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  1. wardly's post in DRC: Report -- Dana Ford also interviewed at UNT was marked as the answer   
    For what its worth,I really like this hire, and plan to purchase season tickets again. I had 2 floor seats for years but gave them up after Benford's first or second season.
  2. wardly's post in HOD was marked as the answer   
    long gone
  3. wardly's post in Abner Haynes Sculpture was marked as the answer   
    I grew up in Ft. Worth during segregation . Even though I lived in a lower middle  class neighborhood I never went to school with students of color until my freshman year of 1961 at NTSU. Segregation is a hateful institution, and black athletics suffered racist comments every time they competed. If Joe Green was the best, then in my opinion Abner Haynes was the bravest to endure what he did during the late 50's when a black football player in the Southwest was very rare.
  4. wardly's post in Who Writes This Stuff for the A.D.? was marked as the answer   
    Lets see. The Mean Green Defense was named after:a] Mean Joe Greene b] the wife of an assistant football coach c] a fertilizer which guarantees to kill all those Mean Green weeds d]or, a drink made of kool aid,green jello, and Republic Tequila. And the answer is...............
  5. wardly's post in Louisiana Tech schedules P5 at home in 2021 was marked as the answer   
    At 72 years old, I have a hard time giving a damn about our 2025 schedule.
  6. wardly's post in Tulsa Fans: If we beat UNT we salvage this season was marked as the answer   
    Last time we beat Tulsa was 1969, losing to them in following 10 encounters.
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