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  1. All of RV's worst nightmares have been realized as he sits watching the game. "I knew this would happen!" he exclaims.
  2. So they pick ULM? That would be a giant flop of a bowl game.
  3. They predict Texas vs. ULM in the Texas bowl. Are they high?
  4. The irony of this is that our stadium sponsor is an internet company.
  5. Greer wears number 8. Means (who I'm assuming you thought wore 8) wears number 7.
  6. Yeah I'm pretty sure "scantily clad 'cute' women selling beer" has been done before more than a few times.
  7. Since when is watching football about the student athletes and their feelings? Who cares?
  8. More people in the sports world need to know about this. It's one of the best documented group of horrible calls I've ever seen.
  9. Oh dear god....I hope somebody was fired over this.
  10. Marshall's all green unis are atrocious. Meepmeep's helmet is clean as hell though. I like that simple understated look much like ours in our throwback game vs Idaho last year.
  11. " A shot had been directly delivered to the sleeping giant’s testicular region" this is the best line by far
  12. This x10987342987 And if the answer is "The same ones from last year with the printed letters", my follow up question is: What the hell is wrong with you?
  13. That is huge. He's a game breaker just like his brother was. Their receiving corps is going to be a little shallow. I hope we can stop the run...
  14. I've noticed a definite spike in internet presence regarding UNT football all across the board. It is indeed very encouraging.
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