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  1. His brother is Under Armor All-american and future NFL player Drake Jackson. Go watch that highlight film....
  2. Maybe he learns a few things and comes back as the next head coach of UNT. Would be happy for him to learn a few things at a program like that and comes back with some california connections and new wisdom. Congrats and GMG.
  3. The defense was markedly better this year... Our Linebackers played out of their minds and we were anchored by two CB who have NFL potential as at least UDFA... The defensive line was productive enough to allow EJ and Garner to get A LOT of sacks. If you think the only way to go but up losing the talent we lost you're in for a whirlwind.
  4. Ben Hicks was a decent college QB at SMU. I can think of a time we would have been glad to have him. I know he beat us once... he may have beaten us twice? More times than Mason has beaten SMU...
  5. Did you ever think we'd be having guys transfer out because of too much depth? lol
  6. You guys do realize 11 USF players were suspended for the game, right?
  7. Loved this one and the one before it. You guys should do one for the guys who red shirted or are a little deeper in the depth chart in how they may contribute.
  8. The reality is, this kid has kept his options open this entire time. He stated it in his commitment notice that his recruiting was still open. I don't blame him for his decision and wish him the best, but this is the least surprising decommit of the litrell era. Every other kid in the class was signing an LOI this week. North Texas is actually in a position this year they don't have to beg for the kid to come and can (did) fill his spot with someone else. You can't blame either side on how this went. The kid is hoping one of the big schools doesn't land their fish and he gets to fill that spot. He already has two P5 offers he might be able to take in Virginia and Syracuse, if he thinks he's better off waiting to see how the chips fall for himself. That's his gamble to make. I just hope it was his decision and not a family members. Good luck and GMG.
  9. Star is still recovering from knee surgery. I wouldn't put too much stock in the loss.
  10. Anyone who's followed the Baylor scandal to its current status knows that the it involved the coaching staff, administration, leadership et all. If you think somehow Kendall is guilt free of that disgusting mess you're just trying to be okay with hiring him because of his ability. If the whole house is burning it's unlikely he doesn't smell like smoke. I like Morris and the A&M commerce guy. I'm also potentially in on the Graham Harrell hire. I think the continuity would be important. It would also matter how much of the staff Litrell would be taking with him.
  11. I love aggressive play calling. I think going for it on both 4th downs was the right call. I think running it on third down was actually the worse call in our current run game. Or, if we're going to run it, fine has to keep that option from time to time to keep them honest.
  12. AND NOW WE ARE ALL OVERREACTING. Litrell and what he has accomplished in only three years. Will still make him one of the most sought after coaches in all of college football. If you think otherwise, you're lying to yourself. Frank Wilson and Lane Kiffin are the dudes who aren't moving on after this year without a doubt. And I think Seth would consider staying. His stock hasn't dropped for losing two games by less than a total of 10 points. It's absolutely mind blowing. If this is such a crushing blow and he's a bad coach I guess you'll be happy when he moves on. There are teams hoping their third year coach is bowl eligible. If I would have asked anyone if we would have one a division title in year two, they would have laughed. Ya'll went from tortured fan base to entitled pretty quick. Seriously, if you're that upset, try the sleep on it rule and come back with logical talking points. And if he doesn't get poached, we should consider ourselves incredibly lucky.
  13. Just the way it goes psychologically. This program has gotten more positive press this year than in the last quarter century maybe. Don't sweat it. I understand where you're coming from. But the University of Alabama system f'd them so hard. They wouldn't even be competitive at this level without it. I think a lot of UABers know and recognize that. They really got kicked to the trash can, dug back out and given a lot of help to bring themselves back up to speed. Bill Clark will have to work very hard to sustain that edge, just as we will.
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