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  1. This video is 4 years old
  2. Happy to have them all here, but 9/14 in CUSA is unacceptable.
  3. Don't like going for it there. If you get it you aren't back in the game by any means. If you don't you are even further out of it. About as bad a half of football I have seen. I know the refs aren't helping but the coaching decisions aren't helping.
  4. We are getting out coached big time. Call a damn time out.
  5. This play calling on offense is way too conservative.
  6. These are new lockers. Their locker room was updated several years ago and still looks newer and more current than our recent half-assed attempt.
  7. I thought this post was going to be about this...
  8. Someone needs to get this directly to Wren Baker and Seth Littrell.
  9. Hopefully this will be significant to us.
  10. I'm so tired of the wide open offense and the no balls on play calls. Do or don't. Throw the ball down field. Can't? Recruit. Can't? Move on. 40-17 verse a peer. Not good enough. Even for North Texas.
  11. Anyone notice the practice jerseys in camp are made by Russell? What?
  12. Possible uniform leak, or just a wishful design by our graphics people?
  13. The spacing and alignment is awkward and, um, no.
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