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  1. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    No Admin on this forum tried to elevate this to some type of political stance by posting pics of the high school boy from Florida who the alt-right claim to be a "crisis actor". Said attempts at hijacking this post and the short-sighted retorts to that post have been removed. If you feel like there are standards that we are overlooking then by all means you should complain to those higher up than me (Harry). If there are any honest wrongful decisions made by our admin then I am sure Harry will nip it in the bud.
  2. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    Keep it up guys... No this thread isn't about to become some platform for you to spout your crazy alt-right crisis actor theories or any other political message you want to hijack it with. Take that to the "other board".
  3. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    DF writer puts ZERO in context about the attendance crowd and how bad things were in recent years completely disregarding attendance of JJ's era. He even pinned the article to his Twitter profile This spare is not even from here. Before he lived in Chicago he was a Masshole. So Peter... noone gives a shit if your friend at CMU ....a school which many don't know exists until a student kills his parents when they come to pick him up ... knows who North Texas is. Now go ask UT and TAMU students how much it costs for them to attend a football game at their university.
  4. New Offer Interview with Sachse LB Bryce Robinson

    yesssss please.
  5. Shots Fired...and thanks for the update Mark
  6. DJ Draper

    Birdville Bomber strikes again!
  7. Recruiting trending up
  8. Place your bets

    so a Libertarian Talons Member was responsible for one of the complaints. Strange huh guys?
  9. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    So what is this Libertarian activist's (Kiera Geils) issue with the election again?
  10. UNT Hockey Needs Money to go to Regionals!

    4k with $840 pledged so far
  11. '18 QB Cade Fennegan(Dallas Wilson HS)

    Baseball....a sport. Not peddling religion door to door or selling insurance
  12. '18 QB Cade Fennegan(Dallas Wilson HS)

    Who hasn't played one down of football in the previous two years. Just not a good comparison man
  13. '18 QB Cade Fennegan(Dallas Wilson HS)

    you're right in that I shouldn't give this too much thought. As long as it's not a scholarship I won't.
  14. '18 QB Cade Fennegan(Dallas Wilson HS)

    Yeah I'm sure he has a full football staff waiting for him as soon as he's done with a shift. I even bet that is partner Cody will walk in front of him by 50 yards holding a net for him to throw the ball through. I just hope we didn't promise this guy a scholarship
  15. '18 QB Cade Fennegan(Dallas Wilson HS)

    Good thing we're both Utah and BYU right? I mean what kind of logic are you trying to relate here? We literally are neither of those schools and our staff are not from either those schools. So why would you bring up those schools?