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  1. Almost certainly the second year minimum. Which at the current bargening agreement is $645,000
  2. "We saw Novil post an 85.6 run-defense grade in his limited role in 2018, but he still had a lot of room to grow as a pass-rusher, as he managed just a 60.4 pass-rush grade that year. In 2019, he flipped the script and raised his pass-rush grade to 81.9, which ranked 13th among qualifying FBS interior defensive linemen. He recorded five sacks, one hit and 17 hurries across 364 pass-rush reps, and his 10.4% pass-rush win rate ranked 13th among the 44 qualifying C-USA interior defensive linemen."
  3. There were a couple of guys who ran track in the last five years for like one season i thought... I remember the story but can't remember the names.
  4. That same trait for loyalty is why he is still at UNT and hasn't taken one of several offers for greener pastures.
  5. Just want to say I am clearly the smartest on the boards as I thought he should play RB all along. He's nothing like Brelan, but has he earned the right to flip you off after every touchdown yet?
  6. UTSA could be the worst they've ever been and coming off a 30 game losing streak, I still think we will get their best. It's a real rivalry, and the dislike runs deep. We should have blown them out of the water last year, and we let them hang in their for way too long. That's actually the biggest thing i'd like to see different this year, we need that killer instinct until we can put the second string in.
  7. I was talking about that renfro. thanks for filling in the mental blank I was drawing.
  8. His brother is Under Armor All-american and future NFL player Drake Jackson. Go watch that highlight film....
  9. Maybe he learns a few things and comes back as the next head coach of UNT. Would be happy for him to learn a few things at a program like that and comes back with some california connections and new wisdom. Congrats and GMG.
  10. The defense was markedly better this year... Our Linebackers played out of their minds and we were anchored by two CB who have NFL potential as at least UDFA... The defensive line was productive enough to allow EJ and Garner to get A LOT of sacks. If you think the only way to go but up losing the talent we lost you're in for a whirlwind.
  11. Ben Hicks was a decent college QB at SMU. I can think of a time we would have been glad to have him. I know he beat us once... he may have beaten us twice? More times than Mason has beaten SMU...
  12. Did you ever think we'd be having guys transfer out because of too much depth? lol
  13. You guys do realize 11 USF players were suspended for the game, right?
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