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  1. The written preview. The podcast preview with Greg. @Aldo preferred "working" to discussing the game. So I have for you, his thoughts in text form:
  2. Recap here: https://meangreennation.com/nt-clinches-title-game-berth-squeaks-out-win-vs-rice-21-17/ Podcast link will be in this thread once we record it.
  3. Link Greg and I talked hoops, including arena size wishes.
  4. Recap: https://meangreennation.com/missed-opportunity-uab-41-north-texas-21/ Pod: https://meangreennation.com/podcast/178-missed-opportunity/ @aldo and I got up early and recorded a podcast. Am I upset they lost? Yes. Am I devastated? No. I can hold the fact that UAB was a good team with their pride on the line and NT is banged up and had been punching above their weight for a few weeks all coming to a head.
  5. @Aldo and I woke up early and podcasted. Enjoy, folks. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/178-homecoming-blowout/ https://meangreennation.com/home-is-where-the-wins-are-north-texas-52-fiu-14/
  6. Its a little later than usual, but that is only because I am a loving father who doe trick-or-treating with his kids. @Aldo was on the show as well. Podcast: https://meangreennation.com/podcast/177-2nd-place/ Written recap: https://meangreennation.com/road-eagles-north-texas-40-western-kentucky-13/
  7. https://meangreennation.com/mgn-film-room-run-game-vs-utsa-22/ If for some reason you can't play the video embedded on the post, there is a YouTube video link. If you can't do YT or hate it like I do, then there is the embed. Before you tell me I should have maximized all the clips, I want to say that I should have maximized all the clips.
  8. https://meangreennation.com/so-close-north-texas-27-utsa-31/ We are recording the podcast tomorrow. I don’t want to spam this board so I will reuse and recycle. And rewind and be kind. I did not note in this recap how well I thought STF25 played. Good stuff from him.
  9. It is a big game, so we talked about UTSA for an hour. Yes, that means there is a La Tech review and a UTSA preview posted the same week. Enjoy. Oh and @Aldo joined. Also we only had 5 minutes of messing with cords and wires and audio settings. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/175-utsahateweek-preview/
  10. No @Aldo as he was celebrating not being by his lonesome. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/174-rush-dominant/
  11. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/173-bye-week-perspective/ @Aldo and I fought through the vicious internet gremlin army to get the podcast recorded and posted this evening.
  12. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/172-much-improved/ No @Aldo again but he was there in spirit (via text).
  13. Pod is available for your ears. No Aldo, but unlike last time that was intentional. I re-made some points from the LoSt pod at episode but made some new ones. It is available on all your favorite podcast platforms, at least until they think there is no more money to be made from it. Then I’m sure they’ll ruthlessly delete the links. Until then, listen.
  14. @Aldo and I gathered in the early morning hours for a conversation. We tried to be grateful for a big win over an overmatched opponent. We tried to rationalize 400+ yards allowed and 27 points. We considered that we should enjoy a fuzzy broadcast with jerky camera movements, and audio muffled but yet turned up loud. Also, I ate brisket tacos for breakfast. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/170-biz-taken-care-of/
  15. @Aldo and I gathered to discuss if we were sports sad, or just disappointed. Special guest appearance by my family, who are unpaid because I want them to remember that they are family first, and performers second. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/169-ponied-down/
  16. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/166-bleed-green/ Adam and Greg got together and after the Bleed Green discussion, there was some talk about the current MBB squad, and also some existential talk. There also was an intermission
  17. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/165-schedule-your-trips/ I found @Aldo cavorting and pulled him aside for a podcast session. This is the first ever episode of the MGN Podcast, a podcast covering the intersection of North and Texas. Please enjoy, but feel free to not.
  18. Hello, my name is Adam and I did a podcast. Please listen. Go easy, as I've never done this before. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/164-return/
  19. https://meangreennation.com/live/ live in like 2 seconds
  20. https://meangreennation.com/north-texas-mean-green-vs-virginia-cavaliers-2022-nit-second-round-preview-how-to-watch-listen/ Includes: links to the podcast I did with virginiagameday.
  21. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/162-nit-first-round-escape/ We hopped on twitter spaces afterward. It was cool. I got the audio (spaces saves it for 30 days only) for posterity. S/O to the two Tech fans who trolled us. I'll allow it considering they got nothing better to do.
  22. MGN is covering the tournament. We went up to the media area, found the coaches' room where they have the headsets for calling football plays. We got all set up for the MGN podcast and pressed "record + play" (we like it old school). The result: the podcast -> https://meangreennation.com/podcast/160-2022-tourney-rice-recap-tech-preview/
  23. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/156-big-hoops-weekend/ Mr personality himself, GG joins the show for some hoops talk.
  24. In the 2021 CUSA title game, Thomas Bell took the bulk of the online criticism for his shooting. But then he came up big. read more: https://meangreennation.com/thomas-bell-is-north-texas-most-important-player/
  25. So @Aldo and I are getting the live show back together: https://meangreennation.com/live/ 7pm central time. It will be live
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