a snippet of game film to me and this guy, when we get him in the fold, will be one helluva pass rusher!
  21. T/TE/SDE 6'5" 245 5.0 sec. (6'4" 200 as a junior) Other offers: New Mexico State, Northern Colorado http://www.hudl.com/profile/8361760/Erik-Williams https://247sports.com/Player/Erik-Williams-46084240/
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