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  1. I enjoyed the hell out of this interview. It's nice when coaches actually get to talk shop and roster and individual guys. You can see he's also enjoying the conversation. Cool to peek behind the curtain with the UNT Baskbetball Mastermind himself.
  2. We hope you're right! It's the time of year where some of the optimism starts to trickle in. How UNT handles things with a sold out el paso crowd will tell us a lot about our season. Our run game and oline are solid but the QB question remains a riddle we are yet to see solved. I'm interested to see if we can pressure your talented QB. Would love for ya'll to take a step back under the new head coach, but you have a lot of talented Jimmy's and Joe's. If North Texas can throw the ball above average I think we have a good chance of a home crowd upset.
  3. Man, we would complain even if the NIL money went directly into our own pockets. Everyone saying how bad this initiative is... it is far better than the one we have now and definitely better than the one you have started...
  4. Am I crazy or is that Jimbo Fisher? I'm all for kids getting paid and taking the best opportunity, but being the portal and facetime with a coach and showing a car on your instagram taking you to your new school seems to be tampering to me. I mean he seems to have a plan already. Crazy times in CFB.
  5. Bush and Shorter Still taking it slow? Plus Burns and Maclin is a pretty good wide out set up.
  6. I believe he is already signed a letter of intent. Very real and binding commitment.
  7. The team deserves some love for their free throw performance. We've given them some well deserved ssss all year. Proud of this team, belonged in the dance, GMG.
  8. Do we think Grant is interested in captaining the ship to the American? I mean it has to be pretty interesting carrot right? In my mind it means he would have to be leaving for a P5 situation. I think it does help us that his style and his recruiting are far from flashy. We do, however, owe this program an uptick in support. That would be the main strike against staying at UNT right? Playing in front of some great crowds.
  9. Why is basketball recruiting so hard to find anything on? 247 is basically useless. Twitter doesn't seem to have nearly the value it does for football. I know Rivals seems a little bit better about finding offers we've sent, but why does the whole process seem so much more vague and secretive than football? Does anyone have any experience or insight in following the process a little bit better? Is this a result of the AAU, Prep School stuff and the flexibility in players choosing when to leave for college?
  10. I too enjoy spending other people's money. Pay the man.
  11. Okay, let's skip the part where I pretend I have any idea how this would actually work, but couldn't we crowdfund and sponsor an athlete or athletes collectively for the boards benefit? Is there a way start what's effectively an NIL Super Pac to give opportunities to UNT players? We wouldn't need to fund huge huge endorsements, but it would be cool to get in on the NIL. Maybe individually we all don't have lovelace or mattress mack money, but wouldn't it be great to provide opportunities for our athletes? Services that could be exchanged could include post game interviews, recruiting process insights, merchandise, podcast guest spots, etc. Again i'm just throwing out an idea and would be willing to contribute. Maybe the highest rated recruit per class is offered the deal. In the idea of fairness and blanket support would also like to reward the best female athlete at the boards discretion as well. Anyway, just an interesting idea to kick around. GMG.
  12. 6' 4" 245. Twitter profile says inside/outside LB. Announced Jan 7 he would return to community college for another semester. Held offer and visited UTSA. Had offers from Liberty, Texas State, Toledo. UNT Offer came Jan 31.
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