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  1. Yeah I'm super horrible. That was a really nice rebuttal you came up with though. Thanks for providing all the facts to back up your asinine statement
  2. how some people's memories are so selective is beyond my ability to comprehend. Remember when this guy emigrated over with no understanding of desire to be conscripted and serve his country... no desire to pay physical ability to work hard labor like his brothers and sisters (also uneducated grape-pickers)?
  3. He is considered by most sane people to be one of the most eloquent speakers we've ever had as a president. Besides being biased for some ....unforeseen reason .....what facts do you have that would back up that you believe he to be an unpresidential-like speaker?
  4. Oh and it's called shooting from the hip not from the lip
  5. Yeah remember when Obama used Dijon mustard and wore a tan suit? So unpresidential. Also remember when he was born in Kenya? Oh and his wife had strong arms and she dared to show them off? Remember when a half-black guy dared to be in the White House?
  6. Frog WR Isaiah Graham transfers to La. Tech

    I mean....Ludvig is gonna have at least 120 FBS offers but we have to take a shot right? Solid research here Quoner and the coaches won't have any excuse once Our Man in the AD gets this list over to the staff. Coaches....WHERE ARE YOU?
  7. FAU was gonna roll us up just like they did the first time and JW wasn't going to change that (he rushed for 49 yards in FAU 1.0). Troy was probably going to brutalize us just the same as well. The other game was against Rice and Nic Smith rushed for 178 yards on his first start.
  8. oh is Clinton or one of her family members coming to Denton? Didn't see that article so please feel free to post it if you would.
  9. ‘18 Tyree Thompson LB (LA Valley CC)

    Why I wasn't super stoked about the commitment in the first place... saw him posting twitter polls as to where people thought he would commit. Don't know what he reasoning is and really don't care but the polls struck me as immature and potentially wavering in whichever decision he decided to make. Just my .02
  10. Riddle Me This: North Dakota State

    I know what you mean... insane shortage
  11. This position is responsible for assisting in the creation and coordination of marketing plans and promotions for all of North Texas’ intercollegiate athletic programs to enhance the game day experience, stimulate increased attendance, ticket sales, and foster student and community involvement.
  12. Barf

    it's gettin a little Denton in here.
  13. Prosper Dicks Sporting Goods

    Okay who downvoted this? Got some real sad sacks out there