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Chris Marcus Concludes College Career


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Western's Chris Marcus Out For Season; Concludes College Career

Senior leaves Hill with 1,113 points, 795 rebounds and records for blocks in a game, season and career.

Feb. 5, 2003

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. - After a hard-fought battle to complete his rehabilitation in time to play effectively in the 2002-03 season, Western Kentucky All-America center Chris Marcus has concluded his collegiate playing career.

The 7-1, 285-pounder out of Olympic High School in Charlotte, N.C., will heed the advice of his doctors and remain off his injured ankle for an extended period of time in order to get inflammation in the foot under control.

He has visited specialists in Birmingham, Ala. (Dr. John Gould, the surgeon who operated on the ankle in June, 2002), California and Houston and, after conferring on their findings, they all agreed that the immediate step he needed to take in the recovery process was to take his weight off the affected foot.

The injured bone continues to be inflamed and a source of pain that has prohibited him from playing basketball. The doctors, concerned about the overall health of the bone, have urged Marcus to take a cautious approach as he continues to rehabilitate the foot.

After a stellar sophomore season (12.7 ppg and 12.1 rpg in 2000-01), Marcus suffered the original injury just before the start of the '01-02 season. He played in just 15 games that season - the Toppers' first five contests and the last 10 games of the year - averaging 15.9 points and 8.9 rebounds while playing in pain. Last spring he announced he would forego the NBA draft and return for his fourth season at WKU while also undergoing surgery on the injured foot and continuing his rehab. He played in just four games this season - Jan. 4 at Middle Tennessee, Jan. 9 at Arkansas-Little Rock, Jan. 11 at Arkansas State and Jan. 18 at home versus South Alabama. Marcus scored 12 points and came up with 12 rebounds in a total of 39 minutes of action. He completes his career on the Hill with 1,113 points and 795 rebounds. He owns Hilltopper records for blocked shots in a game (9 versus Tennessee State at home on Nov. 25, 2000), a season (97 in '00-01) and a career (214).

"Chris has seen the experts and they have conferred to determine strategy," said Hilltopper Head Coach Dennis Felton. "They all want him to stay off the foot for an extended period of time and get the inflammation under control. Unfortunately, that means the end of his college career. Now, its time for Chris to move on to the next phase in his life.

"I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to coach Chris," Felton continued. "He certainly has had a major impact on our basketball program and on the University. I wish him well in his recovery and we all look forward to seeing him enjoy a long and prosperous career in the NBA."

Marcus plans to withdraw from school and return to Charlotte where he will continue his rehabilitation and prepare for a career as a professional basketball athlete.

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He's a 7'1 true center.  An NBA team will want him. 

If Chris Borchardt can be a first round pick, a hurt Chris Marcus will be drafted.

I even know of a pretty decent team close to here that needs a true post, and would be able to sit him a couple of years until he is ready....

I agree, and he could be worth the wait.

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He's a 7'1 true center.  An NBA team will want him. 

If Chris Borchardt can be a first round pick, a hurt Chris Marcus will be drafted.

I even know of a pretty decent team close to here that needs a true post, and would be able to sit him a couple of years until he is ready....

If Michael Olowokandi can get drafted and then stick around, then anyone that is 7' tall can stick around. Somone will draft Marcus, injury or not.


Beat muts!!!!

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He's slow, fat and over seven feet.

That doesn't say much.

Oh wait Greg Ostertag, Todd MacCullough, Jerome James and Eric Montross are still in the league and Bryant Reeves played five years.

NBAdraft.net profile


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I would think that if he wanted he could get a medical redshirt.  I wonder if the pro's will take a chance on him with his history.

Chris was a Prop 48 player, so he couldn't get a redshirt.

Also, he did recieve a degree. In fact, WKU men's basketball boasts a 100% graduation rate.

I think making fun of a guy who has done a lot for this conference isn't needed. He has brought a lot of attention to WKU which brings attention to the SBC. He is a good kid that really did try. It's a shame he couldn't finish the season and help his teammates.

Hopefully this is not career ending.

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Actually Shawn has played rather well this season. He's not a world beater or anything, but then again, the style the Mavericks play it's not necessary to have one.

As long as he grabs boards and alters some shots he's done his job. When the Mavs were really rolling he was doing this in spades.

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Yeah, like I said, you can't teach height and Bradley is 7'6.

At this point there is no way Marcus could contribute more than Bradley, he is too young, and not as good a shot blocker.

To echo CMJ, the Mavs aren't asking Bradley to score 15 a game, they want some rebounds and an inside presence. And game that he shows up does that, the Mavs win (which they have done more than any other team so far).

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I have had the opportunity to go to a few Mavs games this year, and I offer up this scouting report on Bradley: HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!

He takes up space, has bad hands, gets paid entirely too much for what he produces, is clumsy, lazy, etc...

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I concur...when the Mav's AREN'T playing well it's because Bradley isn't doing his job. As much as he's ragged on, if Shawn simply grabs 8-10 boards a game and provides a shot blocking presence that's good enough.

Hell when Bradley can score(which he has done a few times this season) the Mavericks are plain unstoppable. Lay off the guy.

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Lay off the guy.

Not a chance, especially when he gets dunked on by a 6'5' guard! Would it be acceptable if Chris Davis allowed a 5'3" person to dunk on him? I have had the privilege to work at the facility the Maverick's use to use as their practice facility. I have observed first hand Bradley's laziness and poor work ethic. For what this man gets paid to do his job, he should take some pride in his work. He is eating up valuable cap space the Mav's could use to get a real inside player.

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Actually, Bradley worked the hardest he ever has this last offseason after spending much of last season in the doghouse and gained several pounds of muscle. Nelson told him his work ethic would have to improve before he got PT and he did that.

As for him getting dunked on, think about it, evryone gets dunked on. Dikembe Mutumbo in his prime, winning defensive POY's left and right and leading the league in blocks would get dunked on. When you have guys with that amazing athletic ability, it doesn't matter if you are 8 feet tall, even the shooting guards are strong powerful leapers that we have no idea what it is like to try to stop. The reason Bradley has a rep for getting dunked on more than other players is because everytime it happens, it's on sportscenter for a week, even though they never show any of his 2+ blocks a game.

If CD get's dunked on by a 5'3 dude, that would be on sportscenter for a week as well and the little munchkin would have a bright future in the Harlem Gloebtrotters (the non-competitive squad).

There are no other big men avaliable to choose over Bradley. Duncan will be a FA this year, but even w/o Bradleys salary they wouldn't be able to afford him. Bradley does get overpaid, but like I said, 7'6 shotblockers aren't exactly growing on trees and you have to pay the market price for them.

The "Bradley Sucks" argument is so generic and old, he is not a scorer, he is not a star, he is a role player highly paid because his specailty is rare in the league today.

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