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  1. Well I think Wren is going to re-think those words if we continue to play like this
  2. Traylor has way more energy and passion than any UNT team under Littrell, which is very sad
  3. Well Liberty just lost as 33 POINT FAVORITE to ULM in Monroe. Now we will get a very mad Liberty and Malik Willis next weekend here... I just pray they have mercy on us
  4. Well I’m tired of his shitty excuses You can only fire so many coordinators until you realize YOU are the problem.
  5. Most of the time, these scrimmages are closed to everyone. I asking around and seeing what happened.
  6. I have one: Let’s say Seth doesn’t get fired this week, which is a very likely possibility, if we get blown out by 40 against Liberty or really lose against Rice/USM, do y’all think he gets the boot?
  7. “Personal foul, North Texas because why not”
  8. Not me because I sat there for most of the game, I do know who that was though.
  9. 1st quarter: Offsides Sean Thomas Faulkner Unsportsmanlike conduct on McMillian Offsides on Quinn Whitlock Personal foul on Asher Alberding Illegal formation on a punt (not sure who) Kick Catch interference on Dillion Williams Roughing the passer Grayson Murphy (1/2) Pass interference on Quinn Whitlock Roughing the passer on Grayson Murphy again 2nd quarter: Unsportsmanlike Conduct on DeAndre Torrey False Start on Dazion Carroll 3rd quarter: Hold on Jacob Brammer Hold on Jacob Brammer again False Start on Gabe Blair 4th quarter: Personal foul on Dion Novil Illegal Block in the back on Jordan Brown Offsides on a kickoff on Cinque Williams
  10. We had more penalty yards than passing yards, and it’s absolutely unbelievable. I know this has been said before, but I’ve literally never seen such a badly disciplined team in my life. Guys like Grayson having 3 roughing the passer, and it’s mainly younger guys. Coaches clearly have no penalty for discipline, or this wouldn’t be happening.
  11. Breakout player? Drez will play the full season and be great all season, unlike last year where it was just cusa tournament/ncaa tournament
  12. Not sure if it was posted in here, but we either did or supposed to scrimmage Oral Roberts here in Denton today (10/16)
  13. Okay here’s the thing, nothing I said was directed towards them. I know better to say that kind of stuff, but was just saying stuff out loud in general, nothing about someone. When you’re behind the bench, and the score is 49-7, they’re gonna probably be able to hear what we’re saying. I try to be as clean as possible because of kids next to me. Now I’m not saying this happened last night (because it didn’t) but in the past players on the sideline would be playing around and laughing like we aren’t down by 20+. Happens too often and you blame the coaching staff for lack of discipline.
  14. Rick screwed Wren with Benford and his mess. And I think everyone should be on the lookout in the coming week for some news.
  15. Here’s what’s happening. Players don’t have great relationships with coaches, and in general coaches just can’t develop the players because of lack of experience or just not good enough. Bennett is arguably the only coach that has developed some guys, and that might be a stretch. Bloesch comes to mind because guys like Gabe Blair and other younger guys on the OL are good, but maybe that was personal? Who knows. I was talking about it the other day with one of our former coaches in 2010-14, and if you look at the 2016 coaching staff, almost every single one of them moved up a level because of how successful and talented they are at developing guys. Tashard Choice is a huge reason why Jeff Wilson was and is now so successful. I could go on and on. My point is, Seth did this to himself with the hires. I know losing coaches that move up is tough, but this is (at some positions) 3rd and 4th set of coordinators in his 6th season.
  16. Are we using Seth’s private jet to fly the banner?
  17. Hmm this is very interesting. If in the athletic center parking lot, that’s insane. Hope they get their belongings together, and people figure this out
  18. 5,000 actual people and that might be a stretch. I’ll still be there though
  19. Then what do I do? Sit there? Leave? Yeah some of those guys are just there, but if I’m sitting in the stands with 8 minutes left down 49, there is no reason to call us “fake fans” or being “negative”
  20. I noticed you weren’t there today but I agree. I’ll make mine fashionable too
  21. They were acting like everything was fine while it was 49-7. I mean I know they have a shit coach but there’s no need to respond to what we are saying. Good teams don’t do that, but of course we are undisciplined and awful so I should’ve expected this
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