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  1. That’s BS, they’ve quit it’s clear Seth is lying to himself
  2. Oh I have and that’s fun, but you’re yelling and harassing the opposite team not your OWN!
  3. Sure do! Haha I mean 2 of them were staring at me for a minute straight but said nothing. Not sure why
  4. I say screw Bryce red shirt and play him OH WAIT, the coaches haven’t developed him enough to actually play. Seth the dumbass hired 3 coaches with absolutely 0 coaching background
  5. Down in 106 row 1 they kept yelling at us and staring at me after I shouted something. They all know who I am but too scared to yell something back directly at me. Seth has lost the team because this shouldn’t be happening
  6. I’m legit going to wear a paper bag against Liberty
  7. And the fact that players were talking back to us DOWN 42 is absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely no discipline and they should be ashamed for cussing and talking back to us. We pay the money for part of their scholarships and they can’t take the fact we have no coaching and down 42?? Ridiculous
  8. They literally quit tonight, and I hope Seth is fired into the moon tomorrow. He has OFFICIALLY lost the team, and firing him would do so much better.
  9. Yes. Shiny black helmets are super clean. Hope we can do something tomorrow that involves winning
  10. Mine is the one that’s limited to team only for some reason, this is what it looks like
  11. 1 dollar tickets for our 1 win? Or 32 dollar Hub Club tickets for Seth’s 32 wins here in year 6
  12. Yeah they’ll never sell those. I have a black one because I got really lucky, but they would never
  13. Looks like someone in the athletic department is undercover!!🤣🤣 yeah the softball hat is beautiful, I would pay $50 for that and a shit ton for most of the stuff players etc have. Now I did buy this fancy wind runner last week, and it’s really nice. Gonna wear it this Friday considering temps are looking to be in the low 60s upper 50s by half.
  14. Same here. I've only been to San Antonio and Arlington for true away games. Plan on going to Rice, UTSA, La Tech, Tulsa (in OKC), UMASS (in Fort Worth) Very excited
  15. Is Seth Littrell on the hot seat?? Is UNT going to the Mountain West? You seem to know all the questions
  16. Paige has also deleted his Twitter as well as other social media. He was getting offers from the likes of Sam Houston state recently
  17. I was trying not to post anything, and will refrain from until more is uncovered. It’s a really bad situation, and each side is blaming the other. This goes back to 2018 apparently, so we shall see what transpires in the next few days.
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