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  1. revenge on Ole Miss for taking Kade Renfro!!!!
  2. http://footballscoop.com/the-scoop-2/scoop-wednesday-january-9-2019/ https://gozips.com/coaches.aspx?rc=605&path=football Good for him. Was a great overachieving player at UNT
  3. Was on ABC 13 in Houston last night with the UNT hat. Nice!
  4. I will be there wearing my green at tailgate and looking forward to seeing Mason Fine light it up!
  5. I will be there at the game in L.A. Will see Lance up close! He has the opportunity to torch the Texans defense which has trouble covering backs out of the backfield
  6. As a Houston resident this just warms my heart! I had tickets to tomorrows game but due to the events of Hurricane Harvey I can't make it. Emailed Chris Baretta at the ticket office I believe within two minutes he had swapped my tickets to the UTSA game in October. Kudos to Chris! It sucks I won't be there tomorrow but will be watching online! Go Mean Green!
  7. ACUAthleticsFans‏ @ACUSportsFans Follow More Sources say OL Riley Mayfield will grad transfer to North Texas. Will have 2 years of eligibility remaining.
  8. No he didn't give any more specifics on the grad transfers and I didn't want to push him on the subject. I would imagine they are here in the fall.
  9. Great to see all the coaches in Houston. Litrell, Harrell, Konz, Yelloch, Biagi and Filani were there. Talked to most of them. Don't know if this is new or not. Littrell sounded like WR T. Wilson has grade issues and not only will have a hard time making it back to the team but staying in school. He said biggest issue is the OL and said they are getting a couple of grad transfers. Harrell said Cade Pearson has a lot of talent but right now the kid's head is spinning and half the time doesn't know what's going on. Give him time. As for Devin Isadore he didn't seem to optimistic in him catching up and being a challenge for playing time. Harrell raved about Shanbour! He embodies everything they are looking for in a player. He's an all in type player. Filani really likes his WR's ideally they would like to redshirt the incoming Freshmen WR's. I asked Yelloch about English and says he has some growing up to do and is hard on him pushing him to be the best he can be. He said he wants all his DL to be interchangeable across the line no one at a set position all the time. Hope this was informational to everyone. Really hope this becomes an annual stop here in Houston.
  10. cjones

    Sweet Sixteen

    That is awesome! Good job!
  11. Looking to go to the one here in Houston. What can I expect at the event? Do you get to meet the coaches?
  12. Eric Jenkins looked really good at corner. He has really been special since coming in last year. He keeps it up and McClain might not be the only one the the pro scouts are looking at! Garner is a favorite of mine(after McClain) This kid is all over the place getting sacks, deflecting passes in coverage dancing on the sideline pumping up the defense. I thought he should have started over Scott last year. He is fun to watch out there. This OL is going to get the quarterback killed, the running backs killed, Littrell killed even the waterboy killed! Pretty pathetic effort by all of them. I pray the newcomers coming in the Fall help immediately! Don't know what to make out of Chumley. Looks like a big stiff out there but on shear height he might be able to make plays. I really like K. Smith I don't know why he isn't used more? Didn't we recruit a JUCO Punter? Patterson WITH the big wind was only hitting it 40 yards with not much hang time.
  13. I am thinking of going. for those that have gone before......What is it like? Do you get to meet the inductees? Thanks
  14. I like this kids highlights! Like him as a tight end. Has good ups and runs a 4.8! Like a Kelvin Smith guy.
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