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  1. All About UNT's post in Anybody going to Iowa? was marked as the answer   
    Don't do it people.... he will embarrass you by falling over while launching himself into the air to watch a play ala FIU-NT 2011 Style
  2. All About UNT's post in Throwback Thursday: 1978 North Texas vs. Texas was marked as the answer   
    when we met on the train on the way to the Bowl game you failed to mention that you also went to UT
  3. All About UNT's post in MGB: UNT picks up late commitment from JUCO cornerback was marked as the answer   
    hell yeah he was. If this season has a complete turnaround defensively then Ekeler needs to be hitting the 300k+ mark for sure.  To put things into perspective.... who, besides Bean, did Cosh recruit to North Texas?  Hell... wanna take it a step further?  Who did Skladany recruit here during his first pre-season?  It feels like Ekeler (while not true) single-handedly recruited this 2016 class.  
  4. All About UNT's post in Vito's Monday morning UNT WBB search update was marked as the answer   
    Yes...but did she excite our fans? Giggidy giggidy
  5. All About UNT's post in So, is, uh, *today* the day? was marked as the answer   
    Reasons it will be Greer:

    - If their talent level is about equal right now and Greer just got here in Spring... it will be Greer since he shows more upside.
    - He gets playing time with the expectation that he could play for 3 years
    - He is Chico's recruit..................twice. People that think Mac runs the O are wrong. Mac just doesn't want a no-huddle offense that scores within 1 min each drive.
    - While Mini-Mac has shown some things in practice to warrant consideration.... his gameday history stacks against him,
  6. All About UNT's post in Coach Patrick's Ice Bucket Challenge was marked as the answer   
    I envisioned a different scenario

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