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  1. I was expecting something different, well played! haha I wish failure among utsa (and SMU of course)
  2. Black golf shorts and a yellow polo will be my fit come Saturday.
  3. I love LOVE how they always rag on the UNT band, but I’ve never seen them win any award or even look as good as us!!!
  4. Attention all It is UTSA week, which means be ready for a lot of ridiculous tweets made by utsa fans in response to me… While some might not make sense, we have to remember they graduated from a glorified community college.
  5. He isn’t really a breakout player, but Drez seems to be stepping it up. I really like his physicality compared to most of last year, and the overall confidence.
  6. Spot on. Dykes has barely denied anything, and has been saying some very suspicious comments on the job. I hate SMU and will always absolutely loathe that school, but I can’t help but feel a tiny bit of frustration. This is what kills the G5, and yeah most of the time it’s a stepping stone, but SMU has the right trajectory. It’s safe to say, this isn’t the best of years for SMU. Quite possibly the worst!!😉
  7. Really really nice renderings of what looks to be a new plaza area in the endzone where it’s just the scoreboard right now. With the Lightthetower plan and how they want to expand the AC, I think something like this with the 2 big scoreboards on the sides is something we should do. In the past I’ve been opposed to doing the smaller (ish) scoreboards, but these renderings looked great and I could imagine how nice it would be at UNT. If not the small scoreboards, like we’ve talked about before, do the big one on the new expanded complex. Just something I saw very interesting and nice.
  8. This isn’t really related to the article This is what I think
  9. This was one of the best examples of McCasland basketball, and I could watch it all day.
  10. Yeah you’re correct. I’ve been blocked by several players and parents from utsa though.
  11. I’m starting to think Fuente isn’t our guy now…
  12. Yeah no thanks. I’ll take someone else
  13. This thread went to hell quickly… Like someone said, we aren’t playing the game. Why not talk about utsa because quite frankly, this could be the biggest matchup in Apogee Stadium history thus far. FIU blows. So many players out and they are flat out bad. If NT wants to show utsa they can hang it, putting 50 would be a start. UTSA is grossly overrated, but they haven’t had any big competition besides Memphis and WKU. NT can win this game, or get stomped so bad, Villarreal comes back to fire Seth as he enters the locker room.
  14. The leading scorer for UTA had 6 points and 3 players with more fouls than points LOL Uta looked gassed, and NT did not hold up until it was way over. We need this type of Bell for Kansas because he’s gonna have a big role. If we can play this type of defense, limit turnovers and hit the open shots, we should be fine against Kansas. All I hope is we don’t embarrass ourselves in front of a LOT of people on ESPN
  15. Ever since they fired Scott Cross, they haven’t been the same. This sounds like TCU, firing your coach that got you to big stages etc after a long tenure.
  16. We still have a week and 2 days before the game. That is VERY concerning haha
  17. Wtf🤣🤣 that was by far our BEST!! Man I respect opinions on here, but that’s wrong!!
  18. The Semi National media slobbering all over them makes me puke. I say semi because some don’t care about them, which makes sense. They don’t really deserve to be ranked considering they’ve had a pretty bad schedule. But with that being said, if utsa and SMU play in the same bowl game, I’m decked out in utsa stuff and praying for a utsa beat down…
  19. Our NFC championship game is UTSA, if you put it like that
  20. Lol this happens so often, a quite dumb fan base if you ask me. Clearly they’ve never won anything because they’re acting like they could beat anyone… I can’t wait for our game week, expect a lot of smack talk!!
  21. Possibly and I would hope that happens. Who knows what actually happens if Seth gets fired, but I feel like it would be ugly.
  22. My expectations for the broadcast are very low, I’ve heard bad things about FIU’s broadcast
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