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  1. I feel like we see a lot of transfers if Seth gets fired with a loss to UTSA. I’m not saying he should be kept because I think it’s time, but it would be a rough year or 2 after to get back talent …
  2. Here's my thoughts. This is only the second game of the year, I have to tell myself that because it is so easy to get frustrated after a loss. This was a pretty bad loss, in the fact NT let a huge game slip away at HOME. So much talent for that to happen, but then again this is a team with very limited experience together. For sure a learning game on both sides. Rubin HAS to get back into his groove before the injury. He looks way too hesitant and not confident from deep. We need him down the road. Tylor Perry looks ALL CONFERENCE!!! He has really made a great transition from JUCO so far, now it'll be interesting to see how he can play against the meat of the schedule. Very reliable from deep. Lock Bell inside the Pit for the night to fix his shot hahaha jeeeez he was bricking from deep... It really sucks that we lost a game where we had control for the majority of it, but oh well. Plenty more basketball to be played, and I have full faith in McCasland to get us on the right track come conference play!!
  3. The most Benford game of all time was Creighton at the Pit. Like a 25+ point lead that evaporated in the 2nd half. Somehow we won, but that's what I thought of tonight...
  4. I’m pretty sure KNTU does WBB, while 95.3 the Range does MBB only.
  5. The banner that read “Fire Rick Villarreal” went over the UNT area… Times have changed since then, a lot haha
  6. Best combo since these! Good looks to win on homecoming!
  7. I want to say we have a big crowd, but I’m not sold yet. Maybe 4-5K, which is definitely a step up, but to be honest it should be WAY higher. Now when Nevada comes to town, and both teams are playing good, that should be 7-8K considering it’s a Saturday afternoon. Everyone needs to try and make at least one game to support this team, they deserve it!!! #PACKTHEPIT
  8. I say it doesn’t matter. I WANT us to win out, of course. But I’m tired of below average football. I guarantee this will be the same next year, so wins/losses shouldn’t matter, I don’t want him back…
  9. He’s not liked by many HS head coaches and players in general, I’ll pass
  10. There were so many people on the Hill and still tailgating when McNulty scored that TD. I feel like there could’ve been more, but still a good atmosphere.
  11. Buffalo was ice cold to start, we are gonna have our hands full Monday night
  12. He was getting open looks and made some good plays, but just couldn’t get them to fall. He’s a special talent, just needs to get used to the pieces around him more. Several times last year he came up huge, I think he’ll do even more.
  13. Zac Efron, who recently changed his look, to be more like Seth Littrell
  14. WKU looked awful, they aren’t the same without Hollingsworth and Bassey. And LT looked weak against Bama, which isn’t that surprising, but I expected more
  15. I agree on most. Some positives for sure like Tylor Perry, but some negatives like 3s not falling at all. A lot of turnovers that are completely unforced as well. But OCU isn’t the worst D2 team we’ve played. Wide open shots have to be hit, mainly in the bigger games. Too many missed opportunities offensively that led to OCU getting back in transition and scoring. When we have a smaller lineup in, it seems to work better overall. we are going to struggle against lengthy teams on offense… Ball movement looked much better, minus the drives to the lane and Rubin/Tylor attempting to kick out back out. Physicality looked better in the 2nd half, but people like Rubin being too hesitant hurt. McCasland knows what he’s doing, and I have full faith this can get turned around. Now BEAT BUFFALO
  16. Kinda They are going as a package deal, and MTSU seems like they don’t want to leave just to screw over wku That’s my thinking
  17. Call or go up to the ticket office tomorrow. It's happened to quite a few people, including myself. Luckily I'm still in row C, but others in front of me weren't as lucky, as the rope is back for the first 2 rows *MASSIVE EYE ROLL* EDIT: it only matters for sections 122-116
  18. They've yet to beat a team over .500 and when they play someone above .500 they lost. Overrated
  19. 100%. We have hit on all of our RBs coaches since 2013. Cobbs is a P5 level coach, no doubt.
  20. Apparently He put in his redshirt a few weeks ago, this wasn’t that much of a surprise. But it really does suck because he’s so talented. Way better than Whitlock. I think he’s a high G5 caliber player, so maybe SMU or TCU😅
  21. It’s actually quite comical how they think the “Dallas brand” is working, yet 99% of Dallas could care less about SMU and their barely above average football team.
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