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  1. Wku has played good teams, unlike utsa. pretty competitive in those games, and it’s in Bowling Green
  2. Here’s the thing about that. Yeah it may look similar, BUT that design is our diving eagle logo with just the wings/feathers. It’s not the same as Oregon because that’s not even their logo, it’s just feathers of a duck.
  3. Glad people are still on that train. It’s not awful, but it’s not unique nor really good looking.
  4. I’m not really sure but he’s red shirted. He needed a year to get used to the system, but from fall camp, his mechanics looked pretty solid. He has resources to be successful.
  5. I know I’m super late to this, but it was down to North Texas and Texas State. Felt closer to the TXST coach, despite having his cousin, Rubin Jones, here at NT.
  6. Oh and Bryce Drummond is the future. Get a damn QB coach in here, or promote Quinn Shanbour, to get him developed.
  7. You know why Gabe and Grayson have been getting penalties? Because they are undisciplined, and that should be falling on coaching. Overall, most of the team is extremely undisciplined, but the Murphy twins are so electric, nobody has taught them how to control themselves. So much raw talent, but either are too stubborn to progress (doubt that) or not coaches properly and disciplined for making those plays.
  8. Yeah this is the most ridiculous one We would need to pay him probably 7 million, that’s more than all of our HC and assistants combined right now. And, he’s not that great of a coach. Got extremely lucky with 2019…
  9. Top 2 plus Boomerjacks and New York Sub Hub are my favorite
  10. I would call right before or right after lunch time hours because that’s typical
  11. Not official yet because there hasn’t been a announcement, which is weird because we have 12 games set.
  12. 330 teams have released their non conference, and we somehow aren’t one of them Man I understand trying to find the best opponents, but it’s October 🤣
  13. I'll pass on Deion. Seems like more of a publicity stunt, even if he can recruit. Seth can recruit, but can't develop. I want someone that can develop guys, and hire good coordinators.
  14. We are their super bowl, they are gonna bring the energy. If they, somehow, stay undefeated going into our game, I really hope we crush their dreams
  15. Him and Blair have been really impressive. Brown went into a crowded DL room, and is making a case for one of the best freshman defensively in CUSA
  16. So we might be 20+ underdogs for that game. I might bring a book, just in case…
  17. Except we are playing La Tech, and they are playing #1 Alabama Those 4th down plays would work 95% of the time against CUSA schools, but they also have the personnel to execute
  18. Honestly, I'm ready to move on from football and get basketball season started ASAP
  19. Gracious, we are just so unlucky 3 straight games against pissed off teams
  20. I can think of a few stadiums where you are about on top of the players like Oklahoma State and Rice. You are like inches away from the players
  21. No because I doubt we can win more than 3 games this year, and football is the reason schools are getting into/receiving attention for the American.
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