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  1. I’m planning on sitting in 109 row 1, but might move depending on where our bench is located because that’s where I want to sit. 44 bucks per seat which isn’t bad at all. Game is at 3:30 so tailgating should be in the picture…
  2. Section 127 is sold out along with 122 and 123? Guessing band and students are in 124/125? There are still 25 dollar tickets left on the actual AXS site that doesn’t go through UNT. I don’t remember it being like this for NOLA and New Mexico lol
  3. I’m guessing either 123,124, or 125 because those have been unavailable the entire time
  4. Oh no, you’ve joined the “rent free” train Nooooooooooo
  5. I think you should be able to call a few plays as well😉
  6. I have 2 green Santa hats and 1 I that I will be wearing at the game. Can’t wait!!
  7. I’m contemplating on what to do the night before. We are having a big tailgate in Sienna Blue Lot next to Lamar Hunt Rd so everyone can see us, but don’t know if I want to stay in a hotel near the team or just drive up from Denton that morning. Our section is the opposite side of the press box so that’s why. TV faces our side as well, so buy your tickets on that side so it looks as full as possible!!!
  8. Site has been updated to 2:30, that’s a good sign. I think ESPN is making schools wait to release allotment for games due to some odd reason. I saw that on Twitter from someone in the department
  9. There was only 1 site that had 4:30 lol Official says 2:30 and that makes sense because Gasparilla Bowl is at 6PM on ESPN that day
  10. At the Super Pit!!!! Hahaha but Nevada was scared. Only 1 other staff member besides Alford had Covid, but they decided not to play. Western did it in the past, I don’t see why Nevada can’t…
  11. Sucks we lost Paige, but this guy is really legit. Can’t wait to see how he does in the Spring
  12. Winning the CUSA basketball title last March was a fantastic week. Unbelievable feeling to do it against Western after the times they’ve knocked us out. Felt SO good beating Bassey. But the Purdue win was just unreal!!! Especially being at the tournament in Indy made it so much better.
  13. McCrae, who’s transfer was announced a while back I’m pretty sure, officially announced his transfer. Oh well
  14. Wow interesting I remember when Stansbury didn’t make the WKU trip in early 2019.
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