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  1. I know we are a little early since we aren't filling it up yet but I came across UNC Charlotte's stadium expansion Masterplan and wanted to see if UNT already has a blueprint somewhere on how Apogee might look when we do the same. I know I heard it was expandable to 55k when it was built but never saw it.
  2. Uniform talk. That means it's almost TIME!!!
  3. Tried Google and Spotify but not working for me.😞
  4. I watch the clips often, and sadly the UNT segments normally get the lowest views. Our lack of fan support is pretty sad sometimes.
  5. You lost me at Todd Dodge. The blowout loses we suffered on Saturdays under Dodge used to make me call in sick to work on Monday morning.
  6. Looks like we're sooooo gonna own the AAC!!!
  7. Ok so I stumbled upon the 2022 American Conference TV schedule and for the most part, outside of a handful of games most of them are still on ESPN+ and CBS Sports Network. I'm just not sure what the difference will be compared to what we have now outside of Conference name when we land in 2023. Are we banking on landing ONE of the ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU slots a year? I'm not talking revenue, I know that will be more, just from a pure viewership perspective. https://theamerican.org/news/2022/5/26/football-american-announces-numerous-television-designations-kickoff-times-for-2022.aspx
  8. Imagine a drinking game where we take a shot every time Seth says "Again". 🥴🤢🤮
  9. If it helps. Mountain West conference - Boise St. vs Utah St. is currently live on CBS. When was the last time we've seen a C-USA on a major network on Saturday afternoon?
  10. You guys are taking it personal but the 18-21 year kids that play football want to wear new things weekly, why are we complaining about it, it helps with recruiting. On another note we have one of the coolest fonts in cfb, not sure why we never use the NT from our standard North Texas logo.
  11. List of the top 20 Go5 coaches to watch this season. Our guy is nowhere to be found. I haz a sadz. 😥 https://sports.yahoo.com/20-college-football-coaches-due-for-an-upgrade-231411828.html
  12. I listened to a scout obn the way out say Benford is trying to implement a serious system but doesn't have the disciplined players to do it as opposed to Lehigh where their star player went down and someone else stepped into his place. He said he needs to get his own players for HIS system. I tend to agree...our players ESPECIALLY Tony act like they don't even care out there. The smaller less athletic team out hustled us and played with confidence on every play...our guys are some over-hyped brats and they didn't want it bad enough. It was so embarrassing sitting with my friends from Lehigh having to watch tonight. Smh.
  13. But why the belt hate though??? We got what we wanted...
  14. Man...its gonna suck not getting to play them if we move conferences
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