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  2. just don't sing "hey baby" and we're all good
  3. ha...6'6" 227....but not a muscle on me...so i guess you win...damnit! going to drink another beer now
  4. It’s a college sporting event. A bunch of 19 year olds just out of the house. I don’t think you’re gonna get another reason. They aren’t obligated to give you any reason. I don’t like them butchering the fight song either, I’m just trying to understand your position. If anything, I think the onus is on you to give them reason to care.
  5. Yesterday
  6. @letsgiveacheer I knew somebody would say that. I am 6'5 220 so it's not a shirt for me.
  7. What man in Texas wears a medium sized polo shirt?
  8. Heavy on the over for us and FIU. Maybe Marshall
  9. Correct and none of those address yelling MF during our fight song. Taking a bite of a Big Mac and saying MF'er is acceptable. Walking in to your house to find American Idol is grounds for muttering MF'er. The last example is a happy MF'er. Yelling it during a fight song for all to hear...not acceptable. I just want someone to give one good reason why doing that is acceptable beyond it makes me feel cool because I am 19 and out of the house.
  10. Ultimate sign of progress: not a single fan picked NT to have a losing record. #BeatALL GMG
  11. Yet over the years for we who pay attention to such isn’t this how some of the “too cool for school” DFW Sports media treat UNT when maybe they think we’re getting way too much pub in & out of DFW? There have been a few over the decades who have been fair, though. Remember on CUSA media day in Frisco the goober who didn’t know Mason’s correct first name? The WBAP Morning guys have to be getting their TCU purple panties in a wad since little ol’ North Texas is even out’pub’ing their favorite school in DFW.....& beyond. I listen to them daily as I wake up & feel like I’m part of a TCU alumnus get-together. (Personally, I feel if we had had the facilities we have today 30 years ago & with a normal progression of fan growth UNT would be in the Big 12 now instead of TCU). GMG!
  12. Been randomly walking around whistling “Fly Like an Eagle” today.
  13. We will get a good indication on September 7 when the 3rd or 4th best team in the SEC takes on the 2nd best big 12 team.
  14. “We can be an even better defense this year.” If so, then this conference is ours for the taking.
  15. that is disappointing. Coops son went to UNT....
  16. ...and they thought McCarney recruited him. They need to do a little homework.
  17. "But you can't play for a national championship. But you can't play for a national championship. But you can't play for a national championship." Mason did the good job as he always does. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  18. Just keep doing what we are doing: winning and changing the culture, and it won’t matter who we play. What will matter is that fans can see their team in Denton at least 6 times every season.
  19. never say never... except to 5 home games!!
  20. Especially with it being the first game!
  21. I like the occasional FCS/guarantee win.
  22. Loved that they used the chant at the end of the video.
  23. Without 2 for 1 series, you’ll never get a bigger name here than Tech or Baylor. Maybe an OSU or KSU, but nothing bigger—-certainly not an Arkansas-type name.
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