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  1. Yeah UNT is gonna get screwed. Just great because the football team looks like a damn high school Such a shame, and I mean wouldn’t you blame Seth for this disastrous collapse? I do There is no way we get into the AAC, and now we’ll get left with the scraps of CUSA. UAB, FAU, UTSA, and someone else probably gets into the AAC, Marshall and USM join the SBC, and that leaves 8 schools left.
  2. I do not understand Charlotte even being considered for realignment
  3. Renewed mine yesterday for 122 Row C, and could not be more excited. Although there hasn’t been a public release, I’m guessing because of the schedule not being exactly complete, it’s on the Meangreensports website. It seems the site for buying them is down as of 8:55 AM CT. I would call the office, or even go up there.
  4. That 2017 FAU team would’ve killed any of the MW teams when they were ranked. That was a legit team, and unfortunately we got tossed around like a rag doll on national TV twice
  5. It took Judy and CUSA several weeks after the Texas OU stuff to say something, that would end up meaning absolutely NOTHING. I doubt we see anything until at least mid October, at that
  6. Nope. Awful idea that would kill trajectories of Men’s basketball and football
  7. Love this, but I miss the old beyond the green where this would be at the beginning and the game at the 2nd half
  8. Love this. Thanks for setting it up, and I agree on most of it. Special teams has been better than last year by a lot
  9. “Hey coach, is there an incentive if you run the ball up the middle on first down?” OR “Hey Wren, baseball?” When I go, I don’t typically ask anything, and I haven’t gone since 2019
  10. I’ve also been wondering that. A lot of freshman have appeared on defense, but only 3-4 on offense. Gabe Blair making the most impact, someone that should be starting the rest of his career.
  11. I know Lebby would be a high bidding person, but I don’t see why he isn’t on the top of the list for y’all.
  12. Hooray, another thread about this… This picture represents it
  13. The guy on the left, Jeff Lebby, I think is our best option. Kind of ironic he’s with one of our former QB commits, but he is the OC of one of the best and highest scoring offenses in the country in Ole Miss. He’s developed Matt Corral into a Heisman candidate, and prior to Ole Miss he was at UCF where he led a top 25 offense and developed guys like Milton and Gabriel into big time QBs. I think this is a no doubter, and would bring a great staff with him. He’s been highly touted by guys like Lane Kiffin, and I think is a rising star we need to grad ASAP.
  14. Here’s what I’ll say on the QB situation. Aune and Ruder both are just not very good. It looks like Ruder lost a huge amount of confidence after the SMU game because he is extremely hesitant and kinda scared looking. Aune on the other hand, seems like he is a tad better but looks way worse than last year. Lacks awareness in many situations (like not going out of bounds at the end of the game) and doesn’t change his target when passing, something that good teams see and adjust to. Now, the receivers had a rough day and there aren’t a whole lot of them that have experience. I mean Simpson is the only guy that has more than 3 games of experience, but there shouldn’t be that many drops. Kason Martin, who has a good deep ball I guess, clearly doesn’t have a playing role on the team. It seems he is there for fun. Bryce is not ready. I think Bryce is the future of UNT football, but he’s young and I mean he really shouldn’t be an option. Ruder and Aune SHOULD be better because of prior experience and talent that was developed, but that’s clearly not happening. On that, development is lacking really badly. Hooray, we have the #1 recruiting class! But not much progression has been made for quite a few guys.
  15. I just can’t believe it’s gotten this bad. And I mean you can’t lie, the defense has taken a massive step forward, but there are limitations to what they can do when the offense can barely move the ball. I just didn’t think losing Darden would make this offense really slow and extremely inconsistent
  16. I was there and 95% of the UNT fans were parents. Luckily it wasn’t a blowout, but still pissed beyond belief that we are so bad.
  17. Mac usually releases his schedule almost last Don’t understand why, but I don’t ask questions because this is the most successful program
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