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  1. Sure wish these had the full SOW somewhere on the jersey. The V at the bottom of the collar would be perfect. I'd even live with the top of the shoulder.
  2. Can't wait to see Apogee on TV with prime time ESPN cameras in The American.
  3. They only average about 30k, all we have to do is WIN.
  4. Not really all his fault but we are a middle of the pack Conference USA team and our QB play is no different, unfortunately.
  5. TCU does this ALL the time. This about making players feel good and peaking recruits interest. Not appeasing grumpy old alumni.
  6. Really confused why they keep mentioning the league. Is he going to try out for waterboy???
  7. It could always have been worse. Had to cancel my vegas trip. Seth would have had to SEE me in the parking after the game if I went. 😂
  8. I feel like throwing up everything I ate all week. Wow.
  9. You can download the app then chromecast or stadium is also free to watch on tubi and Roku channel as well. If you want to watch UNT football, there is always a way. They're the only reason I pay for espn+ as well.
  10. I know we are a little early since we aren't filling it up yet but I came across UNC Charlotte's stadium expansion Masterplan and wanted to see if UNT already has a blueprint somewhere on how Apogee might look when we do the same. I know I heard it was expandable to 55k when it was built but never saw it.
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